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Walied Khogali Threatens Kevin J Johnston Gotta Love Black Lives Matter in Toronto.

ANTIFA Showed up at the Peel District School Board to cause trouble, to insult, assault and simply just get in the way of the tax-paying public.

It is always bound to happen. ANTIFA and cowards alike always show up to create trouble.

Everyone wants to show the world that Muslims are victims of everything. The CBC asked me about what I thought about the ripped Quran at the last Peel District School Board Meeting.

Kevin J. Johnston speaks to the crowd at the Peel District School Board. CBC, City TV, TheRebel.Media and the Globe and Mail came out to see the show.

ANTIFA Showed Up! CBC Showed Up! City TV Showed UP! The Globe and Mail Showed Up!

It was an extreme pleasure to meet Tarek Fatah and an even greater pleasure to hear him speak for an hour!

Meet Shaila Kibria Carter, Liar! This woman is a Taqiya expert. Taqiya (TA KEY AH) is the Islamic rule of LIE!

So I got called a coward by a coward. I was called a coward by a domestic terrorist. I replied to him and gave him my phone number and invited him to debate me...he didn't call.

Peel District School Board Hires Private Eye To Serve One Piece of Paper.

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