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David The Menzoid Menzies And Kevin J Johnston Discuss Zionsm Accusations and Conspiracy Theorists.

Left Wing thinking and left wing media have ruined this nation and destroyed both critical thinking and the minds of our youth.

Kevin J. Johnston on April 3, 2017 Show.

Thank you to the JDL in Toronto for allowing me to speak about the Peel District School Board and the traitors that run it.

$1000 Cash Reward Is Now $2500 - We Will Stop... by kevinjjohnston

Tony Pontes Won't Let Muslim Students Be Educated in Peel Region! You heard me right. He was listening to my radio show live and to take revenge upon me, he removes a Muslim kid who is 17 from our office as a Cooperative Education student, denying him an education in film editing and media.

TheRebel.Media Interviews Kevin J. Johnston About The BEST BUY BLUNDER - Why? The lawyer won't talk to me!

Isn't it odd how Canadian Mayors think they are immune to scrutiny when they behave like anti-Canadian bigots?

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