Kevin J. Johnston

- Kevin J. Johnston

The Caledon Enterprise made it clear that Islamic boys groups are going to travel door to door selling Islam to people who don't want it.

Islam is evil. People are LEAVING in droves, but they have to do it quietly.

I love TheRebel.Media, I really do. They have done me a great honour and that is to be on their home page, even if only for one day.

Yes, this video is going to make you angry...and it should.

I want to thank Harjit Gill of 1550 AM Radio for the interview on Muslim Boys abusing Sikh Girls.

This man, a fan of Freedom Report shared his personal story with me and now I share it with you as to why filing police reports is so important when Muslim men sexually assault you.

It is imperative that you register complaints with the police when Muslim men assault you anywhere in the country.

I was swarmed! Great people showed up for the Peel School Board meeting and wanted answers. I gave them the answers that I could.

Canada, when you see girls being molested and assaulted on trains, buses or ANYWHERE in the country, YOU HAVE TO SPEAK UP and HELP OUT.


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