Kevin J. Johnston

- Kevin J. Johnston

Hello Canada and the world. Here is Hasham, a Canadian Muslim who is Pro TRUMP and is against mass influx of fake refugees and immigrants that won't follow the laws of the land.

By now you have all caught onto the fact that I am an equal opportunity offender, and an equal opportunity educator. I will never deny myself a chance to learn from anyone who has something to offer.

I have made the necessary comments on the story that Jason Spencer of the Mississauga News released on March 2, 2017.

Hello Canada and the world. Here is Hasham, a Canadian Muslim who is AGAINST M103 and Iqra Khalid's Political Terrorism!

When will lawyers in Toronto learn? When will they learn that you can't incite me to do anything with a piece of paper. You need to have a loaded weapon pointing at me to get me to jump.

Some Guy blew up his house in Mississauga last year. He killed himself and his lover. 33 homes were ruined to the point of being uninhabitable.

Islam has taken over Boyne Public School in Milton, Ontario. The white teachers and faculty there are forcing all the children in the school to adopt Islam.

Let's be honest I am what you would refer to as a pain in the ass. My mother has been telling me that since I was three and a half years old. Naturally, of course, I didn't really agree with her until I saw for myself just how easily I can irritate everybody on the planet, including Jesus.

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