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TheRebel.Media Interviews Kevin J. Johnston About The BEST BUY BLUNDER - Why? The lawyer won't talk to me!

Isn't it odd how Canadian Mayors think they are immune to scrutiny when they behave like anti-Canadian bigots?

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Canadians are coming together and fighting back against the tyranny of the Peel District School Board and Ontario Politicians.

The CBC Team saw me on the streets of Brampton and this time a handsome French Canadian reporter thought he would try his luck at stumping me.

Canadians are talking - to each other and they are now talking TO YOU PEEL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD!

The taxpayers have spoken. We do not want prayers in school. Naturally, The Peel District School Board and all their trustees were far too gutless to show up and listen to the people who pay their salary.

You all spun what I said.

Yes, you heard me right. All school principles in Peel Region Schools announced to their students that they ARE NOT allowed to talk to the media about the $1000 cash reward.

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