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- Kevin J. Johnston


Motion M103 Iqra Khalid is the most dangerous piece of paper that has ever been read in the House of Commons. Canadians however have chosen to remain ignorant to this by looking at the floor whenever somebody speaks about Islam.

It's no secret. Muslim men are pigs. They are trained to be pigs from day one. The Quran is hate literature and needs to be banned.

Shaykh Omar Subedar of Brampton, Ontario has been preaching hate speech for a while now and since the Peel District School Board is allowing Arabic Islamic Hate Speech in their schools under the guise of prayer, this guy is in heaven!

I have had the chance to speak with numerous former Muslim women whom have told me awful stories about Saudi Arabians advertising for Maids and Housekeepers in poor African countries.

Yes, Muslims pin little girls down to the floor and slice their labia and clitorises.

A concerned Canadian....named Mark....wanted to express his concerns about M103 in Canada. A Muslim staff member of MP Bob Bratina told our friend Mark he was not allowed to have the opinion that the Prophet Muhammad was a child-rapist.

Simple, BEST BUY had a Muslim Staff Member....He wouldn't serve me.

The Toronto Star at one point was a news agency and now it is simply The National Enquirer with a more serious logo. There was a beautiful and peaceful protest about religion being removed from public schools on Saturday, March 12th of 2017. I was there and I saw exactly how respectful every single person was who walked seven kilometers in minus 17 degrees Celsius weather to bring the message of Education only in public schools to the rest of us.

I was honored to be on No Holds Barred the radio show which you can hear every Monday at 9PM on The show is normally an hour but they allowed for a two hour show to discuss important topics like Islam, immigration, joblessness in Canada, the Children's Aid Society, Real Estate and even Transgenderism.

At the NO RELIGION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS rally at Mississauga City Hall, a great guy showed up and told us that ISLAM can be evil and he doesn't want Islamic Prayer in Public Schools.

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