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- Kevin J. Johnston

White Man Draws The Prophet Muhammad And Gets Shot in Toronto. Now before you, all get really horny looking to see a gross gunshot wound, the man in the video was shot with a camera.

For all of you following the story on the Ontario Lacrosse Association and all of their criminal activity, one of their board members, Wendy Bennett-Costante hired Criminal Lawyer Megan Savard of Addario Law Group LLP to threaten me, your favorite journalist, Kevin J. Johnston.

Islam is going to be the death of the western world. You need to watch my videos about Islam to understand why it must be BANNED NOW!

Here is what you need to know about the ISLAMIC DECREE called THE HOUSE OF WAR.

Have you ever wanted to know the Truth About The Prophet Muhammad and his history?

Here is part 2 of Kevin J. Johnston's interview with Sandra Solomon.

You all witnessed Sandra Solomon protest at the Peel District School Board. She was not protesting, she was TEACHING YOU WHAT ISLAM REALLY IS!

Bonnie Crombie and Justin Trudeau along with the vast majority of the Liberal Party are Traitors. They are helping Islam defeat and destroy Canada.

Hello Peel Board of Education,

We at the Mississauga Gazette get a lot of news tips, some are great, some are brutally useless and some are just crazy. This is an example of someone who has taken issue with a woman in Mississauga who apparently trades sex for bus tickets. It is also suggested she simply flirts for bus tickets.

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