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- Kevin J. Johnston


Some great questions were asked of me at the NO RELIGION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. They were good questions, my answers were even better!

MINUS 17 Degrees Celsius outside....250+ Canadians walked 7 KM to protest The Peel District School Board's decision to allow only ONE religion to practice in Public Schools.

I was looking for office space in the abandoned bowling alley at The Brampton Mall, 160 Main Street South in of course, Brampton, Ontario.

Everyone in politics in Southern Ontario can't wait to tell the media about me, but they are no longer calling me out by name.

I wasted my time in school. My youth was stolen from me by useless teachers and an even more useless curriculum.

This is a phone call between me and Joan Bryden of The Canadian Press about the silly article she wrote pertaining to my interview with Maxime Bernier. I got an hour of his time, she didn't so she's giving me a tough time about it....who cares?

This is a conversation between me and Dan Murray of

Elizabeth called me. She is a Christian from Pakistan and she was kind enough to give me 30 minutes of her time to explain the horrors that Christians are experiencing at the hands of Muslims in Pakistan.


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