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- Kevin J. Johnston


I interviewed Maxime Bernier, a PC Party Leadership before FREEDOM REPORT was even a website, and the Canadian Press has chosen to call me and him White Supremacists because of it.

In reaction to Joan Bryden's article from The Canadian Press borderline accusing Maxime Bernier of being a white supremacist , my boys left the camera on while I was explaining left-wing media to my newest staff member...who is cool, clever and MUSLIM!

Tony Pontes, Canada's most useless human being, is trying to intimidate Kevin J. Johnston with threats of banishment from the Peel District School Board.

Tony Pontes, the country's most cowardly man, sends a letter to me through his assistant, telling me he's too afraid to see me so they are telling me not to come to the Peel School Board Building.

Always remember, that the statistics should be researched and considered before writing legislation in Canada.

Jihadi Justin Trudeau has moved the M103 2nd reading from April to March 21, 2017 so that he can bring Islamofascism to Canada as quickly as possible.

Keep the letters coming, I love receiving them and I want you to know that you are not alone in the battle against Islam.

Pierre's entire campaign appears to be: "I SPEAK ENGLISH AND FRENCH, VOTE FOR ME!" Sorry, that's just not good enough.

I met Michael Chong. He's a nice guy, but not leadership material. Here is his kind-of answer on immigration in Canada.

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