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(Marc Gray): I had the great honor and pleasure to conduct an awesome discussion with Wayne McRoy, a fellow July 30th Leo like myself! Wayne is an Author and Researcher, he already published 2 books. Wayne McRoy – « We must stand together, speak up, and remove our consent from their system, their system that seeks to enslave us, use and abuse us, their eugenics-based transhumanist system. »

We covered many topics, among which: the Covid propaganda hypocrisy and Tyranny, the Overtone window, the Revelation of the Method, the Depopulation agenda and the Covid vaccine, Autism and Transhumanism’s little secrets, fraudulent numbers and concepts presented to us, the Kabbalah’s staged Rapture, the secrecy behind the outer limits of our universe beyond the dome, Secret space programs and interdimensional think tanks, the esoteric symbols behind the Elites’ agenda, Individual activism and non-consensual actions, and much more…

The Autism Epidemic: Transhumanism’s Dirty Little Secret
Why is the prevalence of autism skyrocketing at such an alarming rate? What are the underlying causes of this epidemic? Why are we no closer to a cure? Is there a hidden agenda behind the rise in the autism rate? » The Autism Epidemic: Transhumanism’s Dirty Little Secret » explores these questions and many more. What is transhumanism? And, what is its relationship to autism? Join him on his quest to get to the heart of the truth behind the autism epidemic. The shocking revelations unveiled in this book are critical to our future…

The Alchemical Tech Revolution
details the staggering level technology the Cult (Sabbatian Frankists) have and are creating to usher in their One World Order.

This Cult want to rule the world from Jerusalem, and believe that after they build the new Solomons Temple on Temple Mount the Messiah will arrive to take their place on the thrown to rule the world. We will then have the Rapture and « God » will ride the world of the Goyim (and law abiding Jewish people who have been duped as well, as the cult does not give a shit about Jewish people in reality) .

The tech they want to introduce includes Quantum Computers, such as the ones at CERN , who are openly performing Satanic Rituals on their grounds. These Quantum computers are messing about with the natures of our reality creating havoc across the universe. If this sounds fantastic, then all you had to do is a few hours research into the GODS that created humanity documenting through books like the Book of Enoch. The human race was created as a slave race by an off world entity, and we need to at least consider this for us to understand the psychopathic madness of those who are the top of this pyramid, the Satanic Banking Cartel Families.

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Alchemical Tech Revolution
Secrets of Saturn
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FB's so called “fact checkers” have struck again, claiming that my report on the science that proves that wearing facemasks, especially in non-medical settings does almost nothing to prevent the spread of a virus, is false… citing that it was based on old information. Now, I'm reporting on a new study created in conjunction with the World Health Organization and published by the CDC from less than 60 days ago that once again proves that there is no evidence that wearing face masks in public prevents the spread of flu-like viruses. I'm also going to show you why the Facebook fact-checking system cannot be trusted.

Link to the CDC published study. This study was conducted in preparation for the development of guidelines by the World Health Organization on the use of nonpharmaceutical interventions for pandemic influenza in nonmedical settings.

The character Hermes laments the forgetting of a culture, civilization and all the advanced knowledge and human development that it held...
In the book of Joshua, we’re told that Joshua, the successor to Moses calls upon the Hebrew people to never again serve the powerful ones of Abraham and Sarah’s ancestral culture – the culture of the Sumerians. “Do not serve the powerful ones of your Sumerian heritage or the powerful ones of Egypt!”
The forgetting of those other entities is commanded. The memory of higher beings – what the Sumerians indicated as sky people – must be forgotten. Similarly, the Egyptian memory of higher beings must be forgotten. That’s why Theodosius, seeing himself as a Christian Emperor, in the vein of a Moses or a Joshua, illegalized these memories and banned the narratives that kept them alive.
When Plato referred to the knowledge of higher beings – including these others who live on islands in the sky with their advanced knowledge of the cosmos – it is interesting that he appeals on the one hand to information gathered through altered states of consciousness and on the other to the lost canon of ancient Egyptian memory. By citing that knowledge it is clear that the story of a more populous universe is one that Plato was eager to re-affirm. He did not want that knowledge to remain buried and forgotten...

The 5th Kind Original video: published Oct. 28, 2019
The Paul Wallis Channel

This video summarizes the hyperdimensional matrix, occult forces, and what it takes to transcend the matrix on the path towards Awakening.
Written and narrated by Bernhard Guenther Video and audio editing by Victor Fontane (
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Here are actual recordings of a prominent English psychiatrist by the name of Colonel J R Rees addressing the National Council of Mental Hygiene in October 1940 and his colleague G. Brock Chisholm, the co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health setting the agenda for psychiatry's influence and control of every sector of your life. Today it's becoming more a reality with mental illness being diagnosed for all and any of life's inherent difficulties.


We have been invaded by invisible beings that are playing havoc with life on Earth. They invade our thoughts, and can influence our actions if we don't know what they are. Look around. We live in a society under siege by an unseen dangerous enemy that does not want to be discovered. It might surprise you to know that the same negative and demeaning thoughts that overwhelm schizophrenics are experienced by all of us and they all originate from the same source. The manner in which they differ is only one of degree.

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Reality Extraction | Mr. Rho with Jerry Marzinsky
Live May 02, 2019
What drives the voices paranoid schizophrenics hear may surprise you. For hundreds of years schizophrenics have been telling physicians the voices they hear are real. Physicians think they are simply hallucinations due to a chemical imbalance in the brain and refuse to listen to these patients. Licensed mental health practitioner, Jerry Marzinsky, investigated the voices when no one else would. What he found is astonishing and goes against everything the modern medical model dictates.

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The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs - HIGH RECOMMENDED!
Published on Oct 16, 2011 (2 hours in length)

This is an amazingly good film that completely debunks the the medical industry's rigid belief in the Chemical Imbalance Theory as the cause of paranoid schizophrenia. It exposes the chemical imbalance theory as a myth and why this myth continues to be marketed to the public.

Sherry Swiney is my guest, from Kentucky, USA
In this 8th show on DTV Dimensions TV
Mind parasites & solutions : How to free our mind !
From early childhood programming to social engineering, negative thoughts & voices in our heads are triggered by external entities!
Sherry will talk to us about her experiences & her « That’s a lie program » method & much more..
Sherry's Website:

Original youtube broadcast
Marc Gray
Published on Sep 29, 2018

The first moments of this interview are in Greek, but hang in there, it goes to English shortly.

Schizophrenia (the voices) – Demons exist

Jerry Marzinsky speaks about his journey in discovering what the voices are and how he fought to keep his "programmed" belief system in tact while all around him there was evidence to the contrary that was blowing his mind. Finally, Jerry had no choice but to concede that the voices which plagued his patients were separate beings that were conscious: entities of the darkest kind.

Jerry Marzinsky points out clearly how he discovered that the Universities in the U.S. are misleading students, teaching them wrongly that mental health - specifically hearing voices – are hallucinations caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and how their only answer to this is to prescribe anti-psychotic drugs. After two years in the Ph.D. program, Jerry left and sought his own way of helping people who suffered with this condition. Listeners are urged to see and scroll down to “CHEMICAL IMBALANCE MYTH” to read the data. This data gives proof that big pharma is marketing drugs with absolutely no indication that a chemical imbalance exists. It's all about profits, and has nothing to do with helping people.

This interview reveals some of the bizarre things that go on inside the psychotic mind. It's a place few will go and yet, according to the World Health Organization, paranoid schizophrenia is among the top ten illnesses that contribute to the global burden of disease.

Jerry Marzinsky is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling; a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and 35-years of experience on the front lines in mental hospitals, hospital emergency rooms, and prisons.

This interview was a gem...A two hour marathon, but although it will take me some time to subtitle perfectly, it will be one of the best if not THE best video-inte..

James Bartley | Jerry Marzinsky Behind the Dark Thoughts Part 1

Jerry Marzinsky returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to talk about case studies of the entities behind the Dark Thoughts and how these entities work within and outside of the Psychiatric Patients. Jerry provides examples of how these Dark Entities can effect changes in our everyday reality and how they can manipulate the people they are talking to.

Part 2:
In Part 2 Jerry continues his examples of how these entities behind the Dark Thoughts operate.

Original Broadcast:

Unicus Radio Welcomes Guest Jerry Marzinsky
Broadcast Live on Friday May 11th, 2018

Also known as “Dr. J.”, Jerry Marzinsky is a licensed Mental Health Practitioner and Counselor who spent over thirty five years in the Mental Health field in Georgia and Arizona before retiring. During that time, Jerry worked with patients diagnosed as schizophrenic. While on the job, he learned first hand that the “voices” people heard in their heads were not just audio hallucinations; they were non-physical entities that could project negative thoughts into the minds of patients often compelling them to do harm to themselves or to others.

Youtube Channel: Dr J-Jerry Marzinsky

Past the Twilight Zone, beyond the Outer Limits, The UNICUS Radio Hour, hosted by Master Djedi Robert Stanley and his faithful Sheltie mascot Charlie Fox, broadcasts LIVE every Saturday starting at 10pm EST. Tune in by going to You can find more information on the UNICUS Radio Show page

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Beyond Your Brain | Freeman TV | Sherry Swiney March 31, 2018

As a young woman, Sherry was plagued by dark side entities. She was able to eliminate them from her life without help from psychologists or psychiatrists, and without taking their toxic drugs. Today, she helps others learn how to do what she did to free herself. Her article “THE THAT’S A LIE PROGRAM” explains the method.

Excerpt from the article on her Blog:
“For those of you who hear voices or are consumed by strong and obsessive negative thoughts, it is critical that you understand that the voices and persistent negative thoughts that plague you are not yours. They come from outside of you and do not belong to you.

They are not hallucinations and you are not crazy. They are energy parasites and must turn your energy negative in order to utilize it as food. Their survival depends on draining and feeding off of your negative energy.”

Sherry Swiney has a bachelor’s degree in Business. She studied Civil Engineering in college for two years. She is self-taught in the field of quantum physics. For over 30 years she worked in the corporate world as a construction engineer and contracts manager on major construction projects across the United States.

She also founded an international human rights organization in 1996 which focuses on prison and court reform in the United States. She retired as Director of the organization in 2009 after her husband was killed. The organization still functions today with its members running it.

After retiring from the corporate world in 2012, Sherry moved to her property in Kentucky where she is building her home and organic gardens. She has since helped her friend, Aerospace Engineer Clark McClelland, finish the last 9 chapters of his book.

Sherry is currently an active volunteer on The Venus Project, founded by Architect and Social Engineer Jacque Fresco. She is also working with Mental Health Practitioner Jerry Marzinsky helping people eliminate the dark side influenc..


Tonight on The Free Zone - The Presence of Other Worlds in Paranoid Schizophrenia – Jerry Marzinsky

"Schizophrenia is one of the top ten health problems in the world. The establishment continues barking up the wrong tree futilely pushing their chemical imbalance theory which has many times over been proven false. They have no solution and no cure. We do. They aren’t going to like it." - Jerry Marzinsky

Are your thoughts your own? Let's take a fascinating voyage through the psychotic mind into the presence of another world. What do the voices say? You may realize that we all hear the voices, some just hear them louder. Are schizophrenic voices supernatural psychic parasites preying on humanity and guiding us to discord?

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand reality. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices that others do not, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and a lack of motivation.

Jerry Marzinsky has over thirty years experience working with Psychiatric Patients in both the Arizona Prison System and as the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor Senior at Yarbrough Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, Central State Hospital, Milledgeville, Georgia. Jerry is a licensed mental health practitioner, specializing in psychiatric care and he is a licensed pilot and SCUBA diver. He is also an avid explorer of nature and things that go bump in the night.

Jerry spent time working as a mental health counselor in the Prison System and found that many of the prisoners who were regarded as schizophrenics or mentally unstable were likewise being tormented by voices. These “voices” can give detailed instructions to individuals and even seem to be familiar with distant geography and the future behavior of people. This is one of the most important interviews ever given by a mental health expert with a verifiable background. Jerry has been in ..

Sherry Swiney returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show with James Bartley to discuss the Intrusive Thoughts from Dark Entities. Sherry overcame an abusive childhood which may have opened doorways to allow these negative entities in.

In Part 2 Sherry talks about how she created the "That's a Lie Program" to combat and eventually overcome these intrusive thoughts from these Dark Entities until they became a non-factor in her life.

Part 2:

Sherry's website is

Sherry is a close colleague of Jerry Marzinsky who has exposed the "Chemical Imbalance" fraud of Psychiatry and Psychology and the fraudulent diagnosis of "Schizophrenia" which Jerry found in practice to be intrusive thoughts from negative entities.

Jerry Marzinsky's facebook page:

Original broadcast:

The Archons and biblical Nephilim, demonic forces and etheric energy. Guest Sherry Swiney talks about how to counter negative forces which are often reinforced by ourselves. From the profoundly evil to Walthamstows useful idiot. Lets deal with them!

The sound goes out at the beginning of the show but it all comes back after about 2 minutes.

Keyhole Journey
Windows on the World

Stewart Swerdlow on Reptilians and The Hollow Earth

From the discussion, it appears that this interview was recorded, give or take, circa 2014, as Stewart Swerdlow mentions future events that he thought would take place “next year” in 2015/2016. As of December 2017 these events have not happened yet but be patient. From the looks of things in current politics, the events are probably just running a bit behind schedule as is everything else the elite have planned so far.

This information was imparted to Stewart throughout the 13 years he served at the government experimental mind-control facility in Montauk.

Swerdlow shares what he knows about the Reptilians, the reptilian race that lives underground and first got here over 800,000 years ago. They originated within the Draco star system and arrived in our solar system through hollowed-out asteroids. Eventually they fashioned a hybrid race with the Atlanteans and battled with Lemuria (also called the land of Mu). Today the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis are submerged in the ocean. It is from this reptilian influence that the Illuminati or ruling households descended. But today, the Illuminati know their days are numbered due to the people on Earth as well as the myriad alien types that are hanging out in the Kuiper belt who are aligned with the 4th Reich in Antarctica.

Everything Swerdlow is saying is very interesting and truly fascinating. What he has to say about our history is so different from anything people have heard anywhere else, it’s hard to believe. But he is not asking anyone to believe. He’s telling his story the way he knows it to be true. The only thing for anyone to do is your own research.

Stewart Swerdlow’s website

Stewart Swerdlow youtube channel

Original youtube published Oct 25, 2017

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Jimmy Church interviews David Wilcock and David Icke on Coast To Coast AM Radio

ET Secrets and The Reality Illusion

Lecturer and researcher of ancient civilizations, David Wilcock, who is well known for his insights on consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy joined Jimmy Church in the first half.

Author David Icke, who has been warning for nearly 30 years of a coming global Orwellian state, joined the program in the second half.

Coast To Coast AM - December 23, 2017 ET Secrets & The Reality Illusion


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