Is Dj envy in the right or just being a pussy?

Gucci Mane wants all the smoke!!

Does Kanye have a point?

Is game capitalizing off Nipsey hussle death?

According to sales, he just might be

The Mexican cartel has freed el chapo Jr and other prisoners

Boogatti got these woman bouta clap each other over him

Who is the current king of RnB?

Errol Spence jr might just be Superman in flesh

Only percs could give stunna 4 Vegas stamina it seems

Who gonna win the beef and will tekashi respond?

Here is live footage of Errol Spence car crash

Pray for Errol Spence Jr!

Is birdman the biggest finesser in the game?

update: Pray for errol Spence

Should XanMan respond back to the Chiraq Savage

Da baby security Guard speaks out

Da baby security guard is a monster freak of nature and just knocked out a over bearing fan of the baby

Yells Beezy bets 100k on Errol Spence

Why they do trapboy like that?

Is Tory lanez outta line or nah?

Dallas rapper Mo 3 officially signs to empire

Rappers gotta stay focused on the bag and leave the bull shot alone!

Watch these thots mayne!


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