Will eternal Atake ever drip?

How do you feel about Jay Z?

Will Go yayo catch a L or W over this beef? Stay tuned for all updates.

Young thug wants to kill YFN Lucci

Nicki Minaj G checks Joe Budden

Donald Trump has freed Asap Rocky!

Yella Beezy And Mo3 been beefing for years and fatalities have occurred. Will it ever end and why are they even beefing?

Tay k got 55 years but could be out in 25 years.

Pray for future body guard.

Why they keep playing with Lil Uzi like he not from Philly.

Rapper Tay K has been convicted of murder.

Kim K back at it again with freeing African Americans wrongly locked up behind bars.

2nd day on trial for Tay k and the plot is thickening. They have brought in an eye witness.

Gucci used to be the most feared rapper in hip hop before his stint in jail where he lost weight and bettered himself. But don't think he won't go back to his old way if necessary.

What are your thoughts on what young thug said about Juice Wrld?

Tay K is having his day in court and has please guilty to some charges. They are still trying to pin the murder on him.

Rising YouTube and Instagram star Bianca Devins was brutally murdered by her ex boyfriend.

Tay k is finally having his day in court for a triple murder. After 2 of the other 3 people involved pleaded out and received 30 plus years. Tay K is the last Man standing.

Boonk jaw has to be shut for 6 months.

Can Soulja Boy bounce back after a short stent in jail?


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