Kill All Pedos

The Feds have identified a person of interest in the aftermath of recent events. This dangerous Lutheran extremist was last seen wearing a black hat and carrying a Nintendo Switch, talking about the Corona coof and weeb anime shit.

If you see the man in this video, please tell him to start streaming again. But please no more coof streams.

(This video is a supercut of the previously released “Cozy End of Society Stream”)

NOTE: This video is intended as comedy and satire. It does not promote violence or any political message.

Jim's cancer went away again. So he decided to update us on the status of Ethan Ralph.

Join Mister Metokur as he watches it all burn.

Jim has a corn field behind his house

This is the pilot episode for Dick Masterson's new series, "The Dick Show - Uncircumcised." Enjoy!

This is a previously censored scene from "The Ballad of Ethan Ralph." Eventually I will upload the entire uncensored video. Feel free to upload and repost this anywhere you like.


Nicholas J. Fuentes goes on a date with Brittany Venti and ends up saving the USA. Hello? Epic Department?

Ethan Ralph riffs, Gator reveals his true identity, Zidan returns from his extended absence, Josh from Kiwi Farms encourages Ralph to better himself, Ralph convinces Flamenco to go full gamer, Bibble goes BLM, Jim (Mister Metokur) reveals his face for the first time ever, Ethan Ralph retires from the Killstream on a high note.

Probably the most historically significant Killstream ever.

Everything used in this video falls under FAIR USE.

On December 4, 2019, some creep hacked into a Ring baby monitor and harassed 8-year-old Alyssa LeMay of Nesbit, Mississippi. The perpetrator is still at large. However, some have suggested it was Corey Ray Barnhill, a hacker who lives in the metropolitan NY/NJ area. In this episode we examine the evidence suggesting Corey Ray Barnhill harassed an 8-year-old girl. Did he do it? You decide.

As always, do your own research. All suspects are presumed innocent. Use this information as starting point for your research. You must make up your own mind.

Joe “Hard ‘R’” Biden raps about race relations, and whatnot. Made from his recorded public statements.

Feel free to share and reupload this video, especially on YouTube. People need to know the TRUTH about Uncle Joe.


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