Me getting out my anger about all the stupid people that seem to exist everywhere you look.

Meet Mattrick! He has been into the truth for a long time, since at least 2008. I met him at the Free Your Mind Conferences. Mattrick was alway pitching the Pentivium idea he had about taking knowledge into the implementation and manifestation stages to see a better world manifest. Check out his Document about the Pentivium and more here:

If people could first imagine a world without money, they'd have a far better chance of freeing themselves from unnecessary work and economic manipulation.

The Time is now to say no to government.

Me riding in the car jabbering about things in the world and the solution which is to not enable or support government. Really to throw the idea in the waste-box and live as sovereign beings.

Me driving around observing the current paradigm and envisioning something so much. better.

My recent interview with Domkendo Tremblay of He teaches Natural Law to a French audience and is doing a great job taking up the responsibility to teach the truth.

Check out my new website, I've got 5 really awesome articles already written, a forum, and an intro video, my natural law guide, and links to my favorite podcasters and researchers.

Doing these regular 9-5 average Joe jobs for 20 years creates an untold amount of trauma hidden in people's souls. The system must be resisted, and alternatives must be developed for us to have a satisfying life.

There is no reason why things have to remain the way they are. Do yourself a favor and start demanding more from reality. Demand at least the basic human decency to have your rights respected. Government needs to go, there is no way around it. Stand up with your voice and fight the good fight. Your world needs you.

Nothings free in the modern day, especially our birthrights. These rights must be fought for and protected with all of our being. You must care deeply and be motivated to teach others the truth to protect yours and all of ours freedom. Humanity has worked its way into a dark corner, and the individual phoenixes must rise from the ashes of the modern world to build something healthy and sustainable for us all.

The time is now to end the enslavement of humanity. Anyone working for government is a part of the problem. Very simple logic. Tell them NO, QUIT YOUR JOB OR DIE PIG. Say it loud and clear with teeth and machine guns backing you up and they will for sure back down. Not difficult to stand up for your rights. Lets all join in and do it together to take our lives back. Respect yourself. Government should die.

A few raised beds I set up this year with logs and leaves underneath. Important for anarchists to be food-sovereign. Don't rely on the state or the dollar if you don't have too.

Corporate America is like Nazi Germany light. In the future it could get much worse. But for now, your corporate overlords still bother with giving you a comfortable chair to sit in, a nice uniform, and a wage that you can survive on for a certain amount of time. But slavery is still slavery, and people need to wake up to the reality of how they are being treated. Corporate America is not your friend, and neither are the police who force corporate and money dictates on you. Stop cooperating, stop participating, demand these fuckers quit their jobs and back it up. Tell the truth and network with those who get it, are open to learning, and are teaching. Consider making your own videos, blogs, websites, or podcasts to assist in the war effort. Its your freedom at stake, don't let a bunch of zombies drag you into hell. A famous musician once said, "Whenever the illusion of freedom becomes too expensive to maintain, the lights in the theater will turn on, the stage props will be removed, and you will turn around to leave and face a brick wall."

A new friend and fellow truth teller recently interviewed me on his End Evil Podcast.

check out

Topics discussed are:

Smoking cannabis and insane authoritarians/moral relativists
Speaking with others about Truth and Natural Law
Mask-wearing and changing ourselves
Nathan’slatest episode
Being a Passio fanboy
Nathan's Natural Law Guide
Fiery Leo strength
What you do with your time
Ego trips and distractions
Instant gratification
Blaming individuals for corporate greed and authority
Weather Engineering/Geoengineering and The Matrix
The lost tribe
Plant Shaman and Peyote ceremony/healing
Male and Female integration and synthesis
Rule enforcer personalities
Ruts, downward spirals= stuck in The Matrix

Are cities even savable or are they too far gone. Anarchist communities would be designed very differently than cities designed for slavery. The mental attitudes of the people in an area actually get ingrained deeply into the physical layout of their lives. Undoing a modern city or converting it to something healthy would be a monumentous endeavor.

There are those of us with the spiritual vision to see what is going on on earth. It is just a matter of spreading that knowledge to take down the government-slavery system.

Lets use our Reality Transurfing Law of Attraction Powers to visualize and manifest that new reality. However, don't be surprised if at some point, interfering government agents need to be taken out.

Many TV watchers seem hopelessly incapable of being saved. The war-mongers are preparing for mass vaccination, time to exit the matrix and begin a new life, a new hope.

Do you want to see a better world. The methods of creating that world are not complicated. It is just a matter of spreading the truth and becoming the new media. Brainwashing institutions dominated the 20th century by mind-controlling the masses. It is up to us to counteract these spells people are under. Not complicated or difficult, just requires the use of the will by a mass number of people.

Government Sux, together we can negate it and/or make something that doesn't suck.

Why not manifest abundance? What could be more abundant than a world full of the smartest, hottest, polyamorous, vegan anarchists! Now that sounds steamy.

We need more attractive anarchists in the world. We gotta be free and self-deterministic, sovereign and loyal to truth! To Anarchy!!

Me talking about moving on with life and not getting too caught up debating, deprogramming, convincing, dwelling and otherwise giving your power away to people and pendulums who don't deserve it. I for one and moving on, still putting the truth out there, but building a future based on sanity and common sense.


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Just a hot young vegan anarchist manifesting the new free world paradigm. Networking, educating, learning, and eventually building the new anarchist tribal paradise.

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