I'm going back to World of Warcraft for many reason, here are some of the reason for me to return to the game.

Sorry is taking me so long to upload, it literally takes forever to render over 20k individual frames for the animations.

I will not have internet for the next two weeks so please be nice in the comments since I will not be here to monitor anything.

First of all, sorry about the poor lights and camera, but this is the best I had available for use and I tried to make the best out of it.

This is the DragonSlayer sword from Berserk, one of my favorite Manga series.

Silky Thoughts and Peace of Mind (Original Mix) by FortyThr33
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I highly recommend and Manga here is somebody eloquently explaining why the Animation is bad:

I made a friend, this wild squirrel is my new friend, she visits some times and we spend some time together, some times I don't see her for weeks, once she was gone for 4 months and then she is back.
I call her 'Peanut' and she now recognizes me and comes when I call her, she is one adorable wild squirrel but I don't recommend trying this at home, Squirrels can carry a deadly disease so don't try this at home =D

Liberal media blames conservative republicans for the Transgender ban in the military, but the fact is that the LGBT and liberal media are the ones to blame.

Made a Katana, folded steel clay tempered full tang double Mekugi, next I should make a Dragon =D

I could had eliminated the grain noise with higher samples, but that would had taken too long to render, this one was rendered in about 45 minutes.

#filmic_blender #Blender #blendercycles #cyclesrender #b3d #katana #CG #Modeling

I made myself crystal kitty ears to hold the legendary sword of Omens.

Over 24 thousand frames had to be rendered animated, the result could had been better but if I keep fixing problems I will never post finish this video.

This is a fan made video, Thundercats Was created by Tobin Wolf and currently belongs to Warner Bros.


Recorded this video a few weeks ago, but I'm a noob when it comes to Blender CGI so this take time.

Special tanks to Blender for the awesome software and the great community

Happy Life by FREDJI
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Dear Wizard of Magic, there comes a time when even the wisest of wizards must admit their mistakes, the fact that you guys are trying to be a force for good is great, but youhave chosen sides poorly.

Dear Wizards of Magic, you are attacking one of your greatest supporters and Magic the Gathering and content craetors over false harrasement.

Dear Wizards of magic, I'm against harassment, nobody should be threatened nobody should have the industry they love going after them just because false accusations.

Dear Wizards of Magic, is time to apologize to UnsleeveMedia admit your wrong doing and move on.

Gender pronoun laws undermine Freedom of speech, but is also important to point out that Transgender people will suffer because of said laws, Transtrenders can just change their clothes and solve the problem, a privilege that actual Transgender people don't have.


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