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Song: Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage
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Compilation Anti-lockdown Protest Amsterdam Museum Square 28-03-21.
Video Titles in English, sadly no subtitles.
Probably has some spelling mistakes (I'm not English)

Compilation made by @KingKongSr050

Protest against pension reform.

Protest against pension reform.

An impressive fire was lit near the François Mitterrand mall in Rennes.

(protest against pension reform)

Tonight a protester lost consciousness after an FDO attack in the narrowest street in Strasbourg, the small lace street.

Police violence during the evacuation of the carnival of the Plain in Marseille, a young woman beaten several times while she was already on the ground.


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Berlin in da hizzay.

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Thou shall not have fun on Kings Day.

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13 aug. 2021
Full song:

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Politie heeft last van losse handjes (Binnenhof Den Haag 21-08-21)

Freedom protest The Hague Courtyard

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Citizen: ‘Why r u doing this? Policies are killing people.’
Gestapo: “I agree with u, I'm just doing my job…I'm just as over this lock-down as you are mate, but this is my job. I'm not skilled to do anything else.”

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Numero Uno!

Dubstep Mix:
Original song: Lazytown - We are number one

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Free Download:

Taken from the first Album "Fear or Freedom" coming out in autumn 2017 at Contra Records & Steeltown Records.

Check out:

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Australian police is issuing a public order warning against construction workers that are protesting mandatory vaccines.

Australia Melbourne 21-09-21

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Compilation of videos of the second day construction workers protest against mandatory vaccines.
Melbourne, Australia 21-09-21

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Op 20-01-21 Stond er een interview met Femke Halsema in Het Algemeen Dagblad, waar zij beweerde dat Romeo's een complottheorie is.
Hier even een opfrisser voor mevrouw Halsema.
Dit zijn als het ware geen beelden van Romeo's op het Museum Plein (17-01-21)
Maar Beelden van Romeo's die de boel verstoren op de vrijheid's demonstratie van (20-08-2020) op het Binnenhof in Den Haag.

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Creator: Unknown
Original: MELENDIZ - Fuck you all


Source: Twitter
Creator: Unknown

Listen to 'Vrije Wil' now on you favourite streaming service:

Sub notes:

Subsource: youtube.

- Every line re-timed to fit with the hardcoded Dutch subs + re-cutting
- Added Dutch/Eng translation to the end of the song (it was missing) see the original video on youtube.
- changed translation of one line.
- Added Dutch translation to 2 signs

Dutch inside joke

"For two years the people have been frightened by Dr Diederik Gommers on literally every talking program on TV. And now he says that the whole covid is peanuts."

Youtube didn't like this one and got deleted.



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