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"For two years the people have been frightened by Dr Diederik Gommers on literally every talking program on TV. And now he says that the whole covid is peanuts."

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Fuck Em!

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Germany in 2022.
Elderly lady with dog gets attacked by ten police officers. Citizens protest but are turned away.

Welcome to my Country. Where you not even allowed to protest any more. Except when you are Antifa or BLM. Then you get a Police escort. If you are not in one of these groups, this is what happens.

Welcome to the Police State Netherlands. Video's in no particular order.

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Milan, Italy: Undercover police stops blood to the brain of a protester by stopping one of the main veins on the neck..
Anti Covid Pass Protest Rome, Milan 24-10-21

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George Orwell's last interview.

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Speech from The Great Dictator (1940)

A Must watch.

Compilation of videos of the second day construction workers protest against mandatory vaccines.

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Melbourne, Australia 21-09-21

Australia, Melbourne 21-09-21 (Protest against mandatory vaccines)

Australian police is issuing a public order warning against construction workers that are protesting mandatory vaccines.

Australia Melbourne 21-09-21

(re-up more footage)

Police going on the run after a mob of construction workers throwing projectiles at them and smash their windows.

Australia, Melbourne 21-09-21 (Protest against mandatory vaccines)

Police telling a construction worker to move while he is pointing a gun at him.
He's not really intimidated.

(construction workers protest against mandatory vaccines)

Citizen: ‘Why r u doing this? Policies are killing people.’

Gestapo: “I agree with u, I'm just doing my job…I'm just as over this lockdown as you are mate, but this is my job. Im not skilled to do anything else.”

Fury has exploded into violence at the CFMEU headquarters in the city, with construction workers turning on their own union leader.
Hurling projectiles and demanding a sector shut down, hundreds of protesters stormed the building refusing mandated vaccines.

Angry construction workers attack their union headquarters (CFMEU) in Melbourne, Australia in a protest against compulsory vaccination which goes into effect this week if they are to continue to be able to work. At the end of the video the police is using rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. 20-09-21.

(re-up with more footage)

If you can't watch the video go here:

Protestors breaking trough the police line.
One protestor takes it to the next level.

Protest Australia 18-09-21

Dr. Julie Ponesse was dismissed from her position as Ethics professor at Western University Canada on Sept. 7th, 2021, because she refused to take the vaccine. She worked for this university for 20 years.

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Numero Uno

Dubstep Mix:

Original song: Lazytown - We are number one

Berlin Germany in da Hizzay

Shake, shake, shake.

Yes im to lazy to make a proper video.

Politie heeft last van losse handjes (Binnenhof Den Haag 21-08-21)

Freedom protest Den Hague Courtyard

Anti lockdown protest Melbourne Australia 21-08-21

Sound on!

Hold! HOOOLD! Chaaaaarge!


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