So many project to complete. Today we start to dwindle down the list with getting the grand piano to play us a tune.

We have a brand new bible and would like it to last a long time. So,
I have received some advice how to prolong it's life......

It's not the treasure it's the thrill of the hunt and at Goodwill you never know what you will find.

Today we take a look at collecting Xbox 360 Kinect games. These games are a ton of fun to play and great for partys.

Nothings better than finding some retro games at Goodwill on half price day.

Today we crack out the old Colecovision for the great classic....Defender.

Today we take a look at collecting games for the Xbox 360 Kinect.

Every once in a while you find an old gem of a video game. Today we have a 2 in 1 for the classic Gameboy. Arcade Classics 3 Galaga and Galaxian.

I dig those plug-n-play video games, so when I see one I have to pick it up. Today we look at one from TV Games with Namco games on it......

Today we crack out the old Colecovision for the great classic....Defender.

Today we take a look at the glorious arcade button.

Today we take a quick look at the glorious Arcade Button.

It's not the treasure, it's the hunt....
Today we take a look at some Goodwill video game finds from the past weekend.

Today we fire up the old Atari 2600 for some retro goodness. Let's look all the way back to 1982 with Infiltrate from Apollo Inc .

So now that we have a PS2 we need a couple memory cards to save our games.....Today we take a look at a 2 pack for 10$ from Huele.

Today we take a look at a couple of Chinese websites I order miscellaneous electronic parts/games/raspberry pi bits, from.

After finally getting a PS2 it's time to start getting serious about collecting for that system. Games are currently cheap and easy to find, so today we take a quick look at what we have so far.....

Nothing better than finding a video game treasure at Goodwill. Today we take a look at a PS2 we found over the weekend.

Let's take a look.

I likes to keep my games looking today we do a replacement for a jewel case that has seen some better times.

While rummaging through a tackle box I found this little gem. Lure-Glow, makes your lures glow in dark water. After a bit of research I could not find any info on this product, so I thought it might be fun to see if it still works after 30+ years.

Today we look at a brand new copy of Majoras Mask for the N64.
How is this possible...and what is the cartridge.....let's take a look......

Today we fire up the ol Colecovison and give the classic Popeye a quick play.

So it appears I now collect for the PSP. Let's take a look at why?

I understand a lot of new cars no longer come with a spare tire...even high end ones. So today we received one from Amazon for the Kia. Let's see how easy it is to install.....

Sorry about the bouncy's cold and I was filming one handed..... :)

So I found this game for 1$. And yes this is a girls game, but can it still be a lot of fun to play? Let's take a look at Super Princess Peach on the Nintendo DS.


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