Trege: Program
Kion: Reverse Engineered Assets
Uradamus: Fixing Assets
Voice Actor: Dashe

In this video I track down and test a flameless ration heater and heat up some rice and curry from a pack.

Trailer for Seaon 2 of DashGL

The examples for the first tutorial are complete and available at

Which means the next step will be making videos for each of the
examples and then publishing the tutorials to

Special thanks to my wife for helping me record.

In this video I cover what progress I've made so far with Phnatsy Star Portable 2 Infinity model format. To start out with, I've managed to get a very few of the most basic models as a proof of concept, and then turned my attention to the game's archive format to be able to get access to more models.

As a way to confirm if the files were extracted correctly from the archives or not, I went ahead and parsed the game's texture format, which mostly seems to be an indexed list of pixels. For archives, I'm having issues with a variation of the nbl archive which has the value 0x10 at offset 0x05. So I'd really appreciate any information with respect to that.

For now I guess I will continue to try and process more models with the information available to me. If you want updates you can follow me on twitter.


State State Viewer for Megaman Legends.

To use:
Download PCSXR and play Megaman Legends.
Make a save state.
Open and click "Set State" and load the save state.

You will then be able to view, preview animations, and export models that are loaded into the scene at that time.

Social Media:

Sorry about the audio, I was using my handheld mic. I'll use my usb yeti from now on for better quality. This is a quick update to the Megaman Legends save state viewer which now includes the model for the Megaman player character and animations, as well as fixes to animations for other models as well.


Like a record baby right round, round round

Introduction for a tool that can be found on:

The source code is available under GPL and is available here:

Couple of things to mention:

1. I forgot to turn on the cursor, so sorry about the ghost cursor in this video, hopefully it's pretty easy to see what's going on.

2. The quad problem with the Flutter should be the fin that goes on top, so it looks like I have to take another look at those vertices.

3. The announcement that interrupts my recording at the end is about a missing person. In the town I live in, they ask for help tracking old people down who wonder off.

Playing around with the stage file data some more and found that the game keeps the collision data at the end of the file separate from the elements that make up the visual stage terrain.

Chapter 3 of the C Programming Language - Part B
Kion -

Chapter 3 of the C Programming Language - Part A
Kion -

Chapter 2 of the C Programming Language.
Kion -

Chapter 1 of the C Programming Language.
Kion -

Adding on to some of my previous videos, I show how to read the MDT and change some of the pointers around to load the wrong areas.

Took me several cuts to make this video as I kept getting interupted. I did a quick edit to string the pieces together, but you can probably notice some audio issues, as well as notice the time jump at different places in the video.

This video goes over what little I currently know about the IDX file format. Mostly that I think it serves as the look up for the MDT file (which I want to make a video about). And that the format seems to be three dwords, specifically two properties followed by a pointer.

The properties are probably used by the game in some way, but to figure out what these are requires testing and also requires knowing what each tile is. In this video we are able to change the physical properties of the tile by replacing the pointer on the end to make half of the Apple Market use the same tile.

Thanks to Trege and Shady for information on the tiles.

Currently a work in progress. Most of the models, textures and animations work. Still have some that fall in between the cracks. Need to work on adding an export format.


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