Currently a work in progress. Most of the models, textures and animations work. Still have some that fall in between the cracks. Need to work on adding an export format.

Browser based model viewer for Megaman Legends 1 built with Threejs (and Dexiejs). Files are required on the host machine, click on the "Import" button and select all of the BIN files from the game's DAT folder. The left sidebar will then be populated.

Exports are supported in json and .dae format. Though the dae format only supports bones and does not export with animations.

Code is available on Gitlab under the GPLv3 License:

Live version:

Specical thanks to xDaniel for making the source code of his Dash Viewer available:

First step to our OpenGL tutorial where I totally fail at opening a window. Maybe you can show me how it's done.

Introduction to a site dedicated to Linux gaming tutorials using C / OpenGL / GTK


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