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-Taxpayer-funded BBC working alongside a radical far left organisation for Panorama to 'take down Tommy Robinson'

- Blackmailing my former employees to invent stories

- Hope not Hate on set with the BBC, calling the shots and intimidating my ex-employees during interview

- BBC caught on camera telling an ex-employee the questions they would ask her in the interview and the answers that she needed to say for it to air (scripted fake interviews!)

- BBC caught on camera suggesting they could edit and clip an argument I had with an ex-employee to portray a totally different angle and to quote John Sweeney on camera he could make it 'a gender, a sexual thing against Tommy Robinson'. (BBC creating fake #MeToo stories!)

- BBC likening the working class to cannibals in the jungle whose vocabulary is limited to the words F*ck off.

- BBC Journalists giving zero shits about your hard earned £150 licence fee and spending on midweek £220 champagne lunches.

- Oh, and the BBC face of panorama being casually racist and homophobic.

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Full video from Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan's Facebook page, now deleted as it exonerates the kids. They were counter protesting the infamous Black Neo-Nazi organization the Black Hebrew Israelites who were protesting the event, harassing and shouting antisemitic and homophobic slurs at people, when the Native American activist intentionally interjected in such a way to dupe others into thinking the kids were harassing him.

Said Native American has a history of far left activism and is considered a "professional victim" by most people who are aware of him. He has shown up at dozens of events throughout 2018 in order to interject himself in events.

This was a photo op. This was designed to send these kids a message.

Woke Progressive Teenagers like David Hogg are allowed to be activists and to speak publicly.

MAGA Conservative Teenagers are to be SILENT, or will BE SILENCED.

You can't beat the Streissand Effect, Tara.

David Katz The Esports Ebitch, the last video from Mister Metokur prior to his deplatforming.

DanMachi Memoria Freese Trailer. Includes mention of the censored interaction system.

Mirror of the video Wizards of the Coast is attempting to suppress. Backup here:

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Reuploaded with the demo included. Sorry about that!

The Switch was released less than a year ago, and we've been all over it.

Nintendo has designed a custom OS that is one of the most secure we've ever seen, making the game harder than it has ever been before.

In this talk we will give an introduction to the unique software stack that powers the Switch, and share our progress in the challenge of breaking it. We will talk about the engineering that went into the console, and dive deep into the security concepts of the device.

The talk will be technical, but we aim to make it enjoyable also for non-technical audiences.

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Mirrored video by Mister Metokur. Taken down by Youtube due to "hate speech".

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