Kill it with cancer

A story about solvent

Advice about women from your friendly neighborhood father Shuzo Wendigo.

Kill it with cancers anime OP and ED, voiced by the original cast of KIWC and edited by Nevi Aldenheim.

A meme made from the early days of KIWC


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Delirium TV presents kill it with cancer.

Killitwithcancer is an offensive podcast hosted by 2 veterans and an active duty US Sailor. The content is general cancerous 4chan humour and debates. As we all get drunk and yell at eachother about things that don't really matter. Occasionally the hosts bring on a rotating cast of guests. Note: Series starts on Season one. Season 0 is bonus content.

Note: The bitchute channel is under construction. Nevi will be working tirelessly, that is barely at all, to get it to you guys as soon as possible. Making shitty video with looping vid and podcast audio is a long retarded process.