Max Landis gets #MeToo'd, Twitter accepts Zoophilia, an old dangerhair from Pakistan loses her shit at Brave, Jonathan Yaniv loses, an 8 page email, Your Dog Dick Sucks, and more.

Intro: Hamtaro Intro

Outro: BENE - Evil Spider

Bonus: Rusty Cage - White Girls Fuck Dogs

Lumen complaints, Vox runs a story on whypeepo sweaters and trannies, Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting, Carlos Meza has a nice cry, YouTube seizes an opportunity.

Sargon isn't as smart as he thinks he is, man self-immolates near White House, woman chimps out over Harambe, Marshall Casterson threatens to kill me since YHWH didn't do it for him, Nick Monroe gets unpersoned, JY collapses and sexually harasses me, based chinamen build a #thotdatabase -- and what does a missing Malaysian plane and 5-time Jeopardy Champion have to do with comfy streaming? EVERYTHING!

Intro: VAJAS - Sparrow of the Wind

Outro: Peach Stealing Monkeys - Seven Nation Army (cover)

Sargon ruins Clown World, Brianna ruins Quartz Clocks, Tranny in a Diaper challenges you to fight it, and a call with a 43-year martial arts expert who has over 300 confirmed kills in Operation Stolen Valor.

Christchurch anti-extremism bill shot down by Trump, ProJared & James Charles, LumenDatabase DMCA Complaints, Carl "JUST" Benjamin, DSP, 4chan passes, and more.

Intro: DPRK National Ochestra - No Motherland Without You


Wohl's continued embarrassment, Chantal goes McDonalds vegan, Curse of YHWH returns, some bingo.

Intro: Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Outro: Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide

Jacob Wohl is a prodigy eclipsing Mozart, but not in anything positive. I go over a young man's brief career and then also make fun of Sargon, Brianna Wu and Subway in the Philippines.

Intro: Chlorine - Twenty One Pilots (not in VOD)

Outro: Donald Trump - Mac Miller

A cursory glance into some recent happenings. No overarching theme, a lot of stories and meandering.

Intro: K.Flay - High Enough

Outro: K.Flay - The Cops



Intro: Dunderpallen - Pandemonium

Outro: Yeasayer - Don't Come Close

A living cartoon tries on a dress to disastrous effect.


Intro: Flip Top Box

Outro: No Cock like Horse Cock - Pepper Coyote

Prestream (not in VOD): Wallpaper - Kevin MacLeod

Turk February video:

Tips, Updates, Links to Shit

Cooking with Kay (February 20th, 2019)

Intro: Clutch - Electric Worry

Outro: Little Jackie - Crying for the Queen

Featurette: Godwinson's NEEThog Day

Warning: This one's really heavy and really dry. Sorry for people hoping for something uplifting.

Source of information:

Intro (not in VOD): The Pixies - Where is My Mind?

Outro: K.Flay - CRAZYtown

After being sick a week and being broken out into hives, I've returned to show the masses one of the classics.


Intro: I love Reshiram - Justin Coolidge

Outro: Don't Stop Loving (Reshiram) - Justin Coolidge

Check here for when we go dark.

Intro: The Heavy - This Ain't No Place for No hero
Outro: INTERPOL - Evil

Today we'll be looking a gift horse in its mouth.


A retrospective on a year full of love.

Ayumi Hamasaki - Evolution (Time Is Pop)


Censored from YouTube after Yaniv DMCA struck the thumbnail art, here is the full stream recorded for posterity on BitChute.

DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 OST - Rock And Awe


Chantal Marie Sarault, the Foodie Beauty, is a lifestyle vlogger known for her preposterously bad Mukbangs ("Let's Eat" Videos).

Lil Richie - PLUMP PIMP

Fountains of Wayne - Too Cool for Schol


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