Farmers rise up, Mountain Jews back at it again-again, women critique a room, and CHYNA.

Intro: F A R M E R W A V E (Midnight City – M83 Remix)

Outro: Without the Communist Party There would be No New China – Brother Hao

Xpert is tired of the "I am a Jew" thing, an LA Based Comedian tempts fate, a TX Based Lawyer tempts fate, some boomer cries about KF to Chris Hansen, and the master race gets subverted by a door.

Intro: Hava Nagila (Trap Remix) - Joel Bunker

Outro: Military Fashion Show - And One

How to alienate yourself from the entire world.

Butchered Intro: Homesick OST

Outro: Fire - Crazy World of Arthur Brown

8chan is dead, a ghost of IRL livestreaming haunts my psyche, a game developer states a fact, and a man gets a inmate kippah.

Intro: Grinch's Ultimatum - PilotRedSun

Picture Description: Item Bounce - Kirby Air Ride

Outro: Evil Spider - Bene

Google wins a lawsuit, Israeli elections, Greta takes over the world, Trump gets peach'd, Alex Jones files a lawsuit, Scott Adams threatens to file a lawsuit, MundaneMatt is not the father, and I get a shoutout.

Intro: Title Theme - Croc: Legend Of the Gobbos

Family Theme: White Girls Love Dogs - Rusty Cage

Outro: Carried Diamond - Liquid Richard (ft. Lil Richie & New Age Black)

The week after the hack, /pol/ underestimates the Chinese, RMS is gone, Amberlynn eats a chicken, Virgo eats raw scallops

Intro: Crush – Metaform

Outro: Человек и кошка – Сергей Гармаш (Man and Cat – Sergei Garmash)

Sleeping Frogs, Maddox lets me down, TYT talks to Brianna Wu, Goku has choice words for Gohan, Verizon respects my webzone, Lowtax shouts us out, an FBI report, a Private Investigator report + phone call, and closing words on Zoe Quinn.

Intro: Awaken - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Twitter Song: Item Bounce - Kirby Air Ride

Outro: Fucked My Way Up To The Top - Lana Del Rey

Mountain Jews go to the Supreme Court over me, reading fanmail, Ron Toye will chop your dog, and Maddox teases a video.

Intro: Path - Apocalyptica

Mail Time: Item Bounce - Kirby Air Ride

Outro: Let's Go - Stuck in the Sound

MDE SHOULD HIRE ME, Monkey sex tapes, Blaire White does an oopsie (for attention), Donald Trump is the King of Israel, and Lee cooks a Bacon Satellite.

Intro: Terminated - Brian Ellis

Outro: Demon Kitty Rag - Katzenjammer

Remembering Terry Davis, Yaniv's Death Threats, Reading Feminist Articles.

Intro: RULES OF NATURE - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST

Outro: Rise (Piano Cover of TempleOS Song) - David Eddy (Original Hymn by Terry Davis)

KF brought down by DDoS, E3 leaks and Jim Sterling complains about creepy stalkers, Yaniv gets arrested, Fredrick disavows 8chan, the entire Internet infrastructure disavows 8chan, Maddox thinks rape lists are the biggest problem in the universe.

Intro: Stress - Jim's Big Ego

Hoes Mad: Hoes Mad - Famous Dex

Outro: Bury Me Face Down - grandson


Intro: Insomniac Olympics – Blockhead

Clip: Wheels of Fire – Judas Priest (American Bear Rides for Freedums)

Outro: Gas, Gas, Gas – Manuel

Back from vacation, but coming home a winner. Relaxing stream with Yaniv’s mainstream crucifixion, Liu leaves Mumkey, and some callers.

Intro: Кабриолет – Ленинград (Cabriolet – Leningrad)

Outro: A strange remix used in ZimoNitrome’s Clown World video before he took it down.
HONK HONK (song) – extended [ CLOWN WORLD ]
[Super Mario Bros 2 Yoshi’s Island – Athletic] // [Mike Will Made It – 23] (MASHUP)

A sad week. Someone dies, Venom gets banned from Discord, and JY has xir day in court.

Intro: In Heaven - Laurel Near (for Eraserhead by David Lynch)

Venom Theme: Don't @ Me - JME

Outro: Blame Canada - South Park

A story of triumph, tribulation, and mobility scooters.

Intro: Oh, the Bliss - The Hope County Choir (Far Cry 5)

Outro: This Baby Don't Cry - K.Flay

Four lessons Mumkey Jones taught us.

'Mistake' Theme: Death Music - Papers Please

Rusty Cage’s Dance Song: White Girls Fuck Dogs – Rusty Cage

Outro: Turn - Ein Astronaut

YouTube's Fatspeech Policy, Etika IS FUCKING DEAD, Eggholes, LGBTQQIA+ Assassins, /r/The_Donald Quarantined, and a long rant on Mumkey Jones.

Intro: Pick Guy - Help

Outro: Josip On Deck - Anime Pu$$

For no reason at all I got involved in something stupid.

Ralph's Intro: Daniel Decatur Emmett - Dixie's Land

Ralph's Outro: Waylon Jennings - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way

Final Outro: Rehab - Bartender (Sittin' At A Bar)

New suggested legislation that is totally going to fix the Internet forever, Kiwi Farms banned from Brave, Joseph Cumia's DMCA and the People's Court, Eaglefucker's DMCA, some cooking with Kay, and a lot of other weird garbage.

Intro: Jake Chudnow - 145 (Poodles)

Intermission: Lil Capo - JANNIES IFFY UH

Intermission: Lil Capo - NUTHIN BUT A /g/ THANG

Outro: Ноль - Человек и Кошка (Man and Cat, performed by Zero)

Max Landis gets #MeToo'd, Twitter accepts Zoophilia, an old dangerhair from Pakistan loses her shit at Brave, Jonathan Yaniv loses, an 8 page email, Your Dog Dick Sucks, and more.

Intro: Hamtaro Intro

Outro: BENE - Evil Spider

Bonus: Rusty Cage - White Girls Fuck Dogs

Lumen complaints, Vox runs a story on whypeepo sweaters and trannies, Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting, Carlos Meza has a nice cry, YouTube seizes an opportunity.

Sargon isn't as smart as he thinks he is, man self-immolates near White House, woman chimps out over Harambe, Marshall Casterson threatens to kill me since YHWH didn't do it for him, Nick Monroe gets unpersoned, JY collapses and sexually harasses me, based chinamen build a #thotdatabase -- and what does a missing Malaysian plane and 5-time Jeopardy Champion have to do with comfy streaming? EVERYTHING!

Intro: VAJAS - Sparrow of the Wind

Outro: Peach Stealing Monkeys - Seven Nation Army (cover)


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