Also having a credit line with my bank helped me do the down payment on the machine.

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Yes, I've uploaded this before, but I didn't have the sequence finished. Now I just need to finish the vocals. Right now I just have the vocals for the first verse and chorus recorded. Hopefully I'll get those finished soon.

What was stopping me from continuing to work on this was that I didn't have a license for Reaper, just bought it and was able to add the finished sequence into the song.

Lyrics AS OF SO FAR:

No, I'm not beyond repair
I'll get it right someday
I'll make it through

Crush that feeling of despair
It's always led me wrong
I'll make it through

The more mistakes the more we learn
I cannot turn back time
I'll make it through

There's factors in the world outside
That make me feel I need to hide
But they're all just problems in my head
that I need to set aside

There's something in this brain of mine
That feels that I must toe the line
You know that's not the way I roll
So I fight it every time

No, I'm not beyond reproach
I've been so wrong some days
It's in plain view

I pledged alliegence to the fear
Always emergencies
Like mainstream news

The more we see the more we spew
Addictive properties
It's what we do

There's people in the world outside
Who want to eat your brains alive
I saw it on the tabloid news
that I need to set aside

There's something in our culture now
That feeds on every sacred cow
Divides us while it conquers us
just as much as we allow


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