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This pilot says he took the jab. Claims the shot made him sick. He uses the time 3:30 in his interview. 33 is a coded masonic message. You can’t trust any of these people on television. They’re all liars paid to deceive you. Keep your eyes open and be aware of the deception!

This is country singer Reba McEntire. Reba was a guest on a talk show back in 1998. You’ll notice that McEntire walks through two pillars. Pillars are used in masonic initiation. These country singers are just like the Hollywood movie stars. They all sell out for money and fame.

Looks like another pandemic is on the way. Get prepared for more jabs and lockdowns. I guess the last two years were just practice. This monkeypox hype is about to stir up the pot. I think this new scamdemic will wake up more people. Will the people stand up for their medical freedom? Only time will tell.

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern is pushing the Build Back Better agenda. I’ve noticed other countries are jumping on board too. Many of these leaders are using this pandemic to push the new world order. We have to keep our eyes open when we see agendas like this being pushed. Don’t fall for the deception. Keep your eyes wide open!

This is a very informative video by Ice Age Farmer. He speaks about the food processing plants that burned down. Several plants have burned down. Many farmers aren’t planting their crops. Pigs,deer and fish being euthanized. What’s going on? Is this a planned famine? I would suggest stockpiling some canned goods. Start stockpiling a food supply immediately. While you still have time.

Have you ever watched the discussions at the World Economic Forum? They have some very eye opening discussions. They tell you all the plans they have for the future. One vision is a world full of microchipped humans that are tracked and traced. Are you ready for the Brave New World?

You must be always examine these high profile shootings. Always do your own research. Never accept anything at face value. This shooting in Buffalo,NY is a prime example. Signs and symbols rule the world.

There was another mass shooting this past Saturday in Buffalo,New York. They say he’s a white racist that hated black people. He even wrote a manifesto. Are we getting the full story? Is there more to it? I think it’s important to use our critical thinking skills involving these high profile shooting. We can’t take things at face value. We must always look beneath the surface.

This is a collage of different pictures. It’s pictures of various celebrities using esoteric and masonic symbolism. The video includes Selena Gomez,Rihanna,Larry Bird,Bob Hope,Kanye West,Angelina Jolie,Ciara and Bruce Willis.

I thought this was fake when I heard about this invention. It’s called the Air Ring. It’s for people that are scared of the oxygen around us. It’s so sad to see people living in fear. It’s nothing but social conditioning

This video was created by BlackAliens777. It's a very disturbing video. The man in the video claims that a company called Senomyx is creates flavor enhancement for different food companies. He says they use grafted kidney cells from aborted fetuses in laboratories. And then put them in their products! If this is true,this is beyond disgusting!

You can't have a Super Bowl halftime show without a satanic ritual right? The NFL never disappoints with rituals. This one was no different. It starred Dr Dre,Snoop Dogg,Eminem,Mary J Blige and Kendrick Lamar. I saw that Dre threw up the devil horns. I guess he had to show his allegiance. As well as other esoteric and occult symbolism throughout the performance. This is a compilation of some of the images.

Is this the future we want? This new technology really gives me the creeps! A lot of people think it's the wave of the future But I think it could backfire badly! I don't think we want to create a dystopian future Is that what you want?

Are all the pregnancies in Hollywood legitimate? Are all of them even women? Or are they transgender people pretending to be pregnant? I’ll let you decide.

How many transgender people are in Hollywood? Are there more out there. There seems to be a strong push to normalize the transgender lifestyle. Is this a good thing? This is a compilation of different pictures. Let me know your thoughts.


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