Climate change, Covid-19, and other global disasters call for major changes to how we live our lives. But we are told that solutions such as renewable energy and lock-downs will hurt the economy. Governments say that we need to find a balance between saving lives and saving the economy, and it sounds reasonable to most of the world until we question what the economy actually is, and what... or more importantly, WHO is being "saved" at the expense of the planet and at the expense of millions of lives lost to covid. It's time to challenge this made-up "dilemma" which is being touted by world leaders. Will you join us in doing that?

Do you have a fear of what people think? Do you find yourself changing your behaviour and your beliefs in order to conform with society? Christians are supposed to be not of this world, because following the teachings of Jesus necessarily involves acting contrary to the status quo. If you're struggling with overcoming fear and anxiety over being a true Christian in today's world, then take a moment to learn a simple, life-changing lesson from this children's story: The Emperor's New Clothes.

“Do I have to obey Jesus?” That is the attitude of most people toward the Son of God, who gave his life for us. Excuses for not obeying Jesus are common whenever lukewarm Christians are confronted with the teachings of Jesus. Many use Paul or other people as excuses to ignore the commandments of Jesus. It’s like a boxing match: "Jesus vs. Paul". Well, this video pits Jesus against everyone and everything else. What do you think? Can anything in the whole world match the Cornerstone? Can any of these excuses to not follow Jesus withstand the sledgehammer of God’s truth?

What is the difference between the superstitious beliefs taught by pagan religions, and the message of faith in God which is taught by institutional Christianity? When it comes to religion, there is very little difference. But does that mean that faith in God is no different than believing in magic? In this video, we will explain how REAL faith is completely different from superstition, and how churches today have failed to teach you this distinction.

People are becoming more aware of a looming threat to our world. Catastrophes such as climate change, pandemics, and abuses of power are already causing great suffering to millions of people. How do we get God's protection in these troubling times? And what can we do to prepare for even worse times, and the Great Tribulation spoken of in Bible prophecy. This video provides the answer... if you're willing to hear it.

Are you in the habit of asking for prayer requests or attending prayer meetings? This video looks at the general subject of requests for prayer and requests for healing in view of Jesus' instructions on how to pray. Is it time to change your approach to prayer?

What Jesus taught represented a threat to the status quo of his day, but only because people have mistaken worldly politics and economics for the kingdom of heaven. Have you fallen for the same lie? The message in this video is simple: You need to make a decision right now. Are going to continue serving mammon, or are you going to leave the world behind and work for God's eternal kingdom instead?

"Act Now! End Time Preparations" explores 5 practical tips relating to how to prepare for the end times. These include confronting the love of money and materialism by choosing to live simply. Learning to live on less also prepares us for the time when we need to leave the system when the Mark of the Beast 666 is enforced.

Some other urgent preparations include exploring how to live the truth by sharing the truth with others. Reaching out and inspiring others to experiment with alternative lifestyle choices, like communal living, are part of the overall picture of preparation. If we are serious about enduring suffering for Jesus Christ in the years ahead, we need to get out of our comfort zones now and look for ways to serve others.

Watch this gripping video to see what other things you can learn to help you get prepared... and fast!

'Time Travel - How to Understand God's Plan' explores the question of if and how predicting the future can change the present.

The idea of traveling through time is touched on in many books and movies. Questions like - when will you die? And how will you die? have become obsessions for some.

God is speaking through prophecy and predictions - not to help us cheat fate, but to inspire us to use our free will to make changes for the better.

There are a few secret churches (or underground churches) that are preparing for tribulation. The humble cockroach may teach us something about protection from the system if we observe how they find hideouts and score victory over the powers that be just by their simplicity and small size. Such communities may end up being our best defence… in this spiritual war… apart from God’s supernatural protection. It’s all about resilience and resilience training.

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This video takes a fresh look at investing talents, showing how you need to take a risk if you want to achieve anything for God. Reno Nevada casinos have faith in the odds, but it can teach us much about faith in God and how it works.

When hearing from God we may not have absolute clarity, but in the long run we are guaranteed to win. If we keep trying and keep asking God for help, gambling on God always pays off in the end.

So become a risk taker... but take the right kind of risks!

A growing number of people are exploring alternative lifestyles and ways to leave the monetary system in order to learn how to live sustainably. While there are important benefits to developing more resourcefulness through experimenting with moneyless living or working with eco friendly communities, a key ingredient often gets missed out.

This video explores how the only way to truly become independent of the system is by relying on God - in other words, live by faith. Trusting in God could lead you to develop skills and experiment with alternative living, but it could also result in you leaving any safe havens you may have found, and laying down your life.

Do you want to be popular? Don't follow Jesus! This video will show you how obeying the things that Jesus taught will lead to the opposite of popularity. People will hate you, tell lies against you, and ignore you whenever you try to preach about the teachings of Jesus. Jesus said it would be like that. But if that's true, why are there so many popular "Christians" today?

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Christians live by faith and not by sight, so why do we get so nervous (and angry) when we start talking about the need to make sacrifices for God by choosing to live without money and to go into all the world and preach the gospel? Jesus said to forsake all you own, so if we want to follow Jesus (follow God), we need to do that, right? This video examines the three biggest questions/concerns we hear when we talk about the need to live by faith.

The Greta Thunberg Speech at the UN in September 2019 has inspired this young woman to offer her own message to religious leaders around the world...false religious leaders who have taken the name of Jesus in vain and promoted their own selfish kingdoms instead of the kingdom of heaven that Jesus preached. This is a warning to Christians as well as to the many false prophets of Christianity. Are you prepared for the return of Jesus? Judgement is coming, and if you hope to be counted as one of his followers, you will need a lot more than just TALK of faith in Jesus.

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This short sermon from David Platt is about real faith...the kind that would have us suffer persecution for Jesus. The subject of this sermon is John Bunyan, and it's one of the most powerful sermons about a man who made the ultimate sacrifice for Jesus. As you watch this, ask yourself: Are you prepared to make a similar sacrifice for God, or will you hold to your life instead?

The sinner's prayer was made popular by evangelist Billy Graham. Despite the good intention behind this prayer and the push for Christians to be "born again", this lukewarm tactic has resulted in more religious hypocrisy and lukewarm Chrisitanity than genuine faith in the Jesus of the Bible. An anonymous writer challenges Billy on why he left the key ingredient out of his sermons over the past 60 years. Watch this video to find out what that is...

'Bill Maher Nails It!' features some funny but poignant criticisms of fake Christians on the 'Real Time with Bill Maher' talk show. Maher questions: what did Jesus actually say? And he looks at some of Jesus' well-known teachings on non-violence, like "don't repay evil with evil", "turn the other cheek" and "love your neighbour"; and how they have been twisted by many nominal Christians to say the exact opposite (namely, "hate your neighbour"). This is a great video for calling out false Christians. Are you a fan or a follower of Christ?

Are you in the habit of asking for prayer requests or attending prayer meetings? This video looks at the general subject of requests for prayer and requests for healing in view of Jesus' instructions on how to pray. Is it time to change your approach to prayer?

It's really not that hard to listen to and obey Jesus. His teachings are so simple that a child can understand them. Yes, they challenge every aspect of the lifestyle we've been raised to live, but that's only because most of us haven't been raised to obey Jesus... we've been raised to do just the opposite (and that is especially true in "Christian" churches today). If you want to be a follower of Jesus, you need to forget all the excuses you've been trained to shoot back with, whenever you're confronted with the commands of Christ. You need to be born again. Maybe this video will give you the spiritual wake-up call that is needed for that to happen.

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"Why People Leave Christianity" explores some good points made in an article by Andy Stanley for Fox News, about the confusion many people have towards modern Christianity compared to the Christianity of Jesus and the first Christians. Have you lost faith through having some bad church experiences or through questioning why there is so much suffering in the world? Check out this video to understand why Christianity is dying in places like America and what is necessary for the spread of Christianity to happen once more.

The whole universe declares that Jesus is the incarnate Son of God. But those who boast most loudly that Jesus is the Son of God, often show little interest in the truth about Jesus, as revealed in his teachings. Do you believe in the Incarnation? Then don't get distracted from the Truth that is revealed in the real message of Jesus Christ. If you believe he is God in human form, then show it by the way you live.

Torben Sondergaard, the leader of the Last Reformation movement, has, at the time that this video was made, been in a US detention center since June 2022. His supporters are crying injustice over this fact, claiming it to be religious persecution. Certainly, some of the lies being told about Torben are ridiculous, and the community behind A Voice in the Desert has been dealing with similar lies for several years now. Despite our differences with regard to the teachings of Jesus, this video is an expression of our sympathy for what Torben is experiencing, and to show the rest of you viewers what you should expect to live through if you were to join the rest of us in living by faith in obedience to Jesus. Before we assume greater persecution than is really happening, let's take the time to examine what it means in reality to claim asylum from another country.

Michael Brown Interviews Torben Sondergaard:

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There is a difficult passage of scripture in Matthew 11, which says that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and that the violent take it by force. It's hard to understand what Jesus was saying here, because a huge part of his message was about loving our enemies, and he demonstrated this love himself by dying on the cross. So why is Jesus talking about violence with respect to God's kingdom? This video looks at a key word, 'biazo', which should help us to better understand what Jesus was saying.

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Spiritual concepts like "hungering and thirsting for righteousness" are little more than platitudes if they don't change the way we live our lives. Jesus wasn't just spouting clichés, but a cliché is all you will hear if you are NOT desperately hungry for the Truth. In this video, you'll get a fresh, practical perspective on what it means to hunger and thirst for righteousness, like Jesus taught us to do.

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