A rather long and drawn out treatise on the dangers of a multicultural society.

My thoughts on where do we go post Biden.

Just one old guys thoughts on how to fix the Afghanistan shit storm.

Why we did it and why we should quit.

An attempt to chart America's path to destruction.

Afghanistan is just the latest in foreign policy jokes and when I say incompetent military I lay the blame exactly where it belongs; the high ranks.

Just a few suggestions on how to fix a few flaws in American governance, more of a conversation starter rather than steel plated handed down from Heaven commands.

Exploring the possibilities of a merge between Quantum computing, normal computing and AI. (3rd attempt).

Nobody is airing the nut jobs opinion and thy should, really.

Just a bitch about old age and what time does to you.

Make me king, I fix.

Yet another rant about things that should not be in the news.

Why the fuss over a proven to be ineffective and dangerous jab?

Video listing just a few of my pet peeves concerning my favorite country in the world.

Sometimes I just don't know.

And We're Off!

My respect for all the people of the world, with the exception of the war mongering 1 percent.

Wondering why we're still fighting the stupid war on drugs.

All about my fanciful perfect world.

What we really need.

A rather silly over view of just how goofy we are, both here in America and abroad.

This video pretty well defies description, not a major gap in life's experience should you opt not to watch. But you never know, might just hit the nail on the head.

Just a little thing about memory and why sometimes it simply doesn't work.

A brief update on what I feel is going to be a rather wild Spring/Summer.

A what if kind of thing about the coming of that AI thing.


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