Knight of Lenity


A short trailer giving a quick & simple feel of what being a Knight of Lenity represents.

A short scene involving a brave knight & an unruly mob .. with a very British sense of humour.


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Picture if you will an archetype of the Knights of old:

" Gentle & brave - gallant & bold."

Witness the brave knight encountering situations on his journey through the world - hopefully leaving things a little better than they were before ..

God is indefinable by mankind - goodness is not.

This multimedia project will speak upon various subjects, with a hint of British humour for good measure.

Knights Of Lenity would ideally be a multi faceted project whereby a comedic but moral message is portrayed within a story piece via animation & graphic novel formats..

I'd love to bring back a little inspiration into animation in much the same way that He-man or Thundercats gave me something to ponder at the end of each episode back in the 1980's..

A variety of Knights of Lenity digital artwork & the chance to support at the following links: