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Ukraine citizens sick of tyranny are coming for the corrupt politicians. The cops protecting them gets beaten and thrown out of the building.

Although it seems vicious at first, it wraps up fantastically!

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Kamala has been arrested some time ago..... in are seeing a Clone
Everything in Satanism is backwards

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Quack Kondratieff Trump Vaxx Dollar FRNS BTC
notes on MAF for cancer. Fenbendazole.

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Watch closely at the 12" mark.

Straight out of a Stephen King movie.


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Mirror: Banned Video Archive

3 minute speech - 62 years on air - This was last night 12/9/21. This is amazing!

Mirror: bluewater

planned out from day 1, depopulation agenda in full effect.
The government have pushed this Fake virus so hard Take a real good listen to this and Wake up.



Mirror: Exposing Corruption

Lin Wood Telegram:

"I do not claim extensive knowledge of FreeMasons but I have heard that 33 Degree Masons may engage in satanic rituals.
Q. Have you heard that too?
Your answer?"

I learned everything I know about freeMASONry in GWINNETT COUNTY JAIL. I didn't need to know anything else about it. I had never heard of Gematria before they stuck their evil numbers 11 & 13 on me. I don't understand their obsession with numbers, but it is appalling. They are so sick and cruel it is unbelievable. I still have a problem fully understanding the magnitude of it. Just beyond me.

"In his first Rumble interview discussing his phone call with me, does anyone know why Patrick Byrne made certain that the length of his rambling diatribe was exactly 33 minutes and 33 seconds?
Asking for a friend."



"Part of what it means to be human is to recognize the Freemason, Deep state symbols and patterns that are hidden in plain sight waiting for you to decode them for yourself. You can identify these symbols through corruption, and it is through corruption that you will wake up and see what God wants you to see."

Mirror: Pureblood

This is Dr Noack, a chemist and graphene expert unlike any under in the EU.
Now, just hours after publishing this work, the forces that be decided that he hit the mark so hard with uncovering their plans, that they decided to take him out.

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Mirror: Tim Truth

50% Off Black Friday Sale, use code nuremberg2 when you sign up (offer expires 11/29/2021)
Join the leading researchers on to find the best videos from across the censorship-resistant internet platforms like Odysee, Rumble, LBRY, Bitchute & Brighteon.
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Sourced: ICONS International Community of National Sovereigns

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An honest look at the manufactured controversy over Ivermectin and what neither side is telling you about the drug.
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Once Were the Living..the story of the 4th Industrial modified reset man. What's been put up your nose in nano dust "test swabs" and in your mRNA, 4th Industrial Revolution, Great Reset, how the nano dust tech works, it's all in there.

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Mirror: Spacebusters

A chillingly deep dark dive into the shadows of the Government Alphabet Agency underworld of big tech and big Pharma biowarfare and it’s sinister connection to the current events happening around us right now.
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Mirrors: SixthSense

MIRRORED HERE:'s-Secret-Religion:e

Altiyan Childs who won Australia X Factor speaks out

The Real Matrix
freemasonry "bibliotecapleyades"
Albert Pike

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Frontline Workers Testimonies & VAERs Reports 26 MAR 2021 - [PDF DOC] PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE!!!

Polyethylene glycol as a cause of anaphylaxis [ingredient in COVID injections!] - PDF DOC

Evidence for a Connection between COVID-19 and Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation from Wireless Telecommunications [PDF DOC]

COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease - PDF DOC

Wipe out bloodlines for access to the water, land and minerals...How much more obvious can the agenda be? If people don't wake up after hearing this, then they are The Lost.


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At Knight First News, we prepare for the worst and hope for the best as we sift through the propaganda, one frame at a time. We are doing our part in empowering and organizing the Local Common Law Patriots around the world to take back their communities and eradicate tyranny from this species once and for all. We invite you to help us build the Full Armor of God, one link at a time.

Our name comes from Ryushin Malone's research into the Orion Group and their deal with the Cabal and Vatican to HARVEST HUMANITY for both ADRENOCHROME and to ESCAPE THEIR PUNISHMENTS FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by using a Fake Alien Invasion, which was known as "NIGHT FIRST". Pervert, sicko and crypto-Rothschild Comet Pizza owner James Alefantis' band also had a song by the same name, giving further credence to the Operation. As an organization set on establishing the return of Natural Law to the land, it will take the uKnighted effort of fully-informed and lawfully protected state nationals to build the Plenary Power necessary for us to never allow such encroachments or infringements of our liberty ever again.