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The globalists engage in high treason and play a sick game of stirring up hate by any means they can find including staging it (smolletting). In a never ending attack on freedom and free speech, Soros funded groups like the ADL pretend to care but have a much deeper evil agenda in mind. There are good and bad examples of all peoples, some are heroes and some are tyrants. And some, seek to dominate the world while blaming innocents for their own projected crimes.

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The caller is Christian but married to an atheist. He wants Jesse's opinion on how to overcome being controlled by his wife. Jesse tells him that he should stand up and take the lead.

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Levin calls out fake news Comcast/NBC and Time Warner/CNN for their bias and lies about Adam Schiff for brains closed door attempts to obstruct due process. Mark flips the script on the narrative, exposing the hypocrisy coming from the lunatics in the mainstream media and House Demonrats.

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The circus continues to push the false Puerto Rico narrative about Hurricane Maria that hit in September 2017. Trump approved 92 billion dollars in aid to Puerto Rico and it still wasn't enough to please those who cannot be pleased. Bad Rapper T.I. and Comcast Clown Michael Che prove to be exceptionally dumb and unintelligent.

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Rush breaks down how easily the NBA bent over for the ChiComs after a pro Hong Kong tweet from Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey who also later apologized. America must stand up to the international communists who push for censorship and other tyrannical ideas.

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Clifford the Clown, also known as the really bad rapper named T.I., adheres to lies and spreads them about without doing any real research on the matter. Trump wants great things for all Americans, and nobody said making America Great Again would be pretty. Sometimes, you have to call out the right things, and stop crying about others.

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With Americans pointing fingers on who wants supremacy for "their people", citizens of the world should know that it is only God who is supreme. And, it is easily shown that not all but many black Americans are the true callers for their own such supremacy, while blaming their innocent countrymen for wanting to be great. Most Americans want the American people to be great, which includes all of their countrymen and women. But some, who prefer ethno-socialism, only care about people who look like them. This type of ideology is UnAmerican. It is a cancer that once introduced as victimhood breaks the patriotism within the person, and causes mass delusion. America is the greatest nation on earth, and we are all one American people.

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Millie Weaver is on scene in Kansas and Colorado to ask the real questions on how so called climate change and to ask the local population how the Wind Turbines effect their lives on a daily basis. Exposed is the true effects these turbines have on the local communities, wild birds, and the livestock.

Lost and found content from before the purge of InfoWars from youtube and believed to be published on or around April 3, 2017

Rush calls out Nicolle Wallace of fake news NBC/Comcast for having to apologize for her outrageous comments about The President. Exposed is the liberal lunacy of the left, as Rush takes calls from people who are fed up with the Democrat party.

Clip from Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

The town of Promise, Texas, is dying when a wandering boy shows its residents the way to salvation. They are slow to listen to his message, until the boy reveals his real identity.


Hannity calls out the mullahs in Iran and talks about tankers being seized in the straight of Hormuz. Also discussed is the obvious adhering to the enemy of Illhan Omar and her treacherous words are combined with sounds from 9/11.

Alex Jones talks to Quentin Tarantino's dad about the history of the Tarantino name and his disapproval of his son's statements and actions in defense of pedophiles.

Lost and found content from before the purge of InfoWars on Youtube.

Rush explains how most of the Democrats so called movements are just to appear as they are united even though they have so much infighting. He tells how the number one goal of all their movements is to destroy America and separate American minds from everything the nation was founded on. Rush reports on a new climate science study from experts that say humans are not responsible for global warming.

Content originally aired on 7/12/19

Trump wins - HUMILIATES EVERYONE - The Media, Democrats & Republicans.

These so called "experts" should get out of the President's way, and let him do what he was elected to do... They would save themselves a bunch of humiliation.

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Video credit goes to: The Trump Fan Network 2

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Louder With Crowder -
Originally published on Oct 17, 2015

Toni Bugle joins the show to discuss refugees, Islam, and expose Muslim rape gangs in the UK.

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KWR: Episode 5 - Texas Anarchy Circus
"Clowns that want to be mayor advocate for lawlessness"

Several clowns that want to be mayor in Houston, Texas advocate for open borders and an illegal immigrant invasion. Anarchy breeds criminals, and certain clowns like Derrick Broze mislead voters about his actual position on the matter. Sideshow acts like the incumbent mayor Sylvester Turner and greasy lawyer Tony Buzbee also refuse to take a stand for what's right. Spread this video everywhere you can as Houston will be holding a general election for mayor on November 5, 2019.

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What happens when two guys infiltrate Antifa, live amongst them for weeks, and take part in their deeply rooted tactics of disruption and violence?

All credit goes to Steven Crowder and his team.

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Mark Levin breaks down how James Comey, James Baker, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page should be brought into a Grand Jury to testify. Then, he explains China's massive surveillance operation. Mark also tells how China is against religious freedom and they try to re-educate the saracens.

Israel and Gaza trade rocket fire after a Hamas sniper wounded an Israeli soldier. Jesse predicted that when Israel let the Palestinians and Muslims take over Gaza, that the latter would turn it into a ghetto. They want the Jews dead. Israel has given them what they want, but they’re never satisfied. They’re like the some of the blacks here in America — they keep begging whites for everything, and hating whites, and they’re never satisfied. They destroy it rather than making it better. So it is with Palestinians versus Israel. (Black Lives Matter supporters support Hamas and Palestine, BTW.) Today some blacks hate Jews, and angry whites do as well. They all push the same lies earning them all the title of >>>ISLAMONAZIS<<< — it didn’t used to be this way. The Great White Hope tweeted, calling for Gaza people to work toward peace.

Originally aired Monday, May 6, 2019

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Originally aired live on 5/4/19

In this episode of KWR, @CashDaily chats with @PsychoticPhilosophy on many things from the southern border to the northern border and beyond. Tune in to hear the first ever interview on Know What's Right.




KWR: Episode 3 -

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In a form of Crypto-Islam, posers are pretending to be alt right (which really doesn't even exist cause they are all actually alt left). These saracens are now pretending to be Christians online while spreading hate towards the Jewish community. Researcher Jan Irvin joins Alex Jones to expose this plot to frame Christians, conservatives, and patriots as bigots. The actual nazis who ally with the crypto-islamists use the same propaganda. And then your Owen Benjamins of the world adhere to the lies as well.

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Mark Levin calls out the national emergency for what it is. An effort to destroy our civil society.

Roseanne Barr and Laura Loomer sit down to talk about America, Israel, radical islam and much more.

Inmates have planned an escape with the idea they should steal the Warden's money on the way out. The Warden has hired Cash Daily to make sure these scumbags don't make it out alive. Daily and the guards have barricaded one briefcase in tower 9, and will have to protect the remaining briefcases in tower A, the Warden's tower. Not one inmate has successfully escaped from this prison, let alone before stealing anything. Daily is paid to keep it that way. He will have to keep the inmates and their extraction team from escaping with the Warden's cash.

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GTA5 - EP5: "MAGA Country"

The failed actor Juicy has paid two Africans to stage a hate crime. Patriots have heard about the payoff stash location, and seek to steal the drop and donate it to a hospital charity.

Also included in this episode is free roam, base jump, and money train action with the MAGA Country theme to close out the episode.

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