Easily my best show so far. Had a great guest this week. She came to me in the beginning because she had a fear of snakes. She still doesn’t like them much, but it doesn’t effect her quality of life now.

Here is a great client! She had panic attacks driving, but kept a really good positive outlook through our entire process!


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I don't know if I can be hypnotized... I'm strong minded."

I'm sorry, you have me confused with someone else. VAMPIRES "control the weak minded". I'm a hypnotist. We don't control your mind, we help you solve your problems. Being weak minded actually makes it harder for me.

I work with a variety of problems, from anxiety and fears and making the trip to your dentist easier, to even making chemo-therapy more bearable. But mostly? I just help normal, every day people with their normal, every day problems using individualized hypnotic techniques.