UK elections, December 2019. Not since the days of the British Union of Fascists has this nation seen such an utter rejection of Communist policies. With the Vril-enhancing aid of the Black Sun, the British empire has finally begun to scrape off the parasites infesting it

The one-year countdown to victory or annihilation has begun.

China finally reveals itself for the threat that it is, but is it too late for the West to respond?

Each day, the media finds new lows to sink to as it wages a relentless campaign of lies and treachery against the human race. Many believe this to be a recent phenomena and that there was once a time when the media was "good." In this transmission, we look back an entire century to reveal how little the media's attitudes have changed and how they have always been the enemy of the people.

One does not give an automatic rifle to a child nor does one entrust the secrets of a long-dead alien civilization to curious hippies

After a harrowing Summer of cat-and-mouse with the US Navy and the complete destruction of a Deep State pedophile, Base 211 resumes transmissions

In a startling policy reversal, the US government begins to admit to the existence of so-called "UFOs." This heralds a new phase in the deadly chess game between Base 211 and the subhuman creatures determined to steer civilization into disaster.

A look at the Communist attack upon faith and religion.

The next part in an analysis of the methods that homo degenerus employs to undermine the Aryan race and it's honorary allies.

In this transmission, the Kommandant closely examines the decades-old strategy of Marxists to undermine the West and bring down civilization itself.

A desperate and dangerous move by the enemy forces humanity one step closer to the inevitable civil war. The silencing of the voices of dissent has begun and the response must be either to fight back or bend the knee.

One hundred and thirty years ago, an unassuming woman gave birth to a legend. Can a determined group of young Vrilologists make contact with the divine force that entered the world that day?

Email the Kommandant and other Base 211 personnel at [email protected]
Neinchan perhaps the last bastion of Internet freedom https://neinchan.com/pol/

"Manipulating Communists is like playing chess with a child. A psychotic, self-hating child who tortures his pet hamster and allows his goldfish to starve to death but a child nonetheless" - The Kommandant

Protected by his gas mask from the stench of Communist failure, the Kommandant delves into the world of the parasites infesting the West.

March, 2019. A month in which Vril surged through the opponents of Communism in a way not seen in decades. The effects have proven to be both uplifting and devastating with no end in sight.

The second part of the series to aid the brethren in the Warm Lands in combating the creeping despair that surrounds Communists. This methodology will not only rid one of despair but rid the world of an infection in the process.

In a two-part transmission, the Kommandant rallies Brethren in the Warm Lands in combating the creeping despair that surrounds Communists and infects everything they touch.

Contact the Kommandant and other Base 211 personnel at [email protected]

The best indicator that any given information is true are the efforts of those in power to ban it.

Was Christchurch a Black Sun operation or something far more sinister ..?

2018 saw the most significant push-back against Communism since the Cold War, This intercepted propaganda video was compiled by the Black Sun to both anger and embolden the next generation of Fascists

This was apparently the first transmission in which the Kommandant set forth policy as part of their plan to eradicate Communism. It also gives some small insight as to how long they have been preparing their operations. Oddly enough, several studies by various intelligence agencies have also come to the same conclusion as the Black Sun has in regards to the origins of the modern-day Communist movement.

It did not take long for word to spread about the Black Sun's return. Empowered by the reemergence of this sinister organization, Fascist cabals around the world became emboldened to strike back at the Marxist movements of the West. Perhaps as a private joke, the Kommandant pressured the Swiss government to grant him an email at [email protected]

The re-emergence of history's most murderous philosophy has prompted the awakening of the "antitoxin to the Communist disease."
What lurks beneath the ice at the end of the Earth? Is it friend or foe and is it even human anymore?


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