Even in the midst of the hell of war, the spirit of life refuses to die.

A day of mourning for the Dead of past wars and preparation for a new war on the horizon

Only a man as remarkable as Adolf Hitler could lead a nation to glory 77 years after his disappearance. Happy birthday Mein Fuhrer!

"Martyrdom does not end something, it only a beginning."
- Indira Ghandi

"Funeral" composed by Zurda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhf6F17tvnw

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Ukraine stands between a massive opponent and a weak-willed West but despite this, they remain defiant. When it is no longer a question of winning the battle, it becomes a matter of showing courage in the face of the enemy.

World War 3 looms as Russia greedily eyes the bread-basket of Europe in hopes of expanding its empire and thwarting NATO ambitions. Can the imminent attack be avoided?

Good Riddance to a terrible year though not as terrible as the year before.
2022 promises to be a year of Aryan resurgence.

One year of plague, riots and and chaos followed by another year of more plague, idiotic leadership and failed policies. The world seems hopeless and dark, yet light begins to return through the indomitable spirit of the Aryan race.


Communist policies come to fruition as a rabid ape escapes from the zoo and proceeds to murder children.

The sweet sound of Communist despair as a young man reclaims his life.

The swirling flow of Vril reaches a new height in the month of November as Communist filth attempt to tighten their grip - only to meet unexpected resistance.

Emerging from the cruel Antarctic winter, the Vril Society returns to their origins of mystical research for the Autumnal event of Samhain or Halloween as it more commonly called.

As the Summer Solstice peaks, the nights grow longer while an insane Communist plot threatens to plunge the world into an even greater darkness.

In a time of great struggle against the Zionist-Communist threat, a day is set aside to remember the remarkable man who ignited the black flame that sustains true Aryans to this day.

The Vril Society proves that Communist brainwashing can be reversed with patience, persistence and the indomitable power of Vril. A hideous holiday that once belonged to the Communists now slowly emerges as a Fascist day of respect for the fairer sex.

Despite plagues, riots, communist persecution and Jewish brainwashing, the Aryan people fight on. The Vril Society reminds Aryan men that fine Aryan women still exist in the world and are eager and able to breed the next generation of the Master Race!

As Zionists tighten their grip upon Western civilization, Base 211 continues its dissection and destruction of the greatest hoax in history.

A rigged election, an angry mob and a spontaneous uprising. These events have become the new standard in American politics. However, out of the chaos emerges a new weapon as the Aryan race begins to realize it's potential.

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The most disastrous year in a human lifetime finally draws to a close. However, even on the darkest night of the darkest year, there is still light to be found if one knows where to look.

Thanksgiving 2020, a holiday of giving thanks, but what thanks are to be given in this joyless year?
For an Aryan, there is always something to be thankful for.

American elections, November 3, 2020. This day is a turning point in history and the culmination of three years of warning, preparation and mobilization. The end of one system draws nigh while the dawn of a new era begins. But the question remains, has the Communist future been averted or is it inescapable?

The most grueling campaign in Black Sun history winds down. A campaign to hold back the wildfire spread of Communism across the United States and then begin the counter-attack. Lives were lost and personnel were injured but the Aryan race finally recognizes the danger that it is in. The question now is, will it be enough?

Armed resistance to the communist uprising of 2020 begins. Long live Fascist America!

After three years of transmissions, preparations, and machinations, the prophecies of the Vril Society have come to pass.
World War Untermensch has officially begun.


This magnificent musical piece is titled "How the Mighty Have Fallen" from the album "Cataclysm." It was written by a very skilled composer known as Epikus.
Support him and his work here. https://epikuscomposer.com/

The newest member of the Vril Society answers your questions about moving from the Warm Lands to the Frozen World.

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