uh it's a bar fight from robert rodriguez pg13 film. he can do pg13 too a director of many talents it would seem..
alita battle angel 2019 d/ robert rodriguez
bar fight scene

banned by yt for being too violent. took about 45 mins less than 100 views which means there were complaints. bollox. edited the strike over a bit of it. . very upset the original title was fuck off hbo got season 8 rant i think anyway fuck them it's no more violent than anything else it's just bollox automatic

Nikolaj plays a Game of Thrones game to determine the winner


jaime lannister plays with dolls

movie the flower girl d/ ik-gyu choe & hak pak [1972]
song ailee i will show you [2012]

so bored.. youtube have now allowed this video broke their community rules yeah right just out of the blue a dumb computer generated what passes for youtube communication skills email back on the channel usually when they get all high horse they delete the video after 28 days but yet this was first uploaded months ago anyway i deleted it changed it a tiny bit 1 frame difference makes all the difference and reuploaded it now its a whole new video which means it'll get banned again that's anger right there why was it banned in the first place sexual content and nudity yeah right when i appealed i said there is no sex or nudity in the video but they disagreed i kid you not and why did i get into trouble because one of you lot complained about it afaik that is the only way unless the video reaches 250k or so then they review them manually i'm guessing so get complaining fill out those dumb i want to complain about a video what passes for an eform..

d nicolas roeg rest in peace

walkabout swimming scene

clips from game of thrones season 1 episode 2 the kingsroad before the writers decided to push current political thinking into the script. what does a foreign medieval world have to do with nth wave feminism social justice and the like from earth in 2019... uh nothing.

i was 9 when my mother sold me to the pleasure house/game of thrones clip

other clips et/jimmy fallon

ATTR et https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxh4hnFKaHs
ATTR jimmy fallon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QBEIVuNrnQ

show game of thrones season 8 episode 5 the bells (2019)
music john williams duel of the fates (1999)

duel of the fates the hound vs the mountain foe

game of thrones S08E05 the bells
this is edited and mixed up a bit like the writers. includes dany having fun courtesy of a massive overweek drop in scorpion bolt shooting skills executing varys trying to kill arya

turning dany into a villain needs time and patience. and some groundwork was already there. how do you turn a frightened little girl into a confident woman look at dany in season 1 learn from that and write accordingly oh its too late

so who's going to sit on the throne at the end of the series? is there a throne to sit on? who are the contenders dany,drogon,arya,and the white horse. my money's on the horse..

daenerys burns kings landing & other scenes game of thrones 8/5

movie d/ walter murch [1985]
music emiliana torrini - gollum's song [from lotr the two towers 2002]

gollum's song (return to oz)

scenes from game of thrones season 8 episode 3 the long night

game of thrones 8/3 the long night hbo [2019]
ramin djawadi the night king

this is a mash and not the scene where the song plays
d/ gary winick [2004] m/ billy joel vienna [1977]

vienna (13 going on 30 - mash)

1956/Robert Wise w/ Leslie Nielson & Anne Francis

Forbidden Planet | Alta

The wicked witch abducts a little girl/La bruja malvada rapta a una niñita

The Wicked/2013/Peter Winther

The Wicked. 2013 Movie. Opening Scene. (En/Es subs)

Thelma makes Anja disappear in psychological norweigen neo horror flick. En subs. Mixed up with some snakes and crows.

Thelma/2017/Joachim Trier

Thelma | 2017 Movie | Seizure | Snakes & Crows (En Sub)

Scene from Black Mass/2015/Scott Cooper

Whitey murders Deborah

Credits has old pics and footage from Whitey's past. And eerie depressing music. Well I liked it I don't know about anyone else.
Black Mass/2015/Scott Cooper

Black Mass (Credits) (1080)

Movie The Machine Girl 片腕マシンガール Kataude Mashin Gāru/2008/Noboru Iguchi [DVD]
Music Ladybaby/"Riot Anthem"

ATTR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMWwyRSsL5E

Who wins? Y'all should know by now.
Buffy created by Joss Whedon
Buffy vs Angel Becoming Pt. 2 Fite Only Edit.

オーディション Audition directed by Takashi Miike. Released in 1999.

Starts off in a twisted romantic vein and then switches genres to full on mayhem. #28 refers to the 28th girl on the list. These girls think they're auditioning for a movie part but really they're auditioning as a potential wife!! He shouldn't have picked #28 he should have gone with the cheerleader.

オーディション Audition 1999 | #28

Fight only edit. From Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice/2016/Zach Snyder

Batman Superman Wonder Woman vs Doomsday

63rd wave feminism hopped back in time from 2233 to 2011 to inspire this gorefest.
Directed by Lucky McKee w/ Polyanna McIntosh

The Woman. 2011 Movie. The End w/ Finger scene mixed in

Chloe vs Zombie and more Chloe!! directed by Julius Avery. Chloe = Mathilde Ollivier.

Overlord Chloe vs Zombie & other scenes

a forbidden love..
Battle Royale directed by Tora! Tora! Tora! Kinji Fukasaku [2000]
Music FF-X OST Via Purifico/Path of Repentance [2000 or thereabouts]

Noriko x Kitano | バトル・ロワイアル

a saucy scene from period drama.
dir by Yorgos Lanthimos w/ Olivia Colman Emma Stone & Rachel Weisz

The Favourite. 2018. Movie scene. I like it when she..


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