The Death Panel grapple with whatever the hell is going on today, featuring Minutes From The Death Camp.

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Dr Duke and Mark Collett of UK Expose the Zio Crucifixion of Julian Assange & Hypocrisy of Zio Israel & Zio Agenda for Goy Nations!

David Duke - https://davidduke.com/

Mark Collett - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdf14z6V0MWNeVcbAz0r8wQ

Tonight we'll be joined by a Black Fascist to discuss his journey to the Fash lane, as well as his perspective on the current state of the Black community, his views on Trump, and why #Blexit is a CoNsErVaTiVe's fairy tale

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Six men have been arrested in the UK for burning a cardboard box.

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A discussion with Ryan Dawson (No Show) about the recent violence and cease-fire in Israel.

The Public Space - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowcNKm1w2GGw5U_XQeduhg

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Ryan Dawson - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1vTH0ByVIcIOB83FbvHP7Q

Striker and Borzoi are joined by Martin Saxlind of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

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Jesse gets stuck in snow, Mike and Ethnarc do a show.

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Welcome to Episode 39 of STRIKE and MIKE! In this episode Strike & Mike discuss Wanda Sykes... uhm I mean Brenda Snipes..., errr I mean Marc Elias and the ongoing theft of the midterm elections and the refusal of the GOP to fight it, the risk of uncritical cheerleading for Trump, Trump's inaction on Antifa terrorism despite making empty threats and the necessity of a political way forward.

Marc Elias: THE *NNNNGUY* WHO STOLE THE ELECTION (not Wanda Sykes, err... I mean Brenda Snipes)
Strike corrects Mike on his mistake, Haim Saban, not Carlos Slim runs Univision
Communists attack Tucker Carlson for not being a neocon
The blunders of Trump and the GOP, incompetence or malice?
GOP donor Paul Singer vs. the GOP's Evangelical base, Paul Singer gets big gay, Evangelicals left out in the cold
Trump and the irreversible cultural shift
How Trump is failing his voters: Trump signals that you should fight Antifa as his DOJ prosecutes people who defend themselves from Antifa
History, philosophy and culture: the University system refuses to teach these things, so we have to teach them to our own people
Between a rock and a hard place politically, what is the way forward?

Theme music: "The Stranger V2" original poem by Rudyard Kipling, read by Mark Brahmin
Music by Xurious

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Today Dr. Duke and Eric Striker of The Right Stuff Radio discussed more aspects of the Ron Unz research article on the massive pro-Jewish bias, and anti-white discrimination at Harvard. Dr. Slattery intorduced an article from NBC News earlier this year showing that, according to a survey, more Harvard students identify as LGBTQ than conservative.

David Duke - https://davidduke.com/

Angry Goy II has been out for less than a week, and the critics are absolutely buzzing.

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Savings and Loan Crisis

Savings and Loans were originally designed as community thrift institutions geared towards helping working class American families save for owning a home. As interest rate volatility in the 1970s brought on by rampant inflation caused S&Ls to lose money, pressure mounted to relax regulatory standards and allow riskier, higher yield investment speculation involving high-profile commercial real estate backed by junk bonds. Losses continued to mount, however, and by the 1990s, over 1000 S&Ls had failed (out of a total of about 3000), costing tax payers approximately $160 billion through the Resolution Trust Corporation. Until the financial crisis of 2008, it was the most expensive banking bailout in US history.

With Hans Lander, Adam Smith and Hank Oslo

Myth of the 20th Century - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaDp06m5wCPTk6a-67_R-gA

Episode 77 of This Week on the Alt Right with host Mark Collett and special guest Dr David Duke, as well as regular contributors No White Guilt and Patrick Slattery. This Week on the Alt Right is a news and entertainment talk show. Opinions, thoughts, and views of guests/hosts do not necessarily represent the opinions, thoughts, and views of all hosts, and their appearance on this channel does not constitute sympathy, agreement, or endorsement of said opinions, thoughts, and views. “Alt Right” is a broad category comprising numerous and varied socio-political concepts, some of which are contradictory. While no single concept or entity represents or speaks for the “Alt Right,” white well-being is a shared value.

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With votes yet to be found and lingering election results still far from decided, McFeels and Halberstram embark on hour 257 of their continuing coverage of the 2018 Midterm Elections before riffing on Trump's tone-deaf Daily Caller interview in which he threatens Antifa with "mobilized opposition" that he himself, through his own inaction to protect and defend his supporters and refusal to prosecute Antifa terrorists, has rendered totally immobile. Then it's on to Pelosi's speakership, a glimpse of divided government, Michael Avenatti, 2020, and more. It's all ahead on FTN!

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:00 - Hour 257 of Midterms Coverage
00:20:00 - Spectator-in-Chief
00:30:00 - McSullied
00:41:00 - Protect Mueller Up in Smoke
00:50:00 - WH Shakeup
01:00:00 - Pelosi Speakership
01:07:00 - Dynamics of Divided Government
01:17:00 - Avenatti and 2020
01:30:00 - Voortrekker Report

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The Death Panel aren't enjoying things.

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The European Union.

Formed in 1958 with the founding members of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, the European Union has since expanded to include 28 member states with a combined population of over 512 million. Joining us this week is former European Parliament Minister Nick Griffin of the UK to talk about the forces driving the formation of the EU, the rationale used to justify it politically, and who has won and lost in the economic and political dimensions, including the broader international contexts of the Cold War and the era of globalization.

Myth Of The 20th Century - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaDp06m5wCPTk6a-67_R-gA

Tonight we're joined by the one and only, Patrick Little. Patrick is a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, a White advocate, a professional nose namer, and is also running for the US Presidency as a Nationally Social Democratic American Patriot (NSDAP) Republican.

Goy Talk - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmfOQ7uib929rcjZJ7mqwkg

If you’ve kept up with the Radical Agenda or pro-White movements for any period of time, you’ve probably heard of Matt Heimbach before. He had been a prominent figure in our movement for quite some time in various roles, perhaps most notably in his leadership of the Traditionalist Worker Party.

I didn’t always care much for Matt. As I came into this movement, I was more an edgy libertarian than a Nazi, and thought of socialism as a dirty word with no place on the Right. We had Matt on the show for EP298 to debate the virtues of free markets vs. central economic planning, and whatever disagreements we might have had over the subject, the guy had earned my respect.

Fast forward down the timeline a bit, after I ended up in an enemy cage, and was subsequently silenced and made to suffer financially at the hands of Jewish market dominance. I finally came to see State intervention in the market as a vital necessity. I read Mein Kampf, Hitler’s Revolution, and came to understand the difference between National and “Democratic” socialism.

I further came to appreciate that while Matt was an intelligent guy, and talented orator, he didn’t shy from getting his hands dirty either. Matt and the men who saw fit to follow him showed unrivaled courage in the face of enemy aggression. It is thus appropriate that we speak to him today as our countrymen celebrate veterans’ day, and when people in our movement threw him and his guys under the bus following the Battle of Michigan, I became absolutely furious.

Then the box broke, and Matt largely faded from public view in disgrace.

After a brief stint in jail. Matt has returned in association with the National Socialist Movement.

Radical Agenda - https://radicalagenda.com/

The Death Panel ramble for a while and then visit a community in Wisconsin in which NSDAP aesthetics are fully welcomed and celebrated.

Andrew Klavan and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez present WEREWOLF COP
Beanercare funding and scarcity
Suicidal Solidarity
Bad optics suits and salutes
Latinx country-club showdown with Tucker Carlson

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A review of the Macron comments to Trump about nationalism, in relation to World War I, as well as the beginning of the legal fight from Democrats against the presidency of Trump.

The Public Space - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowcNKm1w2GGw5U_XQeduhg

McFeels and Halberstram survey the effort to steal the election currently underway in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona in the first half before pivoting to Sessions' firing, the lame duck session, Trump's new asylum rules, and the antifa assault on Tucka in the second half. It's all ahead on FTN!

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 - Intro
00:04:00 - Election Grab
00:59:30 - Europa Report
01:09:00 - Globohomo's Patriotism
01:17:00 - DOJ Shakeup
01:45:00 - Lame Duck Session
01:55:00 - Caravan Oscar Mike (Again)
02:03:00 - Closing Asylum Loopholes
02:11:00 - King vs. The Weekly No Standards
02:17:00 - Bashing Whites End Game
02:33:00 - Outro

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Hour 1
James Edwards and Team TPC surveys the new political landscape and offers comprehensive post-election opinion and analysis.

Hour 2
James and Keith continue the post-election commentary. Later in the hour, Sean Bergin joins us to breakdown the latest confrontation between Trump and CNN before offering details on the threats made against Tucker Carlson.

Hour 3
Sam Bushman adds his thoughts to our coverage and Jack Ryan offers his weekly report.

The political cesspool - https://www.thepoliticalcesspool.org/

In this sit down with a fellow big brained nibba (Paddocksperg), we will go over many topics which are the most important in terms of the destiny of our people. We will start out with gun control and the role it has had in other white nations throughout history, and what the {{{politicians}}} of modern-day USA are trying to do in that regard. We've got a lot more to go over than just that. So get ready. It's bound to be a helluva show.

Southern Dingo - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9kot61PDd0J6bIhZPEG2dQ


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