Using the knowledge from Part 1, we move on to discuss scalars and vectors, how to configure the switch and LED objects, and how to use the monitor object to view vectors or vector elements. We also create our first script and learn about the "setattributes" function.

Video Guide

00:00 - Introduction
00:13 - Switches vs. Faders
01:26 - Using Monitors with Switches & Faders
02:50 - Scalars vs. Vectors
03:10 - Visualizing a Vector
03:43 - Switches and Indices
04:09 - Using Monitors to View Single Switch Values
06:02 - Adding an Leds Object
06:46 - Configuring Leds Using a Vector
08:01 - Building a Vector Manually to Control Leds Using Switches
09:11 - Using a Single Vector to Control Leds Using Switches
09:49 - Creating a Monitor to View an Leds Vector
10:21 - Summary of Scalars and Vectors
11:01 - Using Switches to Control Fader Grid Setting
13:04 - User Manual for Fader Attributes
13:18 - User Manual Appendix II (Object Attributes)
13:35 - Creating a Script
13:57 - Script Execution Settings
15:16 - Configuring When a Script Gets Executed (Value Change Triggers)
16:02 - Using the setattribute Function
18:48 - Configuring the Other Switches & Faders
20:35 - Other Possible Attributes to Control
21:14 - Closing Summary

Far from a "quick tips" video, we start from scratch and build knowledge of Lemur from the ground up. This is for anyone who would like to learn how the pieces of Lemur fit together by taking things a step at a time, and allowing topics to naturally flow from one to the next. There are several topics mentioned in the video which I didn't get a chance to cover yet, so if you would like another video which continues in the same manner, let me know in the comments.

Download Lemur Software & Manual:

Video Guide

00:00 - Introduction / Installation
00:45 - Choosing a Canvas Size
01:54 - Adding Knob and Fader (Basic Properties)
03:16 - Connecting to iPad / Lemur Device
03:54 - Customizing the Interface
05:08 - Object Properties (continued)
06:41 - Introduction to Variables
07:48 - Displaying Variables (z and x) Using the "Monitor" Object
09:36 - Configuring Displayed Range (e.g., 0...127)
10:47 - Creating a Variable & Customizing Output Range
12:00 - Object Properties (continued)
12:45 - Object Grid
13:49 - Object Physics
16:09 - Lemur Manual Objects Documentation
17:24 - Using Faders to Control Physics of Other Controls
21:18 - Variable Scope
25:30 - Interfaces
26:38 - Creating and Configuring Containers


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