Remastered version of original Q - The Plan To Save The World. Mirrored from Joe M's channel on Youtube


Tomahawk missile hitting a building.

Mirrored from You Tube at This video was produced out of love not to try to instill fear in your hearts, but to get us united and standing up to this tyranny. This is really are last chance. SHARE, Archive, Re-Upload on other channels. *Sign the Petition at to be on the email list & join the Telegram group so we can communicate and share updates on these matters "offline" w/ out censorship. The person who produced this vid wants to remain anonymous for now due to censorship worries. Pray, Unite, Fight. God bless America (and the World)

Dr. Ivettte Lozano wants you to know the truth about COVID-19 at freedom rally in Texas.

Mirrored copy of EYEDROPMEDIA's video post that got Q'd on 5-17-2020. #WWG1WGA

During the Civil War there was a plot to overthrow the government and the plotters paid the ultimate price. Currently there have been several plots to overthrow the U.S. government. For Treason and Sedition the sentence normally given has always been death. #JusticeIsComing #pain #ObamaGate The Names at the end are murder victims.

Documentary Series by Janet Ossebaard with help from many of the Q Anons. An eye opener for anyone, especially normies. Also see the follow up Video: The Fairytale of the Crown. After viewing, go do your own research. Look at the news around you (but don't rely on the Main Stream Media). Credit to Anon1977 for taking all 10 videos and compiling them into One video.

Link Between Human Retroviruses and Chronic Disease- Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Mikovits. Natural health expert and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Judy Mikovits, a virologist, researcher and founding research director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute, on how retroviruses like XMRV may play a causal role in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and other diseases.

The Fairytale of the Crown, Janet Ossebaard's follow-up to her Fall Cabal Documentary & COVID-19 series. Are you awake yet? See Fall Cabal here: & COVID-19 here:

Dr Buttar appeals to the people to #wakeup and realize that the media narrative has been rigged. Also watch Out of Shadows right here:

When Doctors Dan Erickson & Artin Massihi held a press conference on 4-22-2020 about the results of testing they conducted at their urgent care facilities around Bakersfield, CA, the video, uploaded by a local ABC news affiliate, went viral. After reaching 5 million views, YouTube took it down on the grounds that it "violated community standards." We followed up with the doctors to determine what was so dangerous about their message. What we discovered were reasonable and well-meaning professionals whose voices should be heard.

Dr. Erickson interviews Dr. Wittkowski about the fallacy behind the COVID19 lockdowns. (Please share this video as much as possible.)

Dr. Judy Mikovits exposes bad action by Dr Fauci . Check out the official Plandemic website also watch this video exposing vaccines

Mirror of Dr. Buttar's video showing how the Coronavirus was patented years ago in the U.S. And Europe, Gates Foundation involved.

Original story here: A Nevada nurse who traveled to New York to help treat COVID-19 patients has posted a tearful Facebook Live video claiming that patients are not dying from the virus, but are being “murdered” by “gross negligence and complete medical mismanagement.” more here

One year ago Isaac Kappy made this video exposing Epstein and a host of celebrities & politicians. Not too long after he was dead. His death was classified as a suicide, but that is doubtful. Some think it was Tom Hanks who took Kappy out.

Another TV interview with Dr. Daniel Erickson, this time with KUSI San Diego. Original URL
Previous interviews here And Here

Laura Ingraham's Interview With Dr. Erickson about COVID-19 (skip to 7:00 to get straight to the part about the Docs)
Another interview with Dr. Erickson by a San Diego TV Station

Cedars-Sinai Healight technology developed to use UVA light to treat COVID-19 . This has been getting swatted down on twitter, Youtube etc, so naturally I must post it here. Please share.

Dr. Dan Erickson of Accelerated Health Care talks about the impact of the coronavirus on Kern County. Original URL: WATCH PART 1 FIRST HERE:

Dr. Erickson gives a COVID-19 Briefing that Debunks Fauci & lockdowns Original URL on YT: was taken down. PART 2 HERE: Blue Collar Logic has it up on YT still: Additional interviews and here

Original URL on YouTube:
What steps can we take as individuals? First, we need to be empowered with as much information as possible. Part 2 of 4 - Time to WAKE UP! explains the history of how we got here. At least, a part of that history. Also, Dr. Buttar calls out doctors and scientists who are not talking and then asks the critical question, how did Fauci know 3 years before that there was going to be a pandemic during the next 4 years??? Please watch this completely, and watch it again... and then pass it on to your friends and family so they have the opportunity to become empowered as well with this knowledge.


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