Pretty much what is happening right now with the economy, they have nothing left but a couple of buttons they can push and their hands are shown now, and there are no options left.

Burger King crown guy on Jet Blue flight #3 (i think)

not mine

Guy gets kicked off of Jet Blue flight again

Burger King crown guy gets in fight on Jet Blue Plane

Kary Mullis's information about the PCR and Fauci and AIDS and against the notion of like Buddha that everything is contained in everything else.

Its just a mask, its just 2 weeks to flatten the curve, its just a vaxx...
I found this on my hardrive and dont really know where it came from. It seems to explain whats going on
with the election
and the plandemic that seems to just coincidentally give them all the basis for everything they want for their mark of the beast thing
that is filled by the Great Reset panic they've pushed.
oh shit i realized its on the video. he has a youtube too. but this is a pretty good vid. im gonna keep it lol.
since he'll probably be took down.

not mine. Some guy, pretty sure his name was vlademon; who used to post these, and this was #97. he changed his channel around and removed all of these now. where pretty interesting. watch in fullscreen max quality if it can handle it here. heres the reupload

Original uploader and voice - Bill Gaede
this somehow disappeared on the internet.


Disney 1943 Donald Duck Der Fuehrer-s Face - WWII Propaganda
Reupload- cause its cartoon time

you cant find this video any where else any more. enjoy

A video that is age restricted for truth on other sites.

I think this is a gif remix fan video version. with the song

uploaded by someone else but not them originally. they have a good bunch of videos too so.
this is a good video, yea so im reuploading it here too.

is this niggerliciuos or is it divine intellect?

i have to ask myself that, when I upload a video. maybe one day instead of uploading old videos, i'll make something myself instead

some video i downloaded of him I liked somewhere, so I reuploaded it.
song is Giles Corey - Winter's House

BetterBadNews - Cognitive Infiltration Games
There video, probbably still on youtube, but I thought this was one of the best ones. or better. there all pretty good. ill link to their channel if i find it later.
heres their recent link

moon mans piano gets loose in the ghetto streets of gta4
original content by me.

news reporters- watch video aahhahaa -
bovine growth hormone suppressed news story reporters report documentary.

from YTMND - Idiotska' in video format.

Video of recording by : CeeCEe Lyles -911 Flight Attendant It-s a frame

I like this song its upbeat
osama-boom-boom-want you in my room I saved a copy of this, I liked the music in teh video. I saved a copy of it, i pretty much figured it would be deleted. But I hadnt saved it but not too long ago recently it seemed like to me. Thought itd be deleted, here recently. Reuploaded it. This video was uploaded around 2008-ish. Thought the channel was gone. found his channel, i deleted it from my bookmarks for some reason. Stratus Blue youtube

i saw adam freeland in the title of this once. so idk. The implications of the coke share commercial. With William Luther Pierce narrating.


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