A video that is age restricted for truth on other sites.

I think this is a gif remix fan video version. with the song

uploaded by someone else but not them originally. they have a good bunch of videos too so.
this is a good video, yea so im reuploading it here too.

is this niggerliciuos or is it divine intellect?

i have to ask myself that, when I upload a video. maybe one day instead of uploading old videos, i'll make something myself instead

some video i downloaded of him I liked somewhere, so I reuploaded it.
song is Giles Corey - Winter's House

BetterBadNews - Cognitive Infiltration Games
There video, probbably still on youtube, but I thought this was one of the best ones. or better. there all pretty good. ill link to their channel if i find it later.
heres their recent link https://kpfa.org/program/twit-wit-radio/

moon mans piano gets loose in the ghetto streets of gta4
original content by me.

news reporters- watch video aahhahaa -
bovine growth hormone suppressed news story reporters report documentary.

from YTMND - Idiotska' in video format.

Video of recording by : CeeCEe Lyles -911 Flight Attendant It-s a frame

I like this song its upbeat
osama-boom-boom-want you in my room

https://www.youtube.com/user/StratusBlue I saved a copy of this, I liked the music in teh video. I saved a copy of it, i pretty much figured it would be deleted. But I hadnt saved it but not too long ago recently it seemed like to me. Thought itd be deleted, here recently. Reuploaded it. This video was uploaded around 2008-ish. Thought the channel was gone. found his channel, i deleted it from my bookmarks for some reason. Stratus Blue youtube

i saw adam freeland in the title of this once. so idk. The implications of the coke share commercial. With William Luther Pierce narrating.

Just uploading it here so i can find it because there's so many spam results now.

Wkuk- Kid Beer.mp4 beer for kids. kids for beer.
l o l

Reuploaded from this guys Bulletproofcyrus13's youtube channel https://archive.ph/hSwxS
I archived it with another site and it was missing on their site too. It wasnt not too long ago there. Visit the guys channel for more https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU2Y6DmpV5XLmH9TrfJ_99w here.
edit* pt 2 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wahK2REJWwQ not mine (read 1st paragraph), only part 1 was censored and i think around the 6:57 mark is what for over.
Here is his CURRENT channel, and he was always saying that his channel or videos were getting deleted or whatever. He has no way to send him amessage on his channel for me anyway i dont know. maybe you can go check out.

Brady's get the measles and stay at home and eat ice cream and get better.
Hard to find any copies of this online especially right now when all they want to talk about are vaccines.

watch it without having to sign in

the fight between the old doctors and new doctors

uploaded by someone i downloaded it cause i liked it, then it was censored/deleted.

censored footage of noah's ark and ark frozen in ice and hidden under volcanic rocks.


Wkuk jews cuts

song ripped from this bands webpage way back. title = name band

not quite all of it yet. ..found both and put them together. not going to figure out that letterboxed video size.


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I re-upload.. old videos and ones that are lost to censorship or some videos that I like. I think my taste is fucking so bad ass that I make a bitchute about it. I might sometimes make originals. enjoy