Here's a track called TRANSCENDENCE composed by Steve Montgomery using only FLOW 'Ambient Motion' by Triple Spiral Audio
Flow is a new library for Kontakt with a focus on ambient sound and motion. The library contains 192 soundsources in the following categories: Pads, Textures, Soundscapes and Ambiences. Each of the 192 can be loaded up in one of the 4 layers and like this you can create a great amount of light and dark ambient sounds.

The 4 layers contain seperate controls for the ADSR, LFO, Volume, Pan, Filter and Filter Envelope. This gives you a great amount of control to shape the sound to your need.
There is also a randomize feature that randomizes the 4 soundsources.

On the main control page you find as well a big Controller Knob which can control each of the following effects – Filter, Skreamer, Chorus, Flanger, Stereo With and Rotary. You can select multiple effects to be controlled at the same time. Each of the effects can be futher adjusted on the FX page.
On the FX page you find as well the settings for the Reverb and Delay.

The library comes with a collection of 100+ snapshots (presets) and it’s easy to create and save your own collection of snapshots. In future updates new snapshots will be added to the library.

Flow requires the full Kontakt 5.8.1 version and does NOT work with the Kontakt Player and installation size is 1.1 GB
Download the Readme file here

Sample Library Review on Flow:

Flow is a great choice for ambient pads, soundscapes, and textures, offering a powerful, yet user friendly interface, and packs in a lot of content for the price.

Sample Sound Review gave Flow a 5 star review!
“The presets in Flow are divided up into 4 categories: Ambiences, Motion, Pads, and Soundscapes. I found these presets have a great balance of mood and tone. The characteristics of the sonic environments are magnetic. Creating beautiful ..

In this Video, Michael Myers Bakes one of his favorite HALLOWEEN treats- Healthy Gluten Free Low Carb Pumpkin Squares. These are so Good you won't believe it's healthy.

Healthy Pumpkin Bars
1 cup Pumpkin
1/4 cup Coconut oil
2 oz Cream cheese
2 large Egg
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1 cup Blanched almond flour
2/3 cup Monk Fruit or Stevia sweetener
2 tsp Aluminum-Free Non-GMO baking powder
1 tsp Pumpkin pie spice
1/2 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea salt

Monk Fruit Sweetener:
Himalayan Pink Salt:
Almond Flour:
Pumpkin Spice:
Vanilla Extract:
Aluminum Free Baking Powder:

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Luminous is a Demo track composed by Steve Montgomery using HYALUS by Tom Wolfe- a new soundbank for the Arturia Pigments Synth. Hyalus is Available Here:

This is track is dressed with drums not included with the pack.
Inspired by glass instruments such as the Cristal Baschet and the Glass Harmonica, Hyalus is a set of 100 patches and 12 wavetables for Arturia Pigments. Capturing the delicate and pure nature of these instruments, and blending it with more traditional digital-style synthesis, this set is perfect for adding glassy ambience to your compositions. All patches come with Pigments' 4 macros pre-mapped to enable you to easily morph and manipulate these sounds in creative ways, allowing a world of movement at your fingertips.

#Hyalus #TomWolfeHyalus #ArturiaPigments #Synth #Luminous #Ambient #Composer #SoundDesign

Here's my entry into the 8DIO Score This :The Captain scoring competition. This track is called 'ODYSSEY' composed by Steve Montgomery.
8DIO Libraries Used in this Track Are the Following:
8DIO Majestica
8DIO Dark Prophecy
8DIO Hybrid Tools 3
8DIO Hybrid NEO
8DIO Ambient Guitar
8DIO Aura Guitars
8DIO Lacrimosa
8DIO Epic Taiko Ensemble

I also used the Arturia Pigments Synth near the end of the track.

#8DIO #ScoreThis #FilmScore #FilmScoring #Soundtrack #SteveMontgomery #Composer #Odyssey #FilmMusic

AizerX is Available Here:

In this Video, I do a preset walkthrough of the amazing AizerX Bundle by Keepforest that is currently 71% Off for a very Limited Time.
For only $199.99 (instead of $700), get AIZERX Bundle by KEEPFOREST featuring AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit and AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit.

AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit is the best tool for creating impressive, Hollywood-level sound effects for your projects without having much experience in sound design.

AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit delivers a collection of stylish, ultra-modern custom sound effects for the latest trending modern music genres at the moment based on a thorough music market trend research of the latest.

Get this must-have bundle now for only $199.99 (you save $500) for the next few days, don’t miss out! Also receive 20% of what you spend ($39.99) back into your rewards wallet after you complete your order.

AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit is the best tool for creating impressive, Hollywood-level sound effects for your projects without having much experience in sound design.

AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit delivers a collection of stylish, ultra-modern custom sound effects for the latest trending modern music genres at the moment based on a thorough music market trend research of the latest.

Get this must-have bundle now for only $199.99 (you save $500) for the next few days, don’t miss out! Also receive 20% of what you spend ($39.99) back into your rewards wallet after you complete your order.

AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit is the best tool for creating impressive, Hollywood-level sound effects for your projects without having much experience in sound design.

AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit is the best tool for composers for creating impressive, Pro-level sound effects without having much experience in sound design.

For Virtual Instrument Reviews & News Visit

AizerX is Available Here:

Sonixinema Legacy Bundle Available Here:

“Legacy Bundle” is a collection of inspirational yet diverse instruments from Sonixinema covering a wide range of sounds from Traditional/Distorted Strings and an Upright Piano through to a completely unique take on a classic Music Box and a one-of-a-kind hand-made Tongue Drum.

Each instrument brings its own unique sonic universe to the table making them perfect for Film & TV Underscore, Video Games, Cinematic/Trailer Music, Sound Effects & More!

“Legacy Bundle” is a collection of inspirational yet diverse instruments, each with its own unique sounds and control features. These are libraries that are capable of covering many genres but are particularly good for:

Film & TV Underscore
Video Games
Cinematic/Trailer Music
Industrial & Atmospheric Music
Sound Effects
and much more!

These are instruments that you will reach for again and again when you need something just that little bit different for your latest project!

Legacy Bundle:

For Reviews and VST NewReleases visit:

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Available Here:

Audio Plugin Deals proudly presents its debut product COHESION.
Weighing in at just under 15GB, this insane collection contains over 11,600 tempo-synced loops that cover all realms for seamless music production.

While most loop libraries include drums and percussion primarily, you will be pleasantly surprised at the diverse collection of melodic orchestral, acoustic, vocal, and ethnic instruments at your fingertips. All of these tempo-synced Wave loops can easily be dragged into your DAW of choice to bring your music to life instantly.

Originally $499.99, COHESION is now available at an introductory price of just $99.99 for a limited time only – you save $400! This is an amazing offer you should not miss!

For the first time ever, Audio Plugin Deals is releasing a brand new product: a solid, versatile collection of loops spanning just under 15 gigabytes. It features 11,600+ of these loops across a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, drum kit, pop vocals, saxophone, trumpet, cello, flute, and even a couple of unique ethnic string instruments! If you find that you’re missing a certain something in your tracks, or maybe even looking for an element of uniqueness, COHESION could be a great place to look for inspiration.

For COHESION, we reached out and recorded skilled musicians performing in many genres. We realize that your time is valuable, and you are often faced with deadlines and time crunches. With COHESION, we carefully organized the loops to find the instrument and key you desire with ease.

Each instrument contains loops in a multitude of keys and tempos, which gives it a great level of flexibility. The loops are provided in 24-bit WAV format, and you’re given direct access to them upon download. This gives you the option of loading these up into a sampler engine of your choice, or even just chopping them up and processing them to your heart’s content.

If a loop library of this size ever existed, it w..


The flagship of the Palette line! An extensive set of orchestral instruments to bring your cinematic ideas to life. Introducing True Ensemble Recording for strings, brass and woodwinds ensembles – each recorded in 2 different sizes with up to 10 articulations. Plus womens and mens choirs, percussion, trailer tools, grand piano and harp. Kontakt Player and NKS compatible. Now updated to v 1.2!
“Palette – Symphonic Sketchpad” is a 26+GB library featuring strings, woodwinds, brass, choir and percussion and to fill out the list of essential writing tools we added piano, harp and even a set of modern trailer instruments. The orchestral ensembles offer a nice variety of articulations, including 4 kinds of short notes, as well as trills, tremolo, pizzicato, and other deeper techniques. We recorded 3 dynamic layers and up to 7 round robins and to give you even more flexibility we recorded everything in 2 different ensemble sizes (chamber and full) so you can go epic or go intimate.
As with the entire Palette line, our players were recorded in standard orchestral seating position with 3 microphone perspectives – close, decca tree and hall. The room is spacious but fairly dry, with only a 1.2 second tail, which allows for easy blending with other libraries using your favorite reverbs, so you’re not limited to the sound of one particular hall. Since “Palette – Symphonic Sketchpad” was recorded by the same amazing musicians and production team with the same equipment and in the same hall, it was designed to blend perfectly with all the other Palette libraries.

The core of “Palette – Symphonic Sketchpad” are the strings, brass and woodwinds ensemble patches. With our players in standard seating position across the stage we recorded the full range of each ensemble in unison, from lowest to highest note. Instruments play together when their ranges overlap and drop out when they reach their limits (see graphic be..

70% off “Keys Bundle” by Soundiron here:
The “Keys Bundle” by Soundiron is a wonderful selection of 9 unique instruments hand picked from their Vintage Organ, Classic Synth and Concertina/Reed Pump collections.

Each instrument offer a dazzling array of vintage textures and sounds that are suitable for anything from Church Music to New Age Trance, or classic 70’s Funk to 80’s Synthwave!

9 Completely Unique Vintage Keyboard Instruments for Kontakt (11GB!)
This wonderful collection of 9 Vintage Organ, Classic Synth and Concertina/Reed Pump instruments will bring a new breadth and depth to your original compositions and includes the following:

Lakeside Pipe Organ – $49
Traveler Organ Foot Pump Organ – $49
Eko “Panda” Synth – $29
Siel “Cruiser” Synth – $29
Bontempi “Bontastic” Chord Organ – $29
Fesma Granada 49 Synth – $29
Little Pump Reeds (Shruti Boxes, Accordion, Concertina) – $29
Magnus Harmonica Company Chord Organ – $29
Farfisa Microrgan Reed Organ – $29

Available Here:

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The series ' Treasure Trails of the American Indians' is the Official Television Trailer of an upcoming pre-production series about the search of hidden treasures from the American Indians during the Trail of Tears. Years of research have determined lost Gold was indeed hidden during this time. The ultimate treasure hunting series is coming soon.

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Super 80's Bundle Available Here:

For just $89.99 (instead of $413), get BEATSKILLZ’s Super 80’s Bundle featuring 7 of their finest virtual instruments that will easily get you that signature retro vibe. From the classic Stranger Things vibe that is currently all the rage, to amazing Synthwave style instruments, this bundle is sure to transport you back in time at an insanely inexpensive price.

All the included plugins (Retro KZ, RetroHIT, Synthwave KZ, Synthwave Drums, Breakdance Drums, Darkkz, and That Thing) are designed as the ultimate tool for the music producers who want to produce 80s revival music with a modern twist. i.e Synthwave, Retrowave, Vaporwave, chillwave etc.

This bundle is packed full of instantly usable sounds, focused on a very specific time frame, so they are pretty much guaranteed to drum up some serious nostalgia for fans of 80’s music, movies, and TV shows (even a certain modern TV show which takes place in that same time period).

Originally $413, this bundle is now available for just $89.99 for a limited time only – you save $323! This is an amazing offer you should not miss!
Super 80's Bundle Available Here:

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In this video, Sample Sound Review performs a walkthrough of Angel Strings Vol.1 by Auddict- WALKTHROUGH currently (70% OFF) here:

“Angel Strings Vol.1” is a dazzling collection of string textural elements, risers/divebombs, different styles of spiccato/staccato, marcato to soft attacks with sustains, fast tempo-locked tremolo for powerful driving string hooks and more…

Auddict’s libraries have already been used on high profile scores for motion picture and video games, with users including Yasunori Mitsuda, Klayton (Celldweller) and Ronald Bell (Kool & the Gang).

These are strings like you’ve never heard them before… new techniques, eleven mic positions, playable via one full keyboard range!

Exquisitely Recorded By Professionals With A First Class String Ensemble!
This library was recorded at Angel Studios in London, where countless pop/rock stars have recorded (notably Adele’s “21”), and many major film and video game scores have been recorded, including:

The Lion King
Blue Planet
Planet Earth
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel
An expert team with a long list of impressive credits was employed to record the entire library:

Recording Engineer – Jeremy Murphy (Credits Include Film Scores: Green Zone, Jackie, The Illusionist and Albums by Sam Smith, Adele and more)
Pro Tools Engineer – Scott Bradley
“Angel Strings Vol.1” is another collaboration between Auddict and the fantastic “United Strings Of Europe”, a London-based ensemble made up of young professionals from across the European Union and Switzerland with the goal of promoting musical and cultural cooperation at the highest level.

The ensemble is gaining recognition for its exciting performances in Switzerland, France, Lebanon and the UK. With several world premieres of works by Hristic, Marinkovic and Winkler, the ensemble has collaborated with a number of distinguished artists ..

This is my entry into the Produce this #39: Score this Competition that is being conducted by Sounds Unlimited, Inc. “MetaPop” from August 8 until Aug 25, 2019. This track is called 'Nature Inspires' composed by Steve Montgomery.
Cinematography by: Graham Uhelski, Joshua McKague, and Kyle Tallman.
This video is under Attribution license 3.0

Vocal Samples Used: Mimi Page Light & Shadow- Ambience C, Voices of Rapture Ambience C, Vow Pad Designer, Mimi Page-Angelic C

NKS Instruments used are: Heavyocity 'Natural Forces'
Heavyocity- Novo Intimate Textures, Heavyocity Ensemble Woods

#NatureInspires #Soundtrack #Cinematic #Metapop #NKS #NativeInstruments #NatureVideo #instrumental #ambient

Glitchee Bundle is Available Here:
In this Video, Sample Sound Review does a walthrough video of all 3 Glitchee drum machines by Audiomodern that is currently 79% Off.
Audiomodern are proud to present the complete “Glitchee Bundle”, a collection of 3 unique glitch & cuts drum machine modules that allow you to easily create groovy electronic patterns out of bits, cuts, glitches and blips!

These libraries are ideal for any production style where you need some really cool, polished, glitchee beats that evolve and randomize over time!

These libraries are ideal for any production style where you need some really cool, polished, glitchee beats that evolve and randomize over time!
Glitch Your Beats Out In Style With 3 Unique Drum Machine Modules!
“Glitchee Bundle” is a collection of 3 unique glitch & cuts drum machine modules, each comes with a step sequencer & groove generator with 6 sound categories on each of the 3 kits.

Each instrument in this collection is designed to give your music production a contemporary yet individual percussive fundament:

Each instrument features 3 unique glitch kits on a flexible step sequencer module, allowing you to easily create groovy electronic patterns with crystal sound quality or add-on loops built out of bits, cuts, glitches and blips!

These libraries are ideal for any production style where you need some really cool, polished, glitchee beats that evolve and randomize over time!
Glitchee Bundle is Available Here:

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Learn more about Urbie Here:

I'm proud to be backing this revolutionary product. This is a way to clean the air in your home, grow a plant, and never have to water it.
An innovative, 3-in-1 Air Purifier, Dehumidifier and Self-watering Smart Plant that eliminates indoor air pollution from 3 different angles.
Removes Excess Humidity, Filters Volatile Organic Compounds, and Amplifies Fresh Oxygen Production.Eliminates 99% of Allergens, Volatile Organic Compounds and other Pollutants. Removes Excess Humidity and Destroys Mold and Dust Mites.Urbie Air cleans the air of impurities and VOCs through an ecofriendly biofiltration process. As an added bonus, it also recycles the water from humidity to accurately auto self-water your plant when it's thirsty, thus keeping your plant healthy for maximum oxygen production.

With the help of two powerful yet discrete fans, polluted air is sucked in and filtered with the help of microorganisms living in the plant's soil that break down pollutants into safer compounds. We've also added Activated Ecofriendly Carbon Filters that filter even smaller pollutants 2.5μ also known as Volatile Organic Compounds.
Urbie Air also removes excess humidity from your room, turns it into condensation that waters your plant, and reproduces cleaner, fresher air!
Monitor your home air quality in real time from absolutely anywhere when you sync with the Urbie Air app. Control Urbie Air remotely and watch how your air is being purified. The app even displays the water tank levels, plant watering frequency, humidity levels, and VOC's. We've also added Bluetooth to make the initial setup go smooth and easy!
When the air gets pulled through the soil via powerful fans, it gets cleaned via physical, chemical and biological processes. The soil, in addition to its physical filtration capacity, also contains important biota that helps transform and decompose chemicals and other contaminants, thus helping produce cleaner and fr..

Synthetic Soundtracks Available Here:

80% Off Synthetic Soundtracks Bundle by UEBERSCHALL
19.7GB Download Size | 3,548+ Samples & Loops
Only $99 instead of $498 (80% off)

Synthetic Soundtrack Episode 1: Dawn of Analog Power is ideal for hybrid cinematic Sci-Fi and Horror soundtrack composers. It contains 10 construction kits, 1024 HD samples and loops and is 5.5GB download size.

Synthetic Soundtrack Episode 2: The Return of Analog Power is ideal for futuristic soundtracks. It contains 10 construction kits, 1047 HD samples and loops and is 4.3GB download size.

Synthetic Soundtrack Episode 3: The Impacts Strike Back is filled with relentless rhythms and mega impacts, ideal for creating dark dystopian soundscapes. It contains 10 construction kits, 1477 HD samples and loops and is 9.9GB download size

Synthetic Soundtracks 1, 2 and 3 run on Elastik (for Mac and Windows), a free and easy to use looping engine also created by ueberschall. All loops in this bundle include information about the base key and tempo, making fast searches and immediate song-integration possible.
Synthetic Soundtracks Available Here:

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In this video we walkthrough the 'Cinematic Bundle by unEarthed Sampling' that is currently 80% OFF- Limited Time here:

For just $25.99 (instead of $138), get unEarthed Sampling’s Cinematic Bundle featuring 5 of their finest libraries

unEarthed Sampling creates extremely cinematic instruments that are playable right out of the box with very little tweaking which are not all that expensive

Built for the full retail version of Kontakt, these sounds are a wellspring of inspiration and will become an instant go-to for your next projects.

Originally $138, this bundle is now available for just $25.99 for a limited time only – you save $112! This is an amazing offer you should not miss!

5 Unique Cinematic Sound Design Libraries
Siege Drum – Cinematic and EPIC Medieval Drum Multisamples
Stealth Wind – Cinematic Shakuhachi Flute
Esper Synth – Bladerunner infused pads, leads, and perc
Spaceology – Orbital Sound Module
Hammer-On – Cinematic Ambient Electric Guitar Multisamples
All Available for Kontakt (full version)

Available here:

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“Billboard Domination Bundle” is Available Here for 96% Off Here:
It's an enormous collection of WAV Loops, MIDI Sequences and Construction Kits covering a wide range of modern production styles including Trap, Hip Hop. Pop, RnB, Dance, Electronica, Urban & Future Bass.
$637.42 Worth of Incredible Production Packs Made for the Modern Producer!
“Billboard Domination Bundle” is an epic collection of WAV Loops, MIDI Sequences and Construction Kits that includes the following products:

808 Godz Volume Two – $20
Cardio – $29
Commercial Melodies – $29
Concrete Roses – $29.99
Draco Island – $29.99
Drum Vault Crypto Edition – $19.99
Global Hits – $29
Golden Keys – $39.99
Ice – $29
Major RnB & Future Bass – $29
Major Trap & Soul – $29
New Wave 2 – $29
Platinum Keys – $29.99
Pop & Future RnB – $20
Pop Star – $29.99
Primal Volume 2 – $29.99
Sample Addicts – $29.99
Sample Lab Vol 1 – $29.99
WaveRunner – $29.99
WZRD – $29.99

With production credits such as 50 Cent, Tank, Fetty Wap, Method Man, Rick Ross, Ghostface Killah, Jadakiss, Uncle Murda, Shyheim, Sean Price, Epic Rap Battles Of History, Rockstar Games and countless other artists & companies, you can be sure that you are getting A+ production material to work with!

“Billboard Domination Bundle” is all about high quality sounds, kits, loops, vocals, presets and construction kits that are specifically designed for the Modern Music Producer and will take your productions to the next level!

This enormous collection is perfect for but not limited to all the following styles of music:

Hip Hop
Future Bass
With production credits such as 50 Cent, Tank, Fetty Wap, Method Man, Rick Ross, Ghostface Killah, Jadakiss, Uncle Murda, Shyheim, Sean Price, Epic Rap Battles Of History, Rockstar Games and countless other artists & companies, you can be sure that you are getting A+ production material to work with!
An enormous 20 pack collection of WAV Loops, MIDI Sequences a..

In this song, Chris Cuomo (a failing CNN host) has a breakdown rant over being called Fredo. However, Chris decided to reach out to me and write a song around is tirade. I agreed to help this asshole out and put out this hit remix. 'Don't Call Me Fredo' by Chris Cuomo and remixed by SDM. Next time you see Chris tell him great job Fredo!!

#Fredo #ChrisCuomo #CuomoRant #cuomofredo #FredoCuomo #FredoRemix #CnnHost #CnnAnchor #fredosong

Expanse is an Omnisphere 2 Soundset created by Echo Season and curated by Luftrum. In this video, we audition every patch in this preset walkthrough. So if you're curious about the sounds in this library, put some headphones on and disappear into the Expanse.
Information from the Luftrum website:
Expanse for Omnisphere 2.5 (and higher)
In search for a new home, mankind travels to a distant exoplanet of enigmatic lifeforms. The expedition returns with a single clue to this strangely evolved ecosystem: a mystic, ultrasonic artifact, engraved with the word EXPANSE. Decode the relic and unlock its gateway to higher consciousness…
Expanse is a boundless ocean of cutting-edge electronic ambient sounds for Omnisphere 2.5 and higher, containing 100 new presets, with 54 of these being pads, it’s the second release by American-based ambient producer and sound designer Echo Season.
The presets have been refined and meticulously sculpted to give you a cosmic palette of bright, deep, and living sounds. It features lustrous pads, dynamic arpeggios, glittering rich soundscapes, and subatomic dark matter basses. The library is infused with a selection of atmospheric synth keys and a handful of pads from Luftrum’s Andromeda A6 and Prophet 6.
Fragile at its core, Expanse evokes awareness and consciousness from the sonics within, all without a single spoken word. If you enjoy the artist roster from Synphaera and Ultimae Records such as Carbon Based Lifeforms, Ascendant and Solar Fields – then you will discover endless inspiration in Expanse which is a must-have for any electronic ambient, psybient, space music, or cinematic sci-fi producer.
All presets are carefully designed with attention to details, cleverly assigned performance controls, sorted in official Spectrasonics categories and as always leaving a few dB headroom at max polyphony. Expanse is 52 MB and you need Omnisphere v2.5 or higher to play and use the sounds. Add two other Omnisphere 2..

Scorched Earth by Steve Montgomery using Discovery Trailer by Triple Spiral Audio for Omnisphere 2 by Spectrasonics.
Learn more about
Discovery Trailer here:

The Discovery Trailer soundset contains 100 presets and 25 multis and 48 soundsources and is part of the Discovery Series with 6 scheduled releases over the year.

The sounds in the soundset are filled with dark, distorted, pushing, edgy sounds, but also reflective, mysterious and wide and lush sounds are represented. All the sounds have modulation via the modwheel and aftertouch and in a lot of cases the pitchwheel adds some saturation and the CC2 often controls different modulation sources. The inspiration comes from shows from various trailer works done by labels such as Audiomachine, Really Slow Motion, Colossal Music and many more.

Omnisphere 2.6 is required!

The Discovery Trailer Deluxe version contains 25 extra presets and 10 extra multis with the use of the Keyscape soundsource library. Check for more info the product page.

Here the schedule for the next set releases (these are estimated release dates, the final release date can vary a few days)

Set 2: Horror – released

Set 3: Trailer – released

Set 4: Documentary – 14 September (due to summer holiday)

Set 5: Reality – release 14 November

Set 6: Blockbuster – release 14 January 2020

Sample Sound Review rated Discovery – Crime 5 out of 5 stars!

“In my opinion, this library is an indispensable scoring tool that you should add to your Omnisphere soundbank collection. It’s criminal I can’t giveDiscovery: Crime more than 5 Stars but rest assured the Discovery series by Triple Spiral Audio will certainly make Omnisphere library history in 2019.

Full review here:

Other Music composed by Steve Montgomery here:

Infinite Mindscape:

Infinite Mindscape- Dreaming in Neon: https:..

Get the Rast Sound World's Originals Bundle Here:

In this video, I check out this amazing bundle of Ethnic World Instruments by Rast Sound called the World's Originals Collection.

For just $89.99 (instead of $440), get the full Rast Sound World’s Originals Collection featuring 11 of the finest libraries from Rast Sound
The World’s Originals collection contains 11 unique, best-selling libraries full of local instruments, vocals and recordings from 30+ countries and cultures. This collection also contains the all new engine ATLAS offering solos and patterns from 3 continents.

Sounds of Morocco, Cambodia and Asian Colours have rare and local sound colours, some never heard before. Balkan, Inca and Ceremonial Vocals give access to a wealth of vocal performances and solo playable instruments of multiple performers and cultures. In addition, the collection offers solo instruments of Ney wind, Kemenche and Kemane Strings as well as Anatolian Percussions from the Middle East.

All instruments in this massive collection were recorded on site and further edited to make them perfect for use as solo instruments, patterns, phrases and performances. All libraries are available for Kontakt and also in HD WAV formats.

Originally $440, this massive collection is now available for just $89.99 for a limited time only – you save $350! This is an amazing no-brainer offer you should not miss!

Save $350 Here for a Limited Time:

Visit Sample Sound Review Blog here:

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Here's a track called 'Desolation' composed by Steve Montgomery using only Tom Wolfe's Dystopia for Omnisphere 2 Available at:

Dystopia is a soundset created by Sound Designer& Award Winning Composer Tom Wolfe for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. For fans of: Blade Runner 2049, Tron: Legacy, Ex Machina
It contains a bank of 100 atmospheric, raw and edgy cinematic-style patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. From sweeping, vintage-style pads and granular, ambient string machines, to gritty, Grimey sequences and vast, expansive textures, Dystopia isn't just another vintage-style sound bank. It's a bank designed to bridge the gap between retro-futurism and modern cinematic synthesis in a truly unique, Tom Wolfe way.

All images used in video are Royalty Free.

#Desolation #Dystopia #Omnisphere #TomWolfe #SteveMontgomery #OmnisphereDemo #Composer #SynthMusic #Ambient

Get 69% Off Celestia Here:

“Celestia” is the ideal tool for atmospheric, ethereal, haunting and evocative instruments! With over 550 hand-crafted sounds ranging from acoustic instruments and textures, to hybrid synths, morphs, pads and beyond.

It includes a slick, modern synthesis engine with deep editing and infinite ways to customize your sound making it perfect for EDM, dramatic flair, orchestral layering or anything else you imagine!

6GB of Content Featuring 12 Categories Of Heavenly Sound Design!
Impact Soundworks invite you to enter the world of “Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design”. Designed as a hybrid composer’s dream, this instrument comes with hundreds of synthetic and acoustic sound sources, rich editing capabilities, synthesis features & endless ways to create unique variations.

However, rather than focusing on dark, gritty, and heavy sound design, Impact Soundworks instead focused the sound library and presets on the lighter end of the spectrum… the library of Celestia contains:

Atmospheric Pads
Ambient Textures
Heavenly Bells
Airy Choirs
Soft Plucks
Cosmic Effects
… and much more.

In short, it is a wonderful tool for emotional scoring and ethereal soundscapes in almost any genre you can think of!
So What Exactly Can I Do With “Celestia”?
With 550 inspiring presets and infinite tweak-ability “Celestia” is a hybrid composer’s dream. The incredible variety of sounds included in this exquisite library are well-suited for many genres of music, including but not limited to:

Trailer Music
Hybrid Orchestral Layering
Ambient Music
And much, much more!

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In this video, Steve from Sample Sound Review does a preset walkthrough of the RIFFENDIUM Complete Bundle that is currently on a deal for 80% off through the Link above. Regularly Priced $220 and now on sale for only $43.99. This 3 Volume guitar sample library collection is for modern producers, composers, and even drummers.
It includes loops of real, modeled, synthesized and designed instruments, resulting in an original palette of inspiring sounds for creators of electronic and organic music.
The complete collection includes RIFFENDIUM (Generic Guitar Loops), RIFFENDIUM 2 (Heavy Guitars) and RIFFENDIUM 3 (Ambient Guitars).

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