Discretion advised, contains swearing from BLM leader and some other people.

I do not own this video, this is re-upload of Rudy Giuliani's video from his YouTube channel.

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This is interview in Slovak with heretical Bishop Oliver Oravec,
who was imposing heretic on salvation issue (see link bellow),
and a heretic for Separation of Church and State as audio proves.

Bishop Oravec was imposing heretic on salvation issue (link:)

I do not own this recording, neither want to claim profit from it, it originates from Informačná Vojna,
link: It is used under fair share.
In this recording you can hear interview with heretical Bishop Oravec.

Photo used in video with "pápež Gelasius" from:

Cover photo: Korzár, sme, link:

Tags: UN leaked video, taken down by youtube. Vaccine video , vaccine leaked video, UN scientist.

This video is from Infowars, internet news channel.


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