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Writer of comic books such as Batman, The Punisher and Nexus, Mike Baron, explains how to get a story moving in the right direction at the start. Also, how San Francisco and Seattle can fix their poop problem!

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Hopefully, DC Comics’ “Dial H for Hero” will soon change its title to “Dial C for Cancelled.” What a dumpster fire! But, if you are looking for a good comic, then back the indy “Grim Reaper”!

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Lionman, written and drawn by Rick Hannah, shows that cultural appropriation is a sex, drugs and rock 'n roll!!! It also shows how to write a plot and interesting characters, and how Comicsgaters and other independent can improve their comic book art. Plus, why you should back Seven Legions and Six-Gun Gorilla, and Bounding into Comics finds Brie Larson is a bit of a fibber.

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Comic book creator Mike Baron shows us some of the knives he has collected over the years. And in Hog's Headlines: Why didn't that lion eat Queen Empress Myah Laree?

Twitter might suspend you if you say that a transsexual like Mags Visaggios was once a man and was once name Brian. I did that and was suspended for four days. My thoughts on how speech codes ask us to ignore common sense. Also, Kickstarter shows, again, why it has become Wokestarter.

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The Amazing Spiderman #27 extablishes via Boomerang and the all-girl Syndicate that hitting on women in a bar is Toxic Masculinty! And in Hog's Headlines: Climate Change Protestors block traffic--what if that means ambulances need more time to take patients to the hospital?

Comic book writer Mike Baron explains how to keep the reader entertained, with a focus on how to make words sound pleasing. And in Hog's Headlines: Doc Hog Explains How To Use Thanos To Be A Better Parent!

I have two criticisms of CyberFrog: Blood Honey. Other than that, Ethan Van Sciver's stroy is what a comic book should be. Good plot, excellent cliffhanger, wonderful art. And in Hog's Headlines: The Nazis are coming!

If you haven't purchased DC's Event Leviathan, I'd highly recommend it! The plot is solid, characters are interesting and the artwork is excellent! And in Hog's Headlines: Is that a trophy in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Writer of omic books such as Batman, Punisher, and Nexus, Mike Baron gives us tips on how to be a better writer. A C&V Short on the Indie Comic the Tomb of Baalberith--get it if you can!

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The comic book Vagrant Queen by Mags--née Brian--Visaggio is terrible. So why did the SyFy channel option it for a TV show? This is my search fo answers. And in Hog's Headlines: Marvel Comics' new sales model!

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Timothy Lim's comic book Trump-Punch Man has a bit more nuance than the title might suggest--or as much nuance as you can have about a subject like President Donald Trump. And in Hog's Headlines: Why Doc Hog needs more beer!

Over the next few weeks, I will discuss what drove me to create my own comics, leading up to and through my very first IndieGoGo Campaign. Learn from my successes and mistakes. A helpful tutorial or a glimpse at madness? You decide.

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WHAT A BARGAIN! What more could you ask for?

Mike Baron has an announcement: Florida Man Is Coming! Florida Man Is Coming! FLORIDA MAN IS COMING!!!

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The comic books Demons Volumes 1 and 2 are not that good. It's not clear what the main character's motivations is and the art doesn't really work for demons. In Hog's Headlines: Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv files a complaint with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against beauty salons that refused to wax his friends Peter, Ping and Pong!

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Over the next few weeks, I will discuss what drove me to create my own comics, leading up to and through my very first IndieGoGo Campaign. Learn from my successes and mistakes. A helpful tutorial or a glimpse at madness? You decide. Thanks for your support, we can't do it without you guys!
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Taking a cue from Just Some Guy, I decided to use an animated version of myself rather than appearing in my videos. I started with 11 head/torso combos and 8 sets of arms/hands. Way too many hours on photoshop later, I had 415 poses. They're not perfect, but I learned quite a bit during this endeavor, so I'm sure I'll come up with newer, better ones when I have the time. Like when I retire from work. Or die.


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