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In this video I take a look at Muhammad in Solomon 5.16 where it is supposed to be Muhammad. I will explain with examples as why it's not Muhammad.

This is one of many videos in the Debunking Muhammad In Bible Series debunking Muhammad being mentioned in the Holy Bible. This one deals with Deuteronomy 18.18

Swine Flu Pandemic Scare - Why did the government not let people know about the possible health risk of the vaccine?

Government cover up of truth about COVID19


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A channel dedicated to Exposing claims Muslims make about Quran and Muhammad. Claims such as:

1. There is only one quran throughout the world.
2. They have the original quran.
3. There are no errors in quran.
4. There are no contradictions.
5. Science confirms quran is from Allah
6. It's Historically correct.
7. Bible prophesies about Muhammad

I also post other non Islam related videos dealing with such subjects as Politics, Gov Corruption etc