President Donald Trump attended a high energy church service Sunday morning at the International Church of Las Vegas. The service was part concert, part prayer session and even part rally, as the church's pastor Paul Marc Goulet, ticked off a list of Trump's accomplishments.

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar hit back at Donald Trump saying she 'loves this country' more than the president does on Sunday, after he accused her of 'hating' America. 'I would certainly reckon not only Somalis, but myself, the Governor of Michigan and our Speaker all love this country way more than the president,' Omar said Sunday in an interview with The Week with Joshua Johnson on MSNBC. Omar added that his words lead to 'frequent threats against our lives. It has to stop.' Omar was born in Somalia and came to the US as a refugee in the 1990s and became a US citizen at the age of 17 in 2000.

National Parks in Sri Lanka black and white bitch and monkey become very close, the more the monkey groomes the bitch the stronger than its own nature

Just call it Lionel Moosi! A moose showed off its soccer skills on a field in Homer, Alaska, on Wednesday. The animal showed off its dribbling skills as it bounced the ball a few times between its hooves. It then astonished some nearby humans when it managed to propel the ball some 20 yards toward the goal. 'He scores!' a fellow soccer player yelled as the moose kicked the ball.

a rat in the garage and a gentleman cat sleeping

the rat fell into the trap, ate well and was released


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