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I went to my local grocery store - Powell's Super Market, in Bay Roberts Newfoundland, Canada for a quick grocery run.

The cashiers refused to severe me and the manager called the cops.

We are living in a fachist dictatorship! Its time to wakeup!

Your Silence Is Compliance. This will NOT stop until The People STAND UP!

I'll show you how to navigate to the CDC website and find all the details on the hundreds of people dying from the vaccine and how they died. Share this with friends and family this experimental jab kills!

What are dimensions, how do they relate to us, why is understanding how they work so important in helping us navigate our life.

What are dimensions, how do they relate to us, why is understanding how they work so important in helping us navigate our life.

A message for my members of Shadow Spiritual Rehab. It's time to leave Facebook behind & migrate over to a social media platform that respects your freedoms to speak your mind. Continuing to use Facebook is to function within an echo chamber blinded to any truth that would supply you with understanding and power to take back control of your life.

Facebook is a breeding ground for deep state puppets spreading misinformation created to confuse light workers from learning about The Great Awakening, The Great Deception & Ascension.

Yesterday, I came across some suspicious activity. You be the judge. Leave your thoughts down below.

Crossed paths with someone who claimed to be something their not. Be aware of false truthers, pretending to share information for the benefit of humankind in The Great Awakening.

Do you find it difficult finding the truth, trying to search on the internet for key terms or watching miss leading and toxic mainstream media sources? We are the news now! I have found these top researchers in the Truth movement, covering Full Disclosure, The Great Awakening and helping bring in The Golden Age. In this video will briefly cover each of them and what they bring to the table.

Truther Source links :
Simon Parkes

Dr Charlie Ward
Website: https://drcharlieward.com

Sasha Stone
Website: https://sachastone.com

Victoria Reynolds
Website: https://victoriareynolds.com

Jason Q
Guest Appearance on (The Nicholas Veniamin Show) - : https://www.bitchute.com/video/vvtJs75iFqEf/

Nicholas Veniamin
Website: https://www.nicholasveniamin.com

Mel K
Website: melkshow.com

Mark Atwood

The history we have been taught is a fabrication of deception setup to intentionally throw the people off track from finding the truth of who they really are. In this short video, will break down the story of how these powers have been controlling the masses and how the good guys who have been trying to stop them.

What is critical thinking really? How can it help us navigate our lives and protect us from disinformation.

In this video I'll demonstrate how easy it is to not wear a mask in public, explaining why C19 is a joke, masks are useless along with sharing some information on the real reason for c19 and the restrictions. This is to help encourage those who have yet to stand up, now is the time. Do no be afraid. We are only prolonging this night mare by complying to their demands.

In this first episode, Shadow Coach Kurtis Mercer being an Indigo himself attempts to describe who the Indigos are & what their importance is within today's society. Along with sharing his own story on how he discovered his Indigo identity.

If this topic resonates with you, come check out my FREE Facebook group Indigo Spiritual Rehab, helping Indigos reshape their lives towards personal empowerment and inner fulfillment. Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/indigospiritualrehab

The mark of the beast, puppet shows and truth bombs. Let's get weird.

There is much to disclose about what is really going on. This video is my first attempt


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