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This year Art Of Speed Malaysia hosted the first Miss Art Of Speed Pin Up Competition, 6 Beautiful women from Malaysia and Singapore competed for the title of Miss AOSM, The competition was organised by Shima from Cherrybomb Pin Up Parlour and sponsored by Sobella Cosmetics Malaysia.

I take a look through the Motorcycle display at GDSF, as you would expect there are some beautiful British bikes on display.

In March 2022, I competed in the Open Roads Rally which was held at a town called Alexandra in the hills of Victoria Australia, I was riding my lightly modified Royal Enfield Himalayan, had a fabulous time and was not dissapointed by the bikes performance.

A farewell video from the final night of BKK HRCS 2022, by this stage we had all had a few drinks, so forgive me if the video is a little sketchy.

Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in the world and the Bangkok HRCS is one of the best Kustom Kulture events in Asia, the Custom scene in Thailand is epic and covers all genres of the Custom Car and Motorcycle scene, the vehicles on display are of a very high standard of workmanship and deliver plenty of eye candy for jaded western enthusiasts, because anything goes here, do want you want and do it well seems to be the motto.
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I hope you enjoy these beautiful women of the Bangkok Hot Rod and Custom Show, these girls work hard to bring beauty to these events and should be celebrated for their efforts, with out them life would be boring.

just a small town Custom Car show at Kilmore Victoria, featuring some nice American and Australian custom cars, enjoy.

In 2016 Nash from Kustom Kulture shop and Gallery the Kalifornia in Naka-ku Yokohama brought a Mercury Low Rider Bouncer to the show for a demonstration, I hope you enjoy the video.

Charlton Rod Run was started as a way to bring tourists to a struggling country town that ha been hit by severe floods, it only lasted two years, as shame because a lot of work was put into it but community support was not there.

I have started making some short videos from unused footage so expect more focused and varied videos, this one is from MOONEYES HRCS in 2019 and featuring some of the fabulous car built by Arts Body Customs in Nagoya.

Driving Mario Karts through the heart of Tokyo with my tour group, this is a fabulous experience when in Tokyo, you have to do it!

England has some of the finest Motor Museums in the world, offering fabulous collections of Cars and Motorcycles as well as incredibly eclectic collections of ephemera, curiosities and collectables, the scope of their displays boggles the mind, if you cannot find something to interest you, you are very hard to please! also the location of the Cotswolds Motor and Toy museum in Burton on the Water is magnificent.

I shot this footage in 2016 and was not happy with it so it has sat on my computer waiting for inspiration, this is what I came up with, the sound from theses vintage and classic vehicles is great, I hope you enjoy it.

in 2014, I made this movie of the Geelong Classic Truck and Vintage Engine Show for Vintage Trucks and Commercials Magazine, we had a great day at Geelong, I took along some Girls I knew for a photo shoot using dresses from my mate Lenny who has a tailoring and dressmaking business, the girls were a big hit on the day, they had quite a contingent of farm boys accompanying them.
I hope you enjoy this movie , there is some fabulous machinery on display, including the replica steam truck built and driven to the show by its owner,

As wonderful and romantic as this seems today, it must have been hard work back in the day.

This is a short Video from the 2020 Waaia tractor pull, with Australian national and state Goverments fetish for locking people in their homes for the last eighteen months I am looking forward to the day when we can enjoy going to these events again.

If you dig old tractors over-fueling and going ape shit crazy, check out how the Brits do modified vintage tractor pulling!

There is such an incredible range of steam powered vehicles and machinery at GDSF that it will excite and amuse even those who though steam was boring, these Amusements are either directly powered by steam or driven by Electricity generated by the Showmans Engines and of course they are all available for you to ride on.

Metcalfe is a Village situated in the Central goldfields region of Victoria Australia, each year they hold a vintage tractor pull which draws quite a crowd, here is a look at some of the fabulous tractors that show up for the day.

Another one from the wayback machine of a great local vintage engine rally, held in a small Hamlet close to where I used to live in Castlemaine Victoria, this show has a great country feel and some interesting engines on display, I hope you enjoy it.

GDSF is one of the greatest Steam and Vintage machinery show on earth and thats no exaggeration hundreds of steam powered Tractors, Stationary engines, Trucks and cars all in the one place for a 4 day event, some enthusiast plan the holidays around GDSF and drive the Engines across Britain to get there, the atmosphere is of a county fair, with entertainment, bars, food stalls and displays of all things Vintage and Steam.
The Play Pen is an area set aside for Steam powered vehicle owners to let off some Steam and have some fun, you can sit and watch them for hours.

I apologise for the lack of content over the last few weeks, I started a new job and it is keeping me very busy, I hope this makes up for it in some small part, AOSM is one of my favourite events full of great bikes, fabulous people and rockin good times!

A little slide show from the way back machine, I hope you enjoy it.

Reminiscences and Laughs with Gene Winfield was filmed at a dinner hosted by the late LeRoi Texas Smith for members and friends of the Castlemaine Hot Rod Club when Gene came to Castlemaine Victoria to visit Tex, it was a blast to see these to old friends and Hot Rodding legends wise cracking and sharing insights into people and events, Gene and Tex are both true Gentleman, we have lost Tex but he is not forgotten.

MotorEx is an annual show held at the Royal Melbourne Show Grounds in Victoria Australia, MotorEx brings together Hot Rods, Customs, JDM and Euro Cars with a few Custom Bikes thrown in, there is also a few artists and plenty of trade displays, they usualy have a high profile Custom Legend in attendance to promote and sign autographs, there are bands a Dyno shootout and maybe and a Drift display.
MotorEx is great for checking out some high quality Customs and to catch up on the latest Custom parts and service providers it is a great weekend show.


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Kustom Asia is about the best of Asian Custom Cars, Motorcycles, Art and Culture, I have been writing about it, Photographing and making Videos of it as well as Judging at shows and making friends from all around the world all through my love of Asia and its Custom Culture.
I have been facinated by Asia and nurtured a love of Cars and Motorcycles for as long as I can remember, then in 2011 i had the oportunity to travel to Japan for the MOONEYES Hot Rod and Custom Show held in Yokohama, I had been researching and communicating with Custom Car and Motorcycle builders in Japan, my neighbour, the owner of Australian Street Rod Magazine asked me to write and photograph a feature article for him while I was there and that would change my life for ever.
Since then I have traveled extensively in Asia attending Custom Car, Motorcycle and Custom Culture events in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and have come to love the people and their cultures as well as the way they look at Custom Culture, the innovation and individuality they apply to the Cars and Bikes they build, they are not constrained by peer pressure or fads, they build what they want, how they want, from world class Professional built Customs to Homebuilt Rats.
I will also include Custom Car, Motorcycle and Machinery content from Australia and elsewhere, with some Travel and Tour stories thrown in for fun.