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Your doctor tells you to take a pill. You take a pill and now your stomach hurts. Your doctor tells you to take another pill. You take a pill and now you have hormone imbalance. When do you get better?

If you had leaky gut how did it get fixed? What happened to all the toxins that go through the holes? Is your new health problem related to leaky gut?

Antibiotics kill bacteria. Taking antibiotics for a few days is enough to kill bacteria. This gives your immune system a chance to take control. What does your immune system need to work better?

Why do you have inflammation? Are you deficient in inhalers and steroids? What else can cause inflammation your doctor didn't check? Does your doctor know what else can cause inflammation? Seems like everything is your fault and your doctor is the one that gets richer.

Antibiotics kill bacteria. Taking antibiotics for a few days is enough to kill bacteria. This gives your immune system a chance to take control. What does your immune system need to work better?

What causes a cyst? What causes a stone? Why do cysts come back? What did you eat to make a stone? Doctors should learn more about how to cure cysts and stones.

What does high blood sugar have to do with inflammation? How does taking a pill every day keep you healthy? Why do you have high blood sugar now and you used to be normal? Are doctors taught everything to make you healthy?

How long do you take a thyroid medication until your thyroid is normal? How long can you take a thyroid pill before you get cancer? Why are acid reflux, diabetes, high blood pressure pills linked to cancer? What is going on?

What causes diabetes? Sugar. You change your diet and lowered your sugar. Did your kidneys improve? Did your high pressure improve? What is going on?

Why doctors don't just cure your cancer the first time? Why don't they find other ways to cure cancer if chemo and radiation doesn't work? What treatments have medical schools ignored?

Doctors are focused on bacteria and viruses. People die from Candida infections in the hospitals. Why aren't doctors checking if you might have Candida?

Your doctor told you high blood pressure is dangerous. You're going to get a heart attack or stroke. You listen to your doctor and take a pill every day for years. Now you have cancer. Why do you have cancer if you did everything you were supposed to do?

You're put in fear because your immune system is already compromised? Why didn't doctors fix your immune system? Now you're put in a position to choose life or death. Your doctor didn't learn everything to fix your immune system. Do you take your chances or risk your life getting the COVID shot?

COVID pandemic is not stopping with COVID vaccine. Children are dying. People are dying. Is heart damage caused by COVID vaccine or the virus?

The COVID shot is now proving to be not working. Doctors and nurses are getting paid to give these shots. Do you need it because there's a pandemic or is the money too good to ignore? When is the pandemic over?

How does the cure for the pandemic cause more health problems? Are you going to recover? When? What are the long term side effects of getting this shot?

How do you repair damage caused by a cure? Does your doctor know how to fix you? Probably not. Is there a cure for vaccine injury? Probably. All vaccines create inflammation. Your immune system activates and kills the vaccine and reduce inflammation. In your case something is wrong. Can it be reversed? Yes. But not with another shot.

Doctor says you have inflammation. Broken bones and torn ligaments cause inflammation. Germs cause inflammation. What germs do you have? Bacteria or viruses? How do you get rid of them?

Vaccines aren't working. It's being mandated everywhere. Why is this happening? Why aren't doctors passing out hydroxychloroquine?

Ivermectin has been found to be effective and safe. It's been around for 50 years. There's no patent so no pharmaceutical companies can make lots of money. Why are doctors pushing the vaccine?

Has antibiotics stopped working? Why did it stop working? What happens if you have a superbug? Why doctors can't admit antibiotics work for all germs?

How much antibiotics do you need to cure sinus congestion? When does antibiotics cause permanent damage? What's wrong with your sinuses?

Why are your sinus congested and everyone around you is fine? Are you allergic to the air? How are you ever going to be not allergic to air? Why is everyone else not congested?

What causes bloating? Why laxatives don't work? Why acid reflux pills don't work? Why probiotics stop working?

Are eye floaters new? Why are there new eye drops coming out? Haven't Pfizer figured out how eyes work? Has eye balls changed how they work since Moses time? What is the latest science on eye floaters?


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Have you ever wanted to get healthy but your doctor said nothing more can be done. Why would your doctor let you stay sick? He should find a solution. You should be able to get healthy.