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Iron workers be glad you did not work for the scumbags like I did, that desk clerk with the red lipstick and an adams apple in Lathrop, California was hot!


The assassination of JFK was done through Permindex, which was set up by Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, who worked for the Illuminati in SOE (British Special Operations Executive) within the US Army Intelligence. He worked for OSS and ran the FBI's Counter Intelligence Div. 5, while working for British SOE and the Illuminati. George DeMohrenschildt, Oswald’s best friend or closest contact was himself an ex-Nazi spy who worked for the CIA. The Mob’s connections to the Top 13 Illuminati families is explained in the Van Duyn family article in this newsletter. Bear in mind, the mob had turned against JFK too. In summary. Some of the McDonalds have held important positions for the Illuminati, and part of the McDonald descendents are in the Illuminati. You will also find McDonalds very active in Protestantism and Catholicism. The McDonald family’s involvement with the occult goes clear back to Druidism, and then the protection & leadership they gave to the Knights Templars. Today, some of the McDonalds are Barons, some are Bankers & some are leading intelligence and military men.




Who was that man always watching me at mom and pops McDonalds attached to the mom a pops Rockefeller Chevron? He looked just like Colonel Saunders, freemason.


The glass truck outside brighting me for an hour, think the mexican with the red checkered shirt, maybe his bosses truck flashing the sign of satan at me with both hands.


Why Does George W. Bush Fly in Drug Smuggler Barry Seal's Airplane?


Never met the man, Randy, pink dress, had tits created and as much as I Hate corporate brown nosing whores, it was said that Randy with his pink dress was going to sue Corn Flakes to get a vagina built to replace his dick and balls! They said he was an ugly woman with a big neck and had to ask dispatch for the keys to the womens bathroom, what has america become? Thinking about Don Luton a fine shop steward, when he had his own truck he broke down in southern America, he mentioned pulling over and eating a sack lunch and there was an alligator sunning his alligator skin in the water on the dirt road. Why alligators want to be warm when it is snowing,
I do not know. The way the story goes, the people took Don in for a week and one half whilst he waited for parts , one night they had a hoedown in the forest with white lightening and don's friend was whispering with the other guys, what is the problem? They wanted to know if it was okay to go out into the forest and smoke marijuana? Wtf America?

I did not provide links, the Ignorant comments , the Cia officers club was just up the road from the Coca Cola bottling plant built for the sole purpose of processing Heroin.



I would imagine that Tom a real cool guy a former neighbor has died from the agent orange poisoning he suffered from.

10 Famous Companies That Collaborated With Nazi Germany



Two younger mexican dispatchers in the driver's room: Keep an eye on him, ha ha. The drivers room was bugged.
Thank goodness I was fired for asking for a day off.
----- at another trucking company: I was told to keep an eye on you. Thank goodness the one ceo gave himself a 5.3 million dollar bonus, another ceo in 2014 gave himself a 10 million dollar bonus, retired and cut the teamsters pension 25 percent.

Both trucking companies the mexican terminal managers were from el paso and hired friends from el paso.

Guy at the windsor inn motel: Someone is paying me $10 an hour to follow someone around and take their picture.


Truck boss at another company who never drove truck was also the shop foreman. It was my fault for crashing the truck to keep from running off the mountain at Anglo Gold after writing up the braking system losing air for five months; he got caught stealing 3 to 4 55 gallon drums five days a week and the Ceo let him work another week and then collect his full retirement.



George Washington was a mason and was worth $738,000.


Consolidated Freightways was started by one man, Leland James, and was an excellent company.



Bryons father was a 33 degree mason, Bryon hated his father.

Masonic GangStalking & The Secret Dagger

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUTwbsnNCMA&list=PL_A3CiJA8Eq5n0z14w7buRGXSh4IGbOy8&index=40&ab_channel=WhyMeLordWhyMeLordordWhyMeLordordWhyMeLord. Veterans Today. Always blocked by fascist facebook. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/11/13/neo-afghanistans-fate-decided-by-narcotics-not-politics/

K--- was going to marry a 33 degree masons son but he was impotent as his father had molested him. Father had an 80 acre compound in Michigan and was personal friends with Harry Truman, mason, and movie stars.



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Have met good people in the canyon, one man flew F17's in desert storm, said he is a businessman, they have been messing with him on facebook and his cell phone, thank goodness they shut me down on facebook.

Over a week ago was at the ups store wearing a pow hat because I support the veterans; a man came in talking loudly to a woman next to me about a movie he had seen on dvd. He saw my hat and asked me my mos; I told him I did not serve but support the veterans, thought we were going to get into a fight, when I went out to the van the woman asked me to close my door as it was touching the rubber trim on her fender well; they are All Karens! ugly things.