Just some footage of me playin the first level of Duke Nukem 3D. Saw it on the steam sale, had to buy it for nostalgia's sake. Many of you will never know the pain of the floppy, or the world of non-free looking mice.

A longer play of some stepmania songs.

In the time where FnaF was popular ... a new game found its way into my ears! This is some old footage, I think I may replay this. I remember Chica being terrifying.

A Timer that I made for the L.A. Beast. Haven't even shown him yet, but hey. It's a thing!

An old game concept that I found in the archive. Had to play a bit.

I made an overlay for DKC2! Woop Woop

This is a cog in the project RUFIO machine. Alls it does is screen-grab custom spots on the screen. =D

Just a demo of a tool that I was making for Slime Rancher! Outdated, and decrepid, here for You!

I've always boasted that I could make one of these. Now I did. For your viewing pleasure, my interpretation of a clicking version of TyM!

I love my Oculus. I play 95% beatsaber and 5% other games. Here are some of them, let me know which ones You like!

Just some random footage of me playin around in JC3. Fun Game.

Just some random FL projects sitting in a file.

Just some music-Based gaming. I love these games.

An accidental program. Explore some pixels they said. See the world of youtube they said. I'd rather be sailing ....

I needed a controller for a game concept. This seemed like a good way to do this.

I found a skylanders portal lying around. It's USB. I like USB thingies. What could I possibly do with this...

This showcases my progression through using sprites, to animating sprites, to manipulating the color schemes of characters.

This is a showcase video for one of my abandoned projects that helped me work on .gif's, .mov's and .wav's and incorporated a fun game. For Honor, by Ubisoft.

This is another Game-Tool that I was working on that involved Sprite-based characters. So I added a trackbar to scroll through them, and even a move list based on which ISM they decide to use.

Steps I took to get to a comfortable level of H S L manipulation. Several application demos showing different aspects to integrating H S L into my VB.NET projects.


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I'm a big nerd that is into computer programming, video-game speed runs, tabletop gaming and music in all facets.

This is what happens when you take a video-game obsessor, give him a computer science background, let him become a state champion in dance dance revolution, forbid him by the lord to play Magic the Gathering or "the devils game" of dungeons and dragons. Forbid him watching Will&Grace because it's the 'gayest show on tv, and it'll turn our kids gay'. Give him the task of being a convince-clerk manager for a decade and a subway doorstop for almost as long, and you get this ridiculous person and channel that you see before you.

Another YouTube deserter looking for a place with a freedom of expression. Can't say that I've done, said, or ever posted anything that I consider offensive. But what these days is safe to say?

I hope that I can find a better home then a place that could ban me over speech, when they won't say why they did what they did.