Nuclear Invasions of Russia and China


There is an overthrow of our Nation, they are destroying the Constitution, taken away our liberties, conditioning and implementing social credit score, persecution of Christians, arrests, police state, mass surveillance, world starvation and famine and so much more, right before our eyes! Wake up America!

8-15-20 Rude Awakening Is Coming - Get Serious About God- CRUCIAL MESSAGE Last Call For Many

5-17-20 Prophetic Dream-- We Are Out of Time Prepare For Impact - US Map & Borders Covered in Darkness and storm overtakes from Right To Left.




What will you do when they come knocking on your door to forcefully inject you with a vaccine that has the Mark of Beast? Make that decision today!

Powerful word of encouragement to live victoriously and not allow the enemy to erode our Faith!

Prophetic dream and a powerful word from the Lord to the Remnant to settle it in our hearts and to not deny or renounce the Lord when facing pressure and persecution. Strong persecution is coming to the West! We must settle it in our hearts from now!

Prophetic visions given July 2018. Three Consecutive High Rise Visions of Great Urgency Judgments Decreed on the Nation

The Boldness of The Remnant in These Last Days - Let No One Destroy Your Destiny!

Deadly Distractions That Come To Sabotage Your Life and Calling of God

Vision- Multiple Explosions in Rural Area

Many Will Be Surprised On Judgment Day - We Must Take Heed and Repent

Wake Up Call-Fear God - Hell is Real- The Goodness & Severity of God

Vision The Destruction Of America -warnings of the Lord


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