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A woke grand jury in Houston, Texas, acquitted, a 17-year-old who shoplifted, and then murdered the clerk who came after him, claiming "self defense," as opposed to Kyle Rittenhouse, whose life they tried to end for actually acting in self-defense. We are becoming a racist society, justice has ceased being blind, and the woke are destroying America.
#woke #racism #houston #murder

As Israel retaliates against Iran, strike into their territory from Iranian land, we are on the brink of World War III. As someone who has been very adventurous, I find myself much more conservative today, and don't want anything, but peace and stability for my children.
#israeliran #trump #peace

Tim Pool and his Timcast IRL show has had two of its biggest shows, shot three years ago, with Alex Jones, taken down, as the deep state and ramp up their censorship.
#censorship #google #timpool #timcastirl

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NPR CEO, Katherine Maher, suspends Whisteblower, tells us that the first amendment is a challenge. It is absolutely time for taxpayers to stop funding national public radio.
#npr #firstamendment #whistleblower

Democrats strategist Ernest Bigot describes that top secret scientists have informed the DNC, that an asteroid is set to destroy earth tomorrow morning, which will of course have the greatest negative effect on women and minorities.
#satire #ernestbigot #woke

Joe Rogan comments on Javier Milei and his "afuera" ethos in government. #joerogan #milei #argentina

Vivek Ramaswamy describes how the Biden ministration has weapon Eyz'd three letter agencies to go against their political opponents. In America you're supposed to be able to have an opinion that differs from those in power without being prosecuted.

Here's where you will find $200 plus chicken in Costco. The prices are so insane. I don't know how anybody survives.
#canada #inflation #prices

Erwin Chemerinsky,Dean of law, UC Berkeley, and his wife, hosted a dinner party for students, when one invitee decided to make a political spectacle out of it, and cried her own Dean in front of everyone over the Palestinian Gazza situation. This is the leftist woke mind virus metastasizing and eating their own. WAKE UP America.
#ErwinChemerinsky #UCBerkeley #woke

The Washington Post is no more than a propagandistic legacy media propaganda arm of the Democrat party, meant to sew division between decent people. The false framing and lies of their articles is so obvious, that I hope more people realize that they are mines are being melted intentionally.
Dexter Reed got killed by police AFTER opening fire upon them in the city of Chicago.
#propaganda #dexterreed #washingtonpost #democrats

from the Dr. Phil show, this what Hamas teaches children in the Gaza Strip. How many of these children, are truly innocent when inculcated with such an ideology? How will there EVER be peace?
This is why the left in America wants control of our education system.

How about we go back to being professional in our jobs, hiring people based on merit, and ending this victim hood culture that is negatively effecting our nation and planet. This is what happens when you hire insane DEI Hires.
#DEI #unitedairlines #insanity

How does one debate with somebody on the left, that repeats provable media propaganda, like the fine people, hoax, or believes that Trump was threatening America with a bloodbath, if he's not elected? What is the goal of such a conversation? The goal should be to decouple them from the lying media, and the lies that they propagate. To open up that potential Avenue for them to question their sources..
#media #finepeople #medialies

Leftist Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, goes on Glenn Lowery and John McWhorter show to discuss the George Floyd/Derek Chauvin case, his views about race, and what ails the black community in the United States.
#glenloury #keithellison #jonmcwhorter

President of tthe Federal reserve of Minnesota, Neal Kashkari, expressed his doubts about bitcoin, stating that there was no legitimate use case and comparing it to beanie babies; do such people understand, or are they just champions for the Fiat regime?
#nealkashkari #bitcoin

Look at this sad individual who has developed TDS, almost certainly from watching too much MSDNC @cnn.+ CNN.
#TDS #MSNBC #partisan

Representing many individuals, Michael Rappaport indicates that he might be voting Trump, despite formally having TDS.
#TDS #Michael Rapaport

Beverly Hills has been inundated with squatters going to a mansion two doors down from LeBron James. This is social justice action, eventually when you don't work from first principles, it comes back and bites the hand that created it.
#squatters #democrats #uspolitics

DJT, trump's truth social is crazily overvalued, and is essentially a donation mechanism to Donald Trump. The stock has tremendous Goodwill on the balance sheet, but low revenues, and no real network effect.
#DJT #stocks #overvalued

In a masterful display of trolling Prime Time Alex Stein mocks the woke at Irving TX city council meeting. The satire is necessary as leftists have zero senses of humor.
#kamala #alexstein #satire

Young intellectual, Coleman Hughes, went on the view and calmly shut down vile Sunny Hostin. He was calm, cool, collected in doing so.
#theview #sonnyhostin #colemanhughes

Democrat strategist Ernest bigot describes the real reason that P. Diddy and rapper killer Mike are in trouble with the law, they got Trump curious and refused to remain on the Democrat plantation.
#billmaher #killermike #pdiddy #satire

Douglas Murray might be one of the finest debaters in the world, and here, his schools, leftist host of South Africa, Jane Dutton, on the Israeli Palestinian situation, and the war Hamas started against Israel.
#debate #israel #hamas #douglasmurray

While New York state arrests homeowners who changed the locks on squatters, Florida sheriff states that he appreciated if you saved taxpayers money by shooting home invaders. The blue crazy states, protect, criminals, while the red states uphold law and order.
Unless you can provide your own home, security, where would you rather live? It's a blue red state sifting mechanism.
#florida #newyork #squatters #woke

Washington state eliminated the bar exam as a requirement to be a lawyer, because blacks were failing it. Vivek Ramaswamyadamantly disagrees with the state, believing that mirror is being eschewed for inclusivity. While he's not wrong, the fact is that there should not be a requirement for a bar exam to begin with.
#DEI #vivekramaswamy #libertarian #woke


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