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I am a both a former Trinitarian and Oneness Pentecostal so I understand both sides. Is Christianity monotheistic or polytheistic? The answer may surprise you. In the middle of this video is a speech I gave on the subject in early 2016.

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Frequent misconceptions about Christianity

Not everyone who claims to be a Christian truly follows the Bible's commands. When the real doctrine is exposed how it leads to further victimization, a knee-jerk reaction Christians often have is to tell me I interpreted it wrong. Nonsense. Find out why in my 2017 video.

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Looking at a video from an old channel of mine in 2016, I speak about how the cops in America are militarized. In this video find out why I don't fight them even though obedience to wrongful authority goes against all I stand for as an anti-statist.

From my 2016 YouTube channel "Natural World Revert", here's a video I made which showed my outrage at the comments I received from Westerners who wanted to "carpet bomb" all Muslim lands and the atheists who only wanted to complain about Islam but fully supported Western "democracy".

Catch the trailer for the full-length documentary video I made in July of 2017 for a former channel. This is a full-length documentary I chose to do on former Iranian refugee to the USA Aynaz Anni Cyrus due to her fear-mongering tactics which clearly served her own personal motives. Link for full film below

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This is a full-length documentary I chose to do in July of 2017 regarding former Iranian refugee to the USA Aynaz Anni Cyrus due to her fear-mongering tactics which clearly served her own personal motives. For people like me, accuracy matters when critiquing anything, especially a religion. Simple-minded people who were highly emotional about religion couldn't understand this and assumed I was pro-Islam or didn't understand the doctrine even though I spoke clearly on my channels I was anti-theism. Me clarifying inaccuracies with facts is not the same thing as defending a religious doctrine.

The USA by itself isn’t actually a “land of the free”. It’s a nation of strong indoctrination where most white people in it (among others) don’t usually see the problems the nation (or its people) possess. While USA is just one example, governments everywhere are run by psychopaths. In my remixed videos from 2016-2017 along with some fresh clips added today, find out here what you may not realize about the global problem with statism. As a white person myself when I woke up to these problems about the USA I saw they were things black people in America (and Muslims across the ocean) already knew.

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“The Club of Atheism”

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“Internet Atheists and the Statists”

Cynthia G. full video:
“White Crime and The myth of Black on Black Crime”

Some lessons in life are those you never needed to know. People talk about emotional, verbal and even physical abuse. But some abuse tactics aren't so overt. I survived a psychopath and didn't know it until it was too late. Looking at the story of Scott and Laci Peterson, from my 2016 video find out about the covert abuser.

This is a video from April 2017 after the US used another unproven claim to strike Syria. At this point I was at my wit's end and showcased the other lies US has been a part of and the carnage it has caused. There are reasons people are angry.

Read my article which discusses how I left the conspiracy theory side of these topics:

I've watched Karim (formerly of "Are We Famous Now") for years. When I saw him going from a sweet guy to abandoning his family's culture to giving in to Western decay, I made this video on March 3rd, 2018 to hopefully speak to his heart. Karim responded to me in the comments to this video (originally on YouTube). I'm happy that he's returned to who he truly is.

This is a mix of videos I made both from 2016 and 2018 which detailed how statism removes humans from the simplistic and efficient order of the natural world and makes us dependent on a power-seeking authority we never chose.

The United States is notorious for focusing on the crimes of other nations and exalting Western society to an elite level of superiority. But in a land where faux feminism and female supremacy reigns, real domestic violence against women and a type of honor killing remains.Find out more in a video I made in 2017.

I learned within the first year of being atheist that there was something wrong with this modern internet crowd. From 2016, here's my story and the strange things I noticed.

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"All About Atheism"

While there's nothing wrong with being against abortion, when Christianity is involved this stance (spurred on by Yahweh worship) ends up being insanely hypocritical. Looking at apologist William Lane Craig, here's why.

Religion and organized spirituality can cause a host of problems. But when it comes to Christianity, a dangerous presence of self-righteousness and "legalism" can set in for one reason. In this video, take a look at how one Christian responded to YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn and find out why.

When it comes to human sexuality and religion this video looks at two positions: the admissions of a Christian who was a former "bad boy" and an ex-Christian who has never had sex. Find out here how to avoid sexual extremism.



“Porn is Addictive? by Jaclynglenn DEBUNKED by The Vigilant Christian”


“The Top 4 Reasons Virginity Is Awesome” and Response

“NoFap For Eternal Life”

People wrongly have this idea that it's necessary to forgive someone in order to move on. But is that really healthy? As an ex-Christian, my answer is no. Here's why.


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