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Yes! I did it! I got one. Here he is in all his soon-to-be-squirrel-n-dumplins glory! I almost gave up but I stuck around and siezed a grand opportunity and now this guy in in my freezer awaiting my stock pot. Sorry for the sideways picture--couldn't quite figure out how to turn it around. Also it's not a squirrel. Figured non-hunters would be weirded out by a pic of a dead rodent. #thingsonlyhuntersunderstand

So in my last video you saw at the end my rushing out of my car to go see if I could get a squirrel. Turns out I accidentally hit the record button on my phones video camera as I put it in my pocket. I ended up capturing the ever so delightful sound of me scoring some meat for my squirrel and dumplings pot. Hearing the Boom! Boom! even now sitting in my living room gets my heart going. I love hunting.

I went. I hunted. I was getting tired. I saw squirrels but I couldn't get them. I chalked it up to a nice trek through the woods. Listen to me complain...and then...

Squirrel season. Opening day. 79 degree high for the day. A Saturday afternoon. I couldn't resist. This is the first vid from the day--an intro video. What happened? Did I get anything? Stay tuned for other vids to see. Not just to leave you in suspense...but also because I can't edit videos very well yet.

Just lounging and musing about how much my pregnant self wants to go hunting but is too scared to because of bug borne diseases and the discomfort from the heat and humidity.

Also please don't worry about the gun muzzle. The angle looks like it's really close but it's not. I am very concerned about where that muzzle is at all times. The last thing I want to do is get myself shot while walking in the woods in 30 degree weather. The muzzle is far away from me BUT the camera angel makes it look dangerously close.

This is from my February 2020 hunting trip. I successfully navigated from my car to where I wanted to go with just a map and compass thanks to 2 REI classes and one local class I took. I'm not just a squirrel hunter, I'm an orienteerer-er-er.

First, sorry about the gum smacking. The LHGG chews on gum while hunting in sub freezing conditions so her mouth doesn't dry out. She forgot to get rid of it before she got on camera. sorry for the annoyance.

Who is the Lady Hunter Grocery Getter? What is this channel even supposed to be? She's not in-it-to-win-it to be a sportsman technique or gear channel, she's not savvy enough yet to take you on adventures in the woods...yet. She's not the typical hunter that came to hunting the usual way. she's got a lot of ideas about hunting and a lot to talk about and a lot of it comes to her while she's out in the woods looking for squirrels. So here's the intro!

My first squirrel ever. I was out on my second solo hunting trip and shot my first squirrel. I filmed the achievement after I took him down, lacking the capability to film such a thing in real time at that point and at this point. I watch this video fondly, often at the start of a new season to feel the magic again.


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Hello! This is Lady Hunter Grocery Getter. I'm a new hunter who is learning the ropes of the sport and I'm excited to tell folks about my adventures and my thoughts during my hunts and treks through the woods with my trusty shotgun named Hueby. So much to learn, so much gear to try and so much to talk about as I hunt for self-sufficiency and rather low priced natural groceries from the outdoors.