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Well, I kinda knew it would happen this way. Wanted to show you all though...

Hey, Patriots! I am grateful for my relationship with other YouTube truth reporters, and Sean from SGT Report recorded some GREAT information in his interview with Jim Willie on April 9, 2019. For the full interview go here: Thank you, Sean! Thank you patriots and Patrons!

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This video was made for our our friend @RedPill78. who has had to contend with the difficulties of daily life while pleasing the MASSES LIVE. The struggle is real, and I feel his pain. This video is to show I stand with @RedPill78 in solidarity and for all those who would stream live and face the repercussions of NORMAL DAILY LIFE WHILE LIVE! Stand Strong, Friend! WE ARE WITH YOU!

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Patriots, @RedPill78 featured Jason Was a Gentile tonight a delight to many! I was inspired and I made this... but I only had the energy to put together video for half of the song. For the full song go here:

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Quantum computers are reaching other levels of our multiverses that we cannot see, bring back data and information that we aren't totally sure where it's going and coming back from. Learn more;


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