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President Kane declares a state of emergency when a giant flying Space Spider machine menaces Stellar City. It is causing drought conditions in the city by blocking rain clouds and it also vaporizes any cargo planes that try to get near with an energized spider web.

A giant three-section robot resembling a beetle arrives from space, burrows underground and causes major damage to Nuclear Complex 9 on Earth.

Due to his constant failure, The Spirit threatens to replace Zoltar with a younger and more zealous leader. Zoltar blames G-Force for his poor success and wishes for a superior weapon to destroy them. The Spirit suddenly gives him a taste of a powerful new Brain Warp weapon. The Spirit instructs him to test it in some far corner of the Earth, sure that G-Force will respond and Zoltar will be able to destroy them.

7-Zark-7 finds evidence of a Spectra spy at the Intergalactic Federation Headquarters building. Their own Dr. Gregg has been acting suspiciously and Security Chief Anderson notices him plant a recording device on one of the Federation’s computers. In an effort to determine why he’s helping the enemy, Anderson and G-Force come up with a plan to tell Dr. Gregg that Mark wishes to defect to Spectra as well.

7-Zark-7 watches Spectra make several launches, but the one that concerns him most is a craft heading for the Kingdom of Beldania on Earth. Beldania has an incredibly rich jewel collection that Zoltar has had his eye on. Beldania's King Saarnin is very old and credits his life and health to the fact that he's a vegetarian. Since the King and his people have been loyal to the Federation, Chief Anderson has G-Force head to Beldania to protect the jewels and the King.

The Spirit has put Spectra's Dr. Glok to work to adapt their Anatomic Replicator device. Previously when they had recreated the image of Princess from her captured shoe, they almost caught her. But now the Spirit wants to be able to reverse the transmutation effect. When Dr. Glok's work proves to be a wild success in the laboratory, the Spirit orders it to be tried out on a real G-Force member!

The Spirit decides to unleash a series of attacks on Earth as diversions so Spectra can then go after the Conway Tapes. By destroying these tapes, they hope to take down the Federation. When the initial attacks are undertaken one is very close to Tiny's home town where a boat carrying a group of fishermen is sunk.

7-Zark-7 receives an emergency signal from a remote spot on Earth. Something strange has been sighted in a mountainous area and his scanners soon reveal a giant Imperial Mastodon breaking up from underground. But he knows this shouldn't be, as the creatures have been extinct for millions of years.

G-Force are on their way to Planet Eden for a well-deserved vacation when Chief Anderson calls to say Spectra have set up a base on Planet Leucadia and are trying to take it over. If they succeed in taking the planet, they will have a base close enough to launch their Antimatter missiles at Earth.

Zoltar promises The Spirit that his latest plan to release a special mechanical locust on Earth will lead swarms of the insects around to destroy the planet's food supplies. Later, Professor Chambers, one of Earth’s leading entomologists tells the team he has found a strange insect in the Amazon.

While investigating reports of a bigfoot sighting in Tibet, two top scientists disappear. 7-Zark-7 tells G-Force to stand by in case they need to deploy to the area. But impatient as ever, Keyop heads there on his own to capture the bigfoot. In order to lead the team to him, 7-Zark-7 tracks Keyop’s progress.

Spectra robots infiltrate Metro City. G-Force rescues Tina from these robots. Jason is following Tina when he is taken by the robots.

On Earth, one of the oldest Egyptian temples of Amon-Ra has gone missing. 7-Zark-7 locates it on planet Alpha Three at the edge of the galaxy. This is the planet where Earth sends all of its criminals and their families to make fresh starts. Chief Anderson orders G-Force to the hot desert planet to find out what is going on.

7-Zark-7 is worried about Planet Exor. A huge explosion has happened in the planet's major city and it is now is surrounded by a wall of lethal radiation. Fortunately a mysterious voice told the city's inhabitants what was going to happen and they were able to escape unharmed. But when a group of robot planes is sent to investigate and take pictures of the city, they are disintegrated the instant they touch the radiation wall.

The Great Spirit has unleashed the lethal Space Octopus against Earth's power plants, and again G-Force is called in. Immediately the team finds themselves in trouble as the Space Octopus jams their weapons systems.

Spectra attacks Earth’s Artificial Intelligence Center and steals an artificial brain before disappearing. When G-Force follow, they’re attacked by a fearsome creature but manage to drive it away with the Whirlwind Pyramid. Mark is even able to cut off one of its arms before it gets away and he takes it back to Center Neptune for analysis.

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G-Force is watching a baseball game on TV and Keyop is frustrated when his team's hero hits a long ball only to snag his foot on a base and get called out. Later, G-Force checks in with Chief Anderson who tells them Spectra has managed to build a massive, blimp-sized bomb in the middle of the city. He also says that because of the secrecy involved, it must have taken them about six months to assemble. The only space Mark can think of that would have been clear that long is the baseball park, which was shut down for the off-season. So G-Force decide to catch a baseball game in person the next night.

The Cosmic Patrol has alerted Chief Anderson that Spectra has set up a secret base on Earth again. Chief Anderson wants to flush Spectra out in order to find the base and he thinks that holding a highly-publicized event honoring G-Force will be the best way to do it. He arranges for decoys to be made of the team which will be visible for all the events honoring G-Force. During the festivities, Mark secretly takes the place of his own decoy. He orders the decoy to go back and join up with the real G-Force.

Planet Riga is attacked & badly devastated by Spectra. Mark receives word that Col. Cronus has been killed, but then sees his old friend flying past the Phoenix. Chief Anderson orders Mark not to follow, but Mark disobeys orders and follows Cronus in his own plane.

7-Zark-7 fails his latest physical and has to have a number of his systems worked on and transplanted. Everything is going wrong, even his memory and ability to work. Unfortunately, he is even unable to look in on Spectra to see their latest weapon.

7-Zark-7 is informed of intermittent typhoon activity in Sector 11. In the area, the ocean starts churning around a fishing vessel, and two massive monster machines burst from below the sea and streak skyward. Meanwhile, G-Force is relaxing in their ready room discussing a ship that has gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle, when 7-Zark-7 calls in to send Mark and Princess to investigate its disappearance.

Galaxy Security develops a special Jet Cutter beam in response to a new indestructible Spectran metal. When Spectra discovers the plan they send their latest robot, the four-faced Giant Gautama, to steal it.

A gunslinger, released from a prison on Earth, is recruited by Spectran agents & brought to Zoltar. The Spectran leader places him in charge of a new weapon, the tank-like 'Crynogun'. When fired, the gun's ammunition will freeze any target it hits.

A condition-critical red alert comes in from Oceanographic Research and 7-Zark-7 identifies a murky brown cloud of pollution spreading through the oceans, which instantly kills the fish it touches.


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