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Do you need an effective way to boost worker safety in industrial sites, commercial buildings and offices?

Larson Electronics UV light fixtures are no-contact sanitation lights that increase the safety of employees and workers by promoting clean, germ-free facilities. These powerful disinfection units utilize 254 nm germicidal UV light to inactivate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mold and harmful microbes on surfaces and in the air!

A great way to mitigate the spread of germs and other contaminants is by harnessing the power of a UV-C germicidal light fixture. UV-C devices come in a variety of forms, including a convenient overhead door barrier like our IND-DBL-36-1L-R1-120V and IND-DBL-24-1L-R1-120V models. These door barriers offer hospital grade hands-free disinfection when placed in a doorway.

These door barrier UV-C fixtures project a concentrated beam of germicidal UV-C light into the doorway from above and onto the person walking through, providing brief exposure for an added layer germ killing. Several door units can be mounted together to cover larger doorways and is designed to mount above a 36” wide doorway.

Whether you work at a temporary road construction site or on a remote rig, Larson Electronics knows your operation doesn’t always stop just because the sun goes down. We’ve engineered an all-inclusive line of light towers, with masts built for a full spectrum of applications to make your night-time operations safer, easier and more efficient.

The corona virus pandemic can’t keep businesses on the sidelines forever. In adapting to the “new normal”, establishments preparing to get back to work must consider taking assertive measures to protect the health of workers, customers and pedestrians at their facility.

A measure that has been effective during the pandemic is the use of UV sanitation lighting to clean contaminated surfaces and environments. These powerful devices generate UV-C 254 nm germicidal light, which can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mold, spores and disease-causing microbes!

Our catalog will also make great sales material for HVAC installers and distributors. We now offer installers and distributors the ability to sign up through our web portal to be listed in our database as an installer or distributor of HVAC systems and products for their specific area.

The catalog will feature a variety of HVAC products, such as occupied area room sanitizers, UV air duct disinfection lamps, UV air purifiers, and more

For decades, Larson Electronics, based out of Texas in the US, has been a leading manufacturer of explosion proof and industrial lighting equipment, including powerful UV disinfection products. These products are heavy-duty and complex pieces of equipment that take a lot of planning, time and effort to make, which is all done in-house at our Texas facility. Click on the below video to see a behind the scenes look of how its done.

The IND-LLP-UVC-KT.LEP-R1-120V from Larson Electronics is a UV Disinfection Package for Law Enforcement, Police, and Sheriffs that includes everything needed to disinfect areas inside law enforcement vehicles and cells as well as to disinfect documents. The IND-LLP-UVC-KT.LEP-R1-120V includes one UV sanitation light for vehicles, one UVC handheld surface sanitizer, and one industrial UV sanitation cart.

Whether you work at a temporary road construction site or on a remote rig, Larson Electronics knows your operation doesn’t always stop just because the sun goes down. We’ve engineered an all-inclusive line of light towers, with masts built for a full spectrum of applications to make your night-time operations safer, easier and more efficient.

Using imported Asian machinery? A common issue with these types of heavy-duty equipment is voltage compatibility, as the units typically operate on 440/220V.

If your local power company cannot provide the required voltage, your fast-moving business and projects could be affected. As a solution to this frequently overlooked concern, we offer transformers that convert standard US voltages to 440/220V!

Larson Electronics is the leader of American made and manufactured UV lighting technology.

At our Texas based location, we build and manufacture UV lighting products that kill 99% of viruses, mold, bacteria and other harmful microbes and pathogens including hand lamps, UV ovens for sanitizing items, sanitation carts for large rooms, air purifiers for occupied areas, vehicle sanitation lights and more!

These days, keeping workspaces clean and germ-free requires implementing complete sanitation solutions that go beyond wiping down surfaces and equipment. As bacteria, viruses and harmful contaminants lurk and spread in the environment, businesses must also consider disinfecting the surrounding air.

Larson Electronics offers a wide range of stationary and portable air purifiers for establishments looking to eliminate disease-causing microbes and boost air quality at their site. Our selection of air purifiers with filters includes UV germicidal lamps for no-contact disinfection, as well as hydroxyl generators for occupied areas (safer, less hazardous and more effective than ozone). These air purifiers clean the air continuously and do not have any associated downtime with the disinfection process.

As patients begin to return to doctor's offices for vital appointments, they will be concerned with the cleanliness of the exam rooms, exam tables, and the air around them. Provide your patients with the peace of mind afforded by the state-of-the-art UV disinfection fixtures available from Larson Electronics. With the IND-LLP-UVC-KT.MD-R1-120V dental office UV disinfection package, airborne viruses, bacteria, and other airborne germs and allergens will be continuously killed and any surface dwelling contagions can be quickly destroyed in between each patient's arrival into the exam room. Keep your patients, and yourself, safer and offer an increased peace of mind with the IND-LLP-UVC-KT.MD-R1-120V doctor's office UV disinfection package.

If you own a Ford F350 Super Duty truck and need a light mount solution, we’ve got you covered. Here at Larson Electronics we carry a wide variety of magnetic mounting plates for lights and antennas that are compatible with many different trucks, including the Ford F350 Super Duty.

We offer a selection of no-drill magnetic mounting plates for aluminum body trucks as well as steel body trucks.

Larson Electronics is the leader in American Made and Manufactured Lighting, Transformers, Power Distribution, Electrical Controls, UV Sanitation and Disinfection Products and Much More!

Customized to Meet YOUR needs!

Are you looking for a portable air purification solution that can be moved from room to room, or building to building? Perhaps you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t require modifications to your existing HVAC system, ceilings, or walls. If so, we’ve got you covered with our industrial grade UV-C air purifiers.

These devices are perfect for a variety of environments, including offices, classrooms, industrial facilities, property management applications, bathrooms, elevators, and other high-traffic or constantly occupied areas.

As harmful microbes are easily transmitted via dirty surfaces, one of the best ways to eliminate the coronavirus is to use our handheld UV-C sanitation devices! We currently offer low-cost alternatives for our line of heavy-duty models, which can be used to inactivate up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mold and spores on surfaces.

Use the handheld sanitation units below to sanitize tables, desks, work stations, equipment, machines and more. These UV-C 254 nm solutions are also effective for cleaning keys, phones, computers, access cards, hats, safety glasses and everyday tools!

Light Towers and Masts from Larson Electronics - American Made and Manufactured

Larson Electronics builds and manufactures light towers and masts for a variety of applications and businesses. Check out our complete line of products!

Many restaurants and bars across the US are cautiously reopening with limited dine-in capacity or outdoor-dining only restrictions. These operating guidelines vary from state to state and are designed to reduce the spread of the corona virus. For northern regions, such safety measures are effective during the summer when conditions are warm and comfortable.

But what about when temperatures drop during fall and winter? As outdoor dining and leaving windows open are not suitable options in freezing weather, how can restaurants keep their establishments clean and possibly restore indoor dining to full capacity?

Traditional UV sanitation carts that use 254 nm germicidal light requires protective gear and warning signs to safely deploy in buildings. Although very effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria, the units can be challenging to setup in busy facilities and occupied areas.

What if you could disinfect rooms and equipment without protective UV gear or shields?

Now you can with the Larson Electronics far-UV sanitation carts!

At our Texas Based Location…we build and manufacture Industrial Portable UV Sanitation Carts that kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes.

From concept to design, our UV Light Carts are built from the ground up in our fabrication shop and assembled by our expert team of welders and electricians.

From concept to design, our Air Disinfection fixtures are built from the ground up in our fabrication shop and assembled by our expert team of welders and electricians. These indirect uv air disinfection fixtures harness the power of 254nm germicidal ultraviolet light inside a 304 stainless steel enclosure. UV indirect air disinfection fixtures provide a reliable way to disinfect the upper room air of occupied areas, minimizing the exposure of occupants to airborne microbes.

Larson Electronics was founded in 1973 as an industrial lighting company. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, the business offers its products to customers in the following sectors: government, military, aviation, oil and gas, processing, manufacturing, marine and hunting. Our mission is to provide customers with high quality industrial lighting products through reliable sales support and expedited delivery services.

Larson Electronics was founded in 1973 as an industrial lighting and power company that provides lighting, transformers, power distribution units, light masts and electrical controls.

With over 70,000 square feet and over 5 million in fabrication equipment, Larson Electronics is fully equipped to build what you need.

We use state of the art saws, waterjet tables, plasma laser machines, tube benders, part processing machines and more.

Our staff of on-site engineers will custom design products from small to large.

At Larson Electronics, we build what you need.




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Larson Electronics was started by Ernie Larson in 1973. For nearly 40 years, Larson Electronics has built quality lighting products for the cable, telephone and electric utility industry. Using the Larson Electronics website, we reach new customers in various industries, including utilities, construction and towing. Larson Electronics also services federal, state and local governments throughout the United States and Europe. The US Secret Service, US State Department, Department of Homeland Security. We also provide products to all branches of the US military, both domestically and internationally. We support our customers before, during, and after the sale and maintain a wide inventory of parts and accessories allowing us to service the products we sell. Browse our collection of products and information here on to learn more about us and how we can help you find solutions for all of your heavy duty and hazardous location lighting needs