Samo neko psihodelično druženje....ništa zanimljivo.

10.07.2019. W.UP live nastup u zagrebačkom Hard Place-u.
Don't speak - No Doubt cover
Jovano Jovanke - Miroslav Tadić i Vlatko Stefanovski cover

Odlična svirka u lokalnom kafiću Anyway. Band W.UP u pripremama za svirku u Hard Place-u 10.07.2019

29.06.2019. Moto susret MK Crusaders u Križevcima i MK Fugitives u Samoboru.

Naša stranica:

Prošlo je 10 godina od mojeg zadnjeg posjeta MK Valhalla. Bio je to jedan od meni boljih moto susreta, jer nije bio onako klasično - šatorski.

Tada sam napisao:

U subotu sam krenuo put Popovače, tj. Osekova na moto susret MK Valhalla. Na2kotacha se u petak gadno zapio, pa sam bio primoran ići sam. Susret se održavao na imanju namijenjenom za seoski turizam, „Bistrički“. Samo mjesto mi je bilo odlično, ekipa iz Valhalle pokazali su se kao jako dobri domaćini, na ulazu rakijica i besplatan bon za grah. Cuga po 10 kn, što me posebno razveselilo. Od moto igara mi je bilo najzanimljivije ispijanje gemišta. ;)

Kaj se tiče band-ova, još bi morali vježbati koju godinicu, ali uz količinu popijenog alkohola, to se nije skoro ni primjetilo.

Uglavnom, sve u svemu, sve pohvale MK Valhalla.

Moto susret MK Bistra u Gornjoj Bistri, 15.06.2019.

Group ride in Zagreb, Croatia, 08.06.2019

Nesha Bridges is a Serbian stand up comedian whose main motto is "Stand Up is Life, and Life Is Stand Up"! He has held over 1500 performances in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, as well as in Switzerland, Australia, Germany, and amongst other performances he emphasizes at festivals such as Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb, Dom sindikata and the Youth Center in Belgrade.

Max and Rick in Croatia before a seminar we organized.

We were very hungry, so we decided to take a ride to Oroslavje, to check if their pizza is still good.

Hakuna Matata live at Kulturni centar Mesnička, 17.10.2018.
Krešimir Mišak, guitar/vocal
Danko Stefanović, bass
Goran Markić, drums

An old video from 20 years ago. Short version.

Preparing gadgets for the next season. This one is almost over.

My second visit to camp Zagreb. The camp is located near the Rakitije lake. It's a kids and dogs friendly place.

My friend bought the first bike. After a few days of waiting, that day came. Transfer of ownership and registration. Now a bit of practice, at least for the next season. This one is almost over.

It was a lovely time this Sunday. Bikes are clean, tanks full, time to go for a little ride.

Just a quick helmet microphone test.

A short visit to the MC Hollister gathering in Orešje, 25.08.2018.

Had to take my Z750 for a service in Karlovac.
The best service for Kawasaki engines in Croatia.
KMS Kawasaki:

18.& 19.05.2018. Moto party in Malinska hosted by MK Griffons, Krk.

Just a little ride thru Zagreb.

Left my car for some upgrades, so I had to be a passenger on the way home.

Performed by: Sherri T. Hill c 2002

The Battle of Wizna was fought between September 7 and September 10, 1939, between the forces of Poland and Germany during the initial stages of Invasion of Poland. According to Polish historian Leszek Moczulski, between 350 and 720 Poles defended a fortified line for three days against more than 40,000 Germans.[1] Although defeat was inevitable, the Polish defence stalled the attacking forces for three days and postponed the encirclement of Independent Operational Group Narew fighting nearby.[2] Eventually the tanks broke through the Polish line and German engineers eliminated all the bunkers one by one. The last bunker surrendered around midday on September 10.[3]

Because the battle consisted of a small force holding a piece of fortified territory against a vastly larger invasion for three days at great cost before being annihilated, Wizna is sometimes referred to as Polish Thermopylae in Polish culture.[4][5] One of the symbols of the battle is Captain Władysław Raginis, the commanding officer of the Polish force, who swore to hold his position as long as he was alive. When the last two bunkers under his command ran out of ammunition, he ordered his men to surrender their arms and committed suicide by throwing himself on a live grenade.

Music: Sabaton - 40:1


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