The Muppet Movie

Human the film (2012) is one of a series of films to come out in the first half of the 2010's which are based not on original footage but on clips taken from multiple interviews, news clips and other documentaries. The most notable examples of these films are the Zeitgeist films by Peter Joseph.

Cobbled together from the multiple sources this movie seeks to prove multiple points - most notably about the events of September 1, 2001 - from a conspiracy theorist's point of view.

While I have watched this multiple times I am not making any claims about it's truth claims. Rather, I am posting this because it was taken down from YouTube and I think it should still be available for public scrutiny as a matter of history and points of view.

I would recommend you do what I did - download this and save it. I hear things in YT are going to get ugly and a lot of channels will soon be going bye bye.

For the record, if this channel disappears you can look for it and me over at that upstart P2P competitor.

Note: YouTube would not process this video. This could have been a bug. This could have been a feature. Am loading it to Bitchute now.

Max Headroom - the British Pilot

Famous in the late 80's - and pretty much forgotten by everyone except its cult, Max Headroom was a two season show which explored life "20 minutes in the future."

This show gave a light exploration to socio economic disparities, free speech and even fortold the hacking collective Anonymous.

This pilot is redone for an American audience in the show's opening stateside television audience. The British episode avoids many of the cliched/stereotypical character portrays which are so tiresome in American TV.

The Dark Crystal

The Maltese Falcon

Humphrey Bogart at his Noir best!

One of Lynch's earliest and best!

it must be tough to peak so early, as Rutger Hauer did in Bladerunner. Everything you do afterwards will never match up to what you've done.

While he never reached that height agian he sure did give it a go with this bizarre cult comeback attempt.

A tale of loss, love and the afterlife...


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